Cleveland Clinic’s team that rheumatologists provides patients with experienced diagnosis and treatment the autoinflammatory and autoimmune conditions.



The department of Rheumatic and Immunologic conditions is one of the largest and ranked as among the nation"s peak in the country. We room a leader in evaluating and treating patients with an array of problems that affect the bones, muscles, joints and skin together arthritis, vasculitis, lupus, gout, metabolic bone diseases and also other conditions.

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No matter what type of rheumatologic disorder girlfriend or a love one is experiencing, the Cleveland Clinic’s room of Rheumatic and also Immunologic conditions can help. Our team specialization in both common disorders as well as rare or facility conditions.

In our specialty clinics us assemble an array of experts within the Cleveland Clinic companies to work-related collaboratively come diagnosis and create an individualized treatment setup for you.

What us Treat

What us Treat

Blau’s SyndromeCutaneous Polyarteritis Familial Mediterranean heat SyndromeJoint swelling

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Our Doctors

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Lupus Clinic

Lupus Clinic

The Lupus Clinic was created by Cleveland Clinic’s department of Rheumatic and also Immunologic conditions specialists work together with the department’s entire team that rheumatologists to administer streamlined access to the highest possible quality of care for these facility patients. The clinic unites specialists, consisting of those in rheumatology, nephrology and dermatology, to treatment for patients v lupus and also overlap syndromes.

The clinic is designed because that both freshly diagnosed patients and also those with created disease. The clinic’s triage system permits specialists to coordinate care in lot of disciplines and expedites appointments through multiple specialty clinics, including nephrology and dermatology.

Progress has been do in recent years both in diagnoses and treatments because that patients with lupus that have resulted in boosted outcomes. Multidisciplinary clinics make a positive distinction because advanced diagnostic and therapeutic modalities from every specialty are used to individualized, patient-centered care.

For Appointments

Call 216.444.5632 or 800.223.2273 ext 45632.

To express a patient to the Lupus Clinic

Call 855.REFER.123 (855.733.3712).

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To make an meeting with any type of of ours rheumatology specialists, please call216.444.2606 (local) or800.223.2273 ext 42606 (toll-free).