Want come solve Shakuntala Devi Puzzles ? Solve few of the best puzzles taken from her publications like puzzle come puzzle girlfriend and more puzzles or you and many more.

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Shakuntala Devi is one Indian Mathematician and also a writer too. She has actually written much more than 20 publications covering math’s to different sectors that the society. Her publications like Puzzle come Puzzle friend and much more Puzzle to Puzzle, have much more than 300 puzzles in each. Enjoy a couple of of Puzzles written by her.



Meena went out for shopping. She had actually in her handbag roughly Rs. 15/- in one rupee notes and 20 p. Coins. When she returned, she had actually as plenty of one rupee notes as she originally had and also as numerous 20 p. Coins together she originally had actually one rupee notes. She in reality came back with around one-third of what she had started out with. Just how much did she spend and also exactly exactly how much go she have with her once she began out?


It was a beautiful clear morning. The air to be fresh, and also a soft wind was blowing against my windscreen. I was driving from Bangalore to Brindavan Gardens. It take it me 1 hour and also 30 minutes to complete the journey. After ~ lunch, I went back to Bangalore. Ns drove because that 90 minutes. Exactly how do you explain it?



There space thirty-four lines that room tangent come a circle, and these lines produce regions in the plane. Can you tell me how countless of these regions are not enclosed?

The amount of the two numbers is ten. Their product is twenty. Can you uncover the sum of the reciprocals of the 2 numbers?

A team of united state were play Bingo. Ns noticed something an extremely interesting. There were different Bingo cards v no 2 cards having the same collection of numbers in the matching column or row. The center, of course, to be a free space.How countless such cards are possible, deserve to you tell?

Can you integrate eight 8s with any kind of other mathematical symbols other than numbers so that they represent exactly one thousand?You might use the plus, minus terms, and department signs, and also the factorial function and the Gamma function. You may also use the logarithms and also the combinatorial symbol.

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A matter OF TIMEFifty minute ago, if that was 4 times as numerous minutes past three o"clock, how plenty of minutes is the until six o"clock?

BROTHERS and also SISTERSA family members I know has several children. Each boy in this family has as countless sisters as brothers, yet each that the girls has actually twice as countless brothers together sisters. How many brothers and sisters space there?

AROUND THE EQUATORTwo the same trains, in ~ the equator, begin travelling about the civilization in opposite directions. They begin together, run at the very same speed, and are on various tracks.Which train will certainly wear the end its wheel treads first?

OVER THE gold GATEWhile in san Francisco part time back, ns hired a vehicle to drive over the golden Gate bridge. One started in the; afternoon, once there was no web traffic rush. Therefore I could do 40 miles an hour. While returning, however, ns got captured in the traffic rush, and also I can only manage to drive at a speed of 25 miles an hour.What to be my average speed for the round trip?

THE GONG Supposing a clock take away 7 secs to strike 7, just how long does the take for the same clock come strike 10?

TALL males NEXT DOOR following door come me live 4 brothers of various heights. Your average height is 74 inches, and also the distinction in height among the first three guys is two inches/"The difference in between the third and the 4th man is 6 inches.Can you tell me just how tall each brothers is?

THE DIGITS and also SQUARE NUMBERS every the nine digits are arranged here to type four square numbers:9, 81, 324, 576How would you put them with each other to type a solitary smallest possible square number and a single largest feasible square number?

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