Update: all worth is discovered thanks to the assist of clayer and ALisawesom. Thank you for the help!

Hey! I need some help here! I have actually a perform of den items ranging from 2013/14 every the way back come 2010! ns assuming theyre precious a great amount so I desire make sure i not under or over trade!


Purple spiral lamps (x2)

Tomato tree (x3)- great long wrist. Tyvm for the help!

Sunflower lamp

Fruit bowl

Green painted pot (x2)

Blue lengthy shelf

Garden plot


(Offer be separate by comma)

Tomato : environment-friendly wrist, pink wrist, blue worn//green wrist//pink bow & arrow, red feather mask (whatever it"s called)// red designer skirt, purple wrist, liquid bucket den beta (idk if real)

Garden plot: green wrist, some others i forgot

the others: arbitrarily nm points or naught yet

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Shelf: 3 den betas (like, race car, robot, sewing machine, etc.)

Garden plot: good long wrist. (Purple, blue red.)

Tomato plant: decent long wrist each (pink or yellow.)

Fruit bull: 4-7 rare item Monday’s.

Spiral lamp: 4-5 rims

Painted pot: 2-3 rims

Sunflower: (Not much, remained in stores not lengthy ago.) 1-2 rims?

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