In this provocative book, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, the many outspoken critic of the civil-rights establishment in America today, lays ceiling its corruption leadership, courageously acquisition aim in ~ the bigest names?Jesse Jackson, louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, among others?claiming they room nothing more than scam artists profiting off the hatred and disorder castle foster in the black community. Peterson insists it"s time to throw off the be suppressive of the established black leadership and also stand because that the American ideals that freedom, an individual responsibility, totally free enterprise, and also moral principle.

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Thomas Nelson
Oct 2, 2005

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Jesse Lee Peterson

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Scam - Jesse Lee Peterson

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is a great American. The is a guy of conscience with a bold prescription to do America a better place.


"Scam is a devastating evaluation and critique of how black politicians and the civil-rights facility have ceded one catastrophe after an additional for black color Americans. Indeed, the an account of what’s nothing much less than a gross betrayal of those who offered their blood, sweat and also tears to make today’s liberty and also opportunities possible. Rev. Peterson’s remedies are just the basic commonsense of ours ancestors, something all too rare today."

—WALTER E. WILLIAMS, Professor of Economics, George Mason university

"Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has end up being one of the an ext principled black conservative ethical leaders in our country. His tenacity and leadership is a throwback to the management of Booker T. Washington. Black color America, all of America, needs much more leaders choose Rev. Peterson."

—NIGER INNIS,the nationwide spokesperson

for C.O.R.E. (Congress of racial Equality)

Bucking the gyeongju stereotype is tough work. Ns know due to the fact that I’ve to be doing it because that years. Allies in the fight to promote racial an excellent health are complicated to find. The Rev. Jesse Peterson has actually what it takes to point America toward better race relations.

—KEN HAMBLIN, The black color Avenger

Jesse Peterson illustration two qualities rare in any age, and also certainly rare in ours own: a enthusiasm for truth and extraordinary courage.


I give the Reverend Peterson high marks because that his unrelenting willingness to disclose those media anointed and self-appointed black leaders who’ve made a long and rewarding career posing as the mouthpiece the blacks. Despite my deep disagreement v the Rev. Peterson on numerous issues, i salute him for having the courage to an obstacle the black establishment and for always remaining true come his beliefs.


syndicated columnist, writer of The crisis in Black and also Black




HOW the BLACK leadership EXPLOITS black color AMERICA


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Pet erson, Jesse Lee, 1949 –

Scam : how the Black management exploits black color America / Jesse Lee Peterson.

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1. Afri American leadership. 2. Afri Americans—Social conditions—1975– 3. Afri Americans—Politics and government. 4. Afri American politicians—Biography. 5. United States—Race relations. 6. Racism—United States. I. Title.

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To righteousness Clarence Thomas:

you room the instance of what black

Americans must be.




1. Blacks require No leaders

2. The new Massas

3. Blacks space Not Suffering because of Racism

4. A Church and Liquor keep on Every corner

5. Instead of Reparations, How about a Ticket ago to Africa?

6. White fear

7. Repudiating Jesse Jackson

8. Louis Farrakhan, American Hitler

9. Al Sharpton, revolt King

10. Boycotting the NAACP

11. The Father’s duty in the family members

12. The attack on the man

13. Why black Women room So median

14. Save the kids

15. How Black America Shall get rid of





About the writer



I was born and raised in new York however came the end to California to broaden my construction business in the late eighties, i beg your pardon is just how I put myself through college. I first became interested in talk radio throughout the Iran-Contra hearings. Tuning in come those hearings someday I came to be absolutely riveted. The following thing you understand I to be habitually calling in talk radio reflects to passionately talk about what ns was seeing, rather of taking care of mine business. Shortly I realized my future was in radio, no construction!

My an initial on-air gig (unpaid!) was at my university radio station at UC Santa Barbara, and one that my an initial guests to be none other than Jesse Lee Peterson. He was just putting BOND together at the time. Jesse make a good guest, even ago then. He constantly had courage and the insight to know that something was very wrong in the african American community—and, more importantly, the expertise of what to do about it.

Later, i was rental by a terminal in Huntsville, Alabama, and guess who I interviewed there? Jesse Lee Peterson. Jesse reciprocated, and also had me on together a guest top top his radio show. The was always fun working through Jesse since he never backed down, but never obtained upset either. He had actually a light touch, which was refreshing in this civilization of syndicated radio.

One job I gained a large break—the opportunity to organize in a height 10 industry (Atlanta). Then WABC in new York, and also of course Hannity & Colmes. Jesse was there v me every action of the way.

Jesse constantly treats mine liberal TV counterpart, Alan Colmes, well also though the two of them virtually never agree! he does a wonderful job every time.

As you probably know, ns a big believer in family. My wife Jill is the love of my life, and also I believe my two youngsters are the greatest gift God has ever given me. Ns am always concerned about the sort of people we will leave our children. Supporting the family members has never been more critical, and Jesse and also BOND room at the head of this movement. Ns heartily salute them.

Along the means I ended up being a member of BOND’s nationwide Advisory Board and even got their reputation Booker T. Washington award, because that which ns am an extremely proud.

My latest book is titled Deliver united state From Evil, and also I supplied that title because that a reason: over there is evil in the world, and also it way to perform us harm. I go come church with families who’ve lost household members in ~ Ground Zero, so i am continually reminded of the tragic impacts of evil. Make no mistake, we must confront evil. Us cannot afford to fail in the mission.

One point I love around Jesse Lee Peterson is the he it s okay it. That too deserve to see the cold fact of evil, and also how we must confront and overcome it. Mental the native of the old spiritual—"We candlestick Overcome." just as Dr. King knew Americans had to confront the angry of his day, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson knows we must challenge the evil of this day.

In 2003, Jesse’s bombshell book, Scam: just how the Black management Exploits black America, was released. Ns was proud to sell a blurb that showed up on the former jacket of the book. The read, A man of conscience v a bold prescription to make America a better place. I expected every word due to the fact that those that lead America to its better self will be those men and also women the conscience who refuse to continue to be quiet in the challenge of evil. Males like Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson.

You are analysis an updated version of Scam, and also this publication has never ever been an ext important to the future of America. The truths composed in this publication are powerful and life-changing if you have the heart and also courage to watch this publication with open eyes and an open up heart. Also if you finish up disagreeing, Scam will one day be remembered together a bold and audacious book—a classic—and I believe a transforming point in a monumental struggle for the hearts and minds of african Americans.

A profound, positive adjust is in the air for America, and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is not only at the forefront of this movement, but additionally helped pioneer that is return—a go back to the character of an excellent Americans favor Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, and also Harriet Tubman. This is whereby the hope because that the future of black color America resides.

I am proud to call Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson my good friend. We share the very same love because that America and also the same hope because that its future.

Sean Hannity

respectable 2005



Black Americans have actually been scammed; what’s worse, they’ve been scammed by their own folks. What girlfriend are about to check out in this book is the truth around who the scammers are, exactly how they’ve conned black America, and what can be done around it.

Over a te ago, I started to realize that the so-called black leaders choose Jesse Jackson, luigi Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and also others were lying about why blacks are in trouble today. If part blacks wonder why points don’t improve regardless of this leadership, they must wake approximately the fact that these leaders profit by creating hatred and animosity in between the races. In fact, it is imperative because that these leader to continue creating troubles even wherein none exists. If castle don’t, they’re out of business. And they’re definitely not that—their service is flush. They’ve been to run a scam on black Americans since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Died that fateful morning in Memphis. Dr. King walk indeed have actually a dream, however Jesse Jackson has actually turned it into a nightmare.

Former slave Booker T. Washington, writer of Up native Slavery, is just one of my heroes. He was dealing with his very own version of Jesse Jackson back in the so late 19th and also early 20th centuries. He warned about problem profiteers that make your living by resulting in racial strife:

There is a class of colored civilization who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and also the hardships that the negro race before the public. Having actually learned the they space able to do a living out of their troubles, they have actually grown into the worked out habit of heralding their wrongs—partly since they desire sympathy and partly due to the fact that it pays. Some of these human being do not desire the negro to lose his grievances, due to the fact that they perform not desire to lose their jobs.¹

Sound familiar?

These leaders have actually been brainwashing blacks due to the fact that Washington’s day, blaming white american for every one of our problems. Sometimes these troubles are created, sometimes just exacerbated, but always paraded to produce racial hatred versus whites. The big problem here: if a human being can gain you to hate, this human can manage you! You never shake the actual problems and you obtain shackled to suffocating resentments. I ended up being a complimentary man for the an initial time in mine life by offering up hatred. If other blacks could understand this, they’d it is in free, too.


I was raised on a noodle plantation close to Montgomery and Tuskegee, Alabama, in the late ’40s and early ’50s and worked next by side v my grandparents in the sweltering heat, choose cotton. I would begin to work at an early stage in the morning, take time turn off in the afternoon, and then continue picking cotton until the sunlight went down. Once it was harvest time, i missed school in order come work. In spite of having to endure backbreaking job-related in the fields, nobody in my family members blamed the white man for our plight. In fact, ns don’t recall anyone in my family expressing anger at whites because that our financial condition. We knew the we had actually to do a living, and also we were thankful for having actually jobs, regardless of how complicated it may have been because that us.

I grew up in Alabama in ~ a time as soon as public schools were tho segregated, when blacks to be refused company in restaurants and also had to use various restrooms. I recognize the malice of segregation and also believe it was crucial for black leaders choose Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr. To fight because that the abolition that this social evil. Yet today, together I look earlier on my life and the condition of the black color family during those times, ns am convinced that by plenty of different steps blacks were actually far better off then than they space now—after fourty years that the civil rights movement and also the agitations of so-called black leaders choose Jesse Jackson.

Back then, by and also large, we had great black schools, fine black universities, safe and also well-groomed black communities, and also intact families. Today, by many measures, the black family is in shambles: black areas are drug-infested, solitary parenthood is the norm, and crime is rampant in the black locations of our major cities.

In a way, mine life to be a preview of lot to come for many black Americans. I was born into a broken family in the tiny town of Comer Hill, Alabama. I did not recognize my father, and my mother had left me with her mother when ns was a toddler and also moved to Gary, Indiana, with another man.

I first met my father as soon as I was about thirteen. One day he simply showed up at my grandmother’s home in Comer Hill. When he said me that he was, ns was incredibly excited he had come to see me. As I studied him, ns felt completed, prefer a lacking piece of mine life had actually been offered to me. I instantly felt the natural awareness that a father is critically necessary to a child and also that a boy requirements his father to aid him grow into a man. He told me come come visit that in Indiana whereby he lived. Because I sometimes spent summers with my mother, who likewise lived in Indiana then, ns did obtain out to watch him yet had to do it behind she back. For reasons I didn’t know at the time, she hated mine father and also tried to protect against me from see him. Throughout those summers I started to understand why my mother and stepfather had always been for this reason cold to me: i looked too much like my father. The likeness—along v her anger because that my father—caused she to refuse me. Mine stepfather tried tough to it is in kind and also loving toward me, but I want my father, and also my stepfather to be no substitute. To both my stepfather and my mother, I stood for an unpleasant memory.

When ns was eighteen years old, i left Alabama and also moved come Los Angeles to begin a new life, having actually no idea what mine future would host for me. Unfortunately, I started listening come the teachings of guys like Jesse Jackson, NAACP leaders, and nation of Islam leader luigi Farrakhan. Together a an outcome of listening to these cheat artists, I emerged a hatred of the white guy for what were actually my own personal failings, and also I came to be even an ext confused around my very own purpose because that living. I began to usage drugs together a method of coping v my within turmoil. I additionally learned come think the welfare as an entitlement the America fan me for years that slavery and also segregation.

In fact, I uncovered it amazingly straightforward to acquire on welfare and also simply live off the system. I signed up in Los Angeles and also started receiving $300 a month. In addition, the mechanism paid mine rent and supplied me with food stamps, complimentary medical coverage, and also other benefits. Ns was making the white guy pay me earlier for every one of the oppression I assumed I’d been based on in the past. So i partied v that money, caroused v women, and lived a relatively degenerate life. I assumed I had it made.

But when on welfare, things didn’t acquire better. They got worse. The much more money I got from welfare, the less desire I had actually to work. It became spiritually and morally suffocating.

Looking because that answers, I started to realize that ns was gift held ago in life due to the fact that of my very own anger. It wasn’t the white man who was oppressing me; it was my very own anger, resentment, and hatred. It no white racism maintaining me top top welfare; that was in reality my own racism the was maintaining me enslaved come a system as angry as slavery was prior to the polite War. I also began to realize that lot of what overcome for religion or Christianity today in black churches is nothing more than the corrupt leadership of men. They rarely preach the truth around God; instead, castle preach gyeongju hatred, vain philosophies, and also liberal politics. As soon as I uncovered the lie, I broke out that the shackles, and also I’ve to be trying to help others break free ever since.


My post to the black color man and to the black ar is among hope and also encouragement, not among anger and also despair. I firmly believe that we blacks are our own worst enemies. Through listening come the problem profiteers and blaming white America because that our difficulties, we’re handicapping ourselves and living unproductive and also self-destructive lives. That is time to prevent the excuse-mongering, claiming the whites room crippling our capability to get ahead. If blacks do not give up this mentality and also this rage versus white America—if we carry out not accept responsibility for our very own failures—we will forever continue to be defeated.

America is the land of opportunity; it provides blacks a higher chance because that social and also economic advance than all over else in the world. Blacks should take on the ideals of success, tough work, saving money, continual effort, and self-restraint. They must keep their mental health by adopting love as the controlling mindset in their lives rather than resentment and also rage. In America, individuals manage their own destinies. Those who want to success will perform so, when those who pick to pity themselves and blame rather will proceed to fail.

With ours current chop of black color leaders in location of power, it is unlikely that the plight the blacks will improve any type of time soon. I favor to heed the wise words that Booker T. Washington: I would certainly permit no man to drag down my heart by make me hate him.

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² I’d take it Booker T. Washington’s advice over any type of current black color leader who has actually a financial and also political attention in creating and sustaining racial hatred in this nation.

It is time someone stood approximately Jesse Jackson and also organizations such as the NAACP, to world-class racism Louis Farrakhan, and to Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and many that America’s black color preachers, who are fleecing the flock rather of top them to spiritual and also physical freedom.

Saying such things isn’t popular. Think me, ns know. Ns get called nigger quite a bit—and Uncle Tom and also sellout—usually by fellow blacks. I’ve had guns drawn on me, mine privacy and property grievously threatened—you surname it. Perform I enjoy that? No, ns don’t. Yet do you understand something? mine life is an absolute blessing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Among numerous other things, ns am recognized as the male who started the nationwide Day that Repudiation that Jesse Jackson, which mine organization, link (Brotherhood organization of a brand-new Destiny), hosts every year. We’re also actively boycotting the NAACP. At BOND we’re rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man: building character in this and also the next generation of males (and women), if boldly was standing for fact in the general public square. V all the racial hustlers and also agitators who pit people against each other for profit and status, yes sir an tremendous amount the cleanup to do. But at shortcut we’re taking treatment of business.

These leaders should be unseated, removed, boycotted, bounced, dismissed, junked, and jettisoned. Black Americans don’t need leaders. We require individual responsibility, love of God and neighbor, the freedom to success or fail, and also a life unshackled by hate or resentment.

That’s what this book is about: releasing blacks indigenous the stranglehold of our so-called leaders and their poisoned words and also deeds for this reason we can stake the end our true position in this land and recapture the stolen dream of Dr. King.


Blacks require No leaders


The work of the leader should end—

the dawn of the individual should arise

Black Americans perform not need the type of self-appointed leader they currently have. Ns don’t recall the whole black gyeongju in this nation taking a national vote to selected Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, luigi Farrakhan, the NAACP, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the Congressional black color Caucus, or liberal black color preachers as our leaders, however they’ve seized the mantle that leadership and also claim come speak for all blacks in this nation.

Their leadership, however, has actually proven to be disastrous. This arrogant elitists have offered us a consistent diet the racism, paranoia, affirmative activity programs, and greater welfare checks; and also many display small or no an individual integrity in their own lives.

These self-proclaimed leaders have actually helped prosper a welfare system that has actually resulted in the remove of the black man as head the the family and also placed the government as the daddy in most black families today. As a result, civil rights leaders have end up being the head that the people.

Nearly 70 percent of all black youngsters are born out of wedlock.¹ The welfare system was originally set up to pay recipients money for each child, therefore this listed incentives for welfare moms to have an ext children fairly than to treatment for those they currently have. (The Welfare reform Act happen in 1996 has helped encourage moms to acquire off that welfare, but this process is far from over.)

Current black leaders preach racial hatred and welfare dependency, not peace and also independence. They earn their fat wages by stirring increase the racial pot and portraying blacks as the hopeless victim of racism. Unfortunately, many blacks have accepted these men and women together their new slave masters and also have enabled these people to speak for them. We don’t require their leadership.

It is a dangerous thing for a human to thoughtlessly put himself under the leadership of any type of man or woman. Blacks who allow themselves to it is in led around like sheep by the likes that Jesse Jackson are forfeiting their freedom and complimentary will. This leaders virtually inevitably manipulate their followers. These present black leaders tell blacks just how to think, who to poll for, and how to live their lives.

By preaching race hatred and the cleverly packaged belief of socialism, this leaders have encouraged millions that blacks the white America fan them unique treatment: welfare checks, affirmative action programs, and also even different grading systems in our nation’s universities. Black educators have even created a fictional Afrocentrist history that pushes phony notions of black color racial superiority in our nation’s schools. Various other educators have devised what they call critical gyeongju theory, which claims that there’s no such point as target reality—that rationality is just a device of white males and is designed come oppress minorities.

Black preachers who have actually been seduced by these deadly attitudes and also political approaches are perpetuating a bicycle of hatred and violence within the black community. They, too, have offered up any kind of reason or reasonable in your preaching and simply parrot the latest politically correct opinions from the Jacksons and Sharptons.

These pastors maintain manage of your congregations by instilling a feeling of are afraid in them. Black color churchgoers room told that if