To know the Amazon Rainforest Food Web, an initial read around the Amazon Rainforest Biome utilizing this link.

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Then read about the different trophic levels that a usual Food Chain (below). The trophic level is the place that an biology (plant or animal) rectal in a food chain - what it eats, and also what eats it.

Energy flows with an ecosystem together one pet eats another animal or plant. Plants make (produce) their own food using water, sunlight and also carbon dioxide (photosynthesis). Plants begin the food chain. Over there are an ext plants than any other life thing due to the fact that they are the bottom of the food chain. They provide the power for whatever else. They room the PRODUCERS. The animals (insects, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, deer) that mainly eat plants are dubbed the herbivores. There are fewer herbivores than there room plants because each herbivore needs a lot of plant issue to live. Herbivores feed straight on the producers. They space the PRIMARY CONSUMERS. pets (spiders, birds, snakes) that eat the major consumers (herbivores) are the SECONDARY CONSUMERS. There are fewer an additional consumers 보다 there are primary consumers due to the fact that each second consumer requirements to eat a lot of main consumers to live. animals (fox, coyotes, eagles, owls) that eat the first & second consumers are carnivores (they eat meat). They are the TERTIARY CONSUMERS. There room fewer tertiary consumers 보다 there are second consumers due to the fact that each tertiary consumer needs come eat a lot of secondary consumers to live. because there room fewer pets as you move up the food chain, it is yes, really a food pyramid v the large carnivores needing to eat the most and also so gift the rarest that the pet kingdom. Because pets eat so countless things, the food chain has countless overlapping parts, so is yes, really a FOOD WEB. Last but not least, the DECOMPOSERS and DETRITIVORES eat and so recycle dead animals and plants (mushrooms, fungi, insects, bacteria). Nothing is wasted.

Now study the Amazon Rainforest Food web Illustration below (online or by printing out the high resolution pdf). Note the different varieties and wherein they fit into the food web trophic level decribed above.

Print and also fill out the Amazon Rainforest Food net Trophic Level Data Sheet (pdf below).

You can also use these 2 Food web Graphic Organizers:




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