Reborn As My Love Rival’s Wife

重生成为情敌妻 chóng shēng wéi qíng dí qī

Author: 舒怀 shū huái

85 chapters +11 extras

Ratings: 3/5

This novel is fun and also easy to review and also I finiburned it in 2 days over the weekend given that I determined to stay residence and also not obtain exposed to the coronavirus that’s looming in the outside world. Staying house and also safe through a fun happy book to check out is the the majority of enjoyable thing to perform.

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This novel is not exactly a boy-boy relationship. The MC that is a 30 year old male engineer died in a vehicle crash and his spirit transmoved right into the body of a girl. Thereafter, the rest of the novel is about this girl through the heart of a guy, communicating through the girl’s husband. The MC that desired girls eventually welcomed the husband also as “his” lover. So it’s even more of a gender bender sort of novel, however the ML, who is the husband also of the girl was a directly man.

I choose boy-boy stuffs, but I determined to review this book as the reviews sassist that this book is a fun review. I took pleasure in the story a lot.

The plot is simple and supposed but the daily interactions of the MC and the ML are so funny that they reminded me of Lan WanJi and Wei WuXian of Mo Dao Zu Shi #GrandmasterOfDemonicCultivation. The ML is super handsome, very wealthy, cold and guy of a couple of words. Whereas the MC is a chatterbox through most crazy principles.

If you are in search of bl novel through a great and also significant story plot, then this might not be your cup of tea.

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The MC is 30 year old engineer, Su Jian. Unfortunately, he met with an accident and also died. His heart transmigrated into the body of female Su Jian.

Female Su Jian was the passenger of a taxi which was likewise affiliated in the very same accident. However, I think it was her soul that saw heaven instead or somewhere else.