Sarah has optimal health, but she resides in a subway area that has high level of wait pollution. Which dimension of health and wellness will be lower for Sarah?

C. Environmental

Premature death can happen if the dimensions of health and wellness are underdeveloped.

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The media’s role is mostly entertainment, so the has little effect on ours wellness.


Which that the adhering to does NOT contribute to wellness?

B. Tendencies

Falls space the leading reason of injury come seniors.


How has actually the advance of modern technology positively affected our wellness?

B. It has actually increased the high quality and access of treatments.

A(n) _________ human is cost-free from psychological illness, has actually a desire come try brand-new things, and also high me esteem.

B. Holy spirit healthy

Which of the following is a controllable risk variable of contagious diseases?

A. Drug abuse

A risk aspect can be defined as something that increases the likelihood of injury or disease.


Making great lifestyle selections will stop all diseases.


According to the direct instruction, which of the complying with is a leading cause of death amongst young people in the unified States?

C. Accidents

Close to 1 million premature birth deaths are led to by air air pollution each year about the world.


Deaths because of lifestyle conditions have declined due to the fact that the beforehand 1900s.


An advocate speaks out in donate of something they think in.


Which of the following is not a reason why communicable diseases, such together pneumonia, death fewer world today than they did in the past?

B. Slower population growth

Amanda (age 39) lives a an extremely hectic life that allows for small sleep.

D. Heredity, age, and gender

If someone is predisposed to a disease, castle are more likely to contract the disease due to __________.

B. Heredity

Wellness is a goal for which us all effort by improving each the the six dimensions that health.


Overall health is regarded a balance the the 6 dimensions that health.


Which that the adhering to is not an effective way of taking fee of her health and also wellness?

C. Complying with the advice that the media

An separation, personal, instance is a fifty-year-old smoker that lives in a highly polluted city, gets no exercise, eats fast food every day, and also has a family history of lung cancer. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is an uncontrollable threat factor?


Someone who promotes health and chooses safe, healthy, and also legal habits is demonstrating i m sorry of the following skills?

C. Gift responsible

Heart condition and cancer were 2 of the most common causes of death in 2006.

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Two components of your environment that can influence your wellness are peer influence and duty models.