(readier comparative) (readiest superlative) (readies plural & third person present) (readying present participle) (readied past tense & past participle )

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1  adj If who is ready, lock are properly prepared because that something. If other is ready, it has actually been effectively prepared and also is currently able to be used. v-link ADJ, oft ADJ for n, ADJ to-inf It took her a lengthy time to gain ready for church..., space you ready to board, Mr. Daly?..., morning he would tell his pilot to get the plane ready...  
2  adj 
If you are readyfor miscellaneous or readyto carry out something, you have sufficient experience to do it or you space old enough and also sensible sufficient to execute it. v-link ADJ, usu ADJ for n, ADJ to-inf She claims she\"s not prepared for marriage..., You\"ll have actually no trouble gaining him into a typical school once you feeling he\"s prepared to go.  
3  adj 
If you are readyto do something, you space willing to perform it. v-link ADJ to-inf (=willing) They were all set to die for your beliefs...  
4  adj 
If girlfriend are all set for something, you require it or desire it. v-link ADJ because that n I don\"t know around you, yet I\"m ready for bed...  
5  adj 
To it is in readyto perform something way to be around to carry out it or likely to perform it. v-link ADJ to-inf She looked ready to cry...  
6  adj 
You use all set to explain things that space able to it is in used really quickly and also easily. ADJ n Why walk German market enjoy such a all set supply of well-trained and well-motivated workers?  
7  adj 
Ready money is in the form of notes and also coins quite than cheques or credit transaction cards, and so it deserve to be supplied immediately. ADJ n I\"m afraid i don\"t have sufficient ready cash.  
8  verb 
When you all set something, girlfriend prepare it for a details purpose. FORMAL John\"s soldiers were readying themselves for the last assault...  V n because that n 
9  comb in adj 
Ready combines with past participles to show that something has currently been done, and that therefore you carry out not have to do that yourself. You deserve to buy ready-printed forms for wills at stationery shops...  
10 If you have something in ~ the ready, you have actually it in a position where it deserve to be quickly and easily used. ♦at the ready 
 phrase usu n PHR Soldiers come charging v the forest, weapons at the ready.  
1  adj If something that you buy is ready-made, you deserve to use that immediately, because the occupational you would generally have to do has currently been done. We rely rather a little bit on ready-made mealsthey are so convenient...  
2  adj 
Ready-made method extremely practically or helpful for a particular purpose. usu ADJ n Those wishing to examine urban advance have a ready-made example on your doorstep...  
ready meal 
  (ready meals plural )Ready meals are complete meals the are marketed in shops. Castle are already prepared and you need only warm them prior to eating them.  n-count 
ready-to-wear  Ready-to-wear garments are made in conventional sizes so that they fit most people, fairly than being made specially for a details person.  adj ADJ n (=off-the-peg) In 1978 he launched his an initial major ready-to-wear repertoire for the Austin Reed stores.  
1  adj A rough and ready systems or technique is one the is rather an easy and not really exact since it has actually been assumed of or excellent in a hurry. Here is a rough and also ready measurement.  

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