The key differences in between rifles, shotguns, and also handguns are their barrels, your intended targets, and also the kind of ammunition used.

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RifleRifles are frequently used for firing at stationary targets.ShotgunThe shotgun has actually a lengthy barrel and also usually has a smooth boring to alleviate friction. The barrel’s walls space thinner early to diminished pressures. If a shotgun is designed to fire slugs, it might have a rifled barrel.Shotguns are frequently used because that shooting at moving targets in the air.The bore of a shotgun barrel is produced only one details gauge of ammunition.HandgunThe handgun has a short barrel v rifling and also thick walls to stand up to high pressures. Because of the quick barrel, extra care must it is in taken to manage the muzzle that a handgun. Like the rifle, rifling in the handgun put a spiral rotate on a bullet as soon as fired, raising accuracy and also distance.Handguns are generally used because that firing at stationary targets.The bore of a handgun barrel is usually produced only one certain caliber the ammunition.


caliber Diameter the the bore of a rifle or handgun as measured indigenous land to opposite floor on rifled barrels and also the designation for the size of ammunition for various bores rifling Spiral grooves reduced into the boring of a firearm barrel along with the lands—the ridges that metal in between the grooves; rifling makes a bullet spin in flight, enhancing accuracy and distance

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