ROAD to a far better Life is an Outpatient Addiction treatment Facility v 5 places Throughout new Hampshire, consisting of Somersworth, Newington, Wolfeboro, Concord, & Merrimack. Start your road to restore today.

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The Mission of roadway to a much better Life is to carry out medication-assisted therapy for drug and alcohol seeks in a safe, respectful, and also friendly environment that is concentrated on recovery, relapse prevention, and a return toward normalcy for you.

At road to a better Life, the goal for all of our client is permanent freedom from cravings, drug misuse, and addiction. Our most successful clients come in ready to listen, take suggestions, and start make real changes in their lives. In return, we sell a friendly, respectful setting staffed by addiction specialists committed to help you acquire well and stay well.


Our signature recovery regime that provides a combination of Medication assisted Treatment (MAT) with behavior health services.


The Providers and staff at road to a better Life desire your birthing experience to be together worry-free together we have the right to make it.


Individual, Group, and also Intensive Outpatient Therapy space services available in a confidential environment and arranged with our many community partners.

I now have actually the life and happiness I when thought I can never have. I have the right to only pray that other people with addiction can discover this pleasure too. It’s possible!

I’m so very LUCKY to have spent the time that I have with this neighborhood of people. Every single person here has helped to make me who I to be today.

To store you and also our staff safe throughout our nation’s fight against the spread out of coronavirus, us will transition many appointments v your normal provider to TeleHealth or “virtual” appointments. Some things simply cannot be completed through a virtual appointment – in those instances we will make arrangements for you to pertained to one of our offices, either before or complying with your appointment based upon your particular needs. During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, our offices will stay open, yet we have taken measures to limit touch points and personal interaction together a safety precaution because that you and also staff.

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We ask the all patient who must visit our facilities to you re welcome wear a mask upon entering the parking lot.


Our friendly support staff will overview you through the procedure of coming to be a patient at road to a far better Life. For information, contact our new Patient Team with questions: (603) 841-2307