Each and also every person has actually a different body, with couple of and far between having what is thought about to be a perfect shape. At the exact same time, beauty beauty aesthetics are constantly changing and evolving! in ~ LA beauty Skin center we proud ourselves on always using cut edge an innovation and actions to enable our patients to accomplish their beauty beauty goals and also thus to empower them v confidence.

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In recent years, there has actually been a change of focus and readjust in conventional beauty as soon as it involves the buttocks. Ours newest medical spa business is enabling our patients to sculpt, reshape and also plump your posteriors with a non-invasive, non-surgical butt augmentation. V Sculptra target Lift, ours patients deserve to now accomplish rounder, plumper and much more beautiful buttocks that complement and enhance their body shape.

Why select This target Lift?

When it concerns butt augmentation in Los Angeles, plenty of people very first consider a Brazilian target Lift, otherwise known as a BBL. The Brazilian butt Lift move fat from another location to the patient’s buttocks where it is then sculpted to the wanted shape, lift, and also plumpness. This is a surgical equipment for target shaping, with an extended downtime and is also very expensive. Another difficulty when it comes to BBL is that countless patients execute not have enough fat for the transfer and enhancement.

With a buttocks injection procedure such as our Sculptra target Lift, patients attain a natural, beautiful posterior in a non-invasive manner that takes just minutes to do with no downtime. A painless solution for a flat bottom, that is a wonderful method to attain your buttocks goals when diet, exercise and also genetics space not enough.

The Sculptra target Lift is also a fantastic way come treat thigh dips. It is among the easiest means to shape your entire backside and thigh area.

A target Lift without Surgery

 Our target Lift through Sculptra is a totally non-invasive procedure that uses injections that Sculptra. Sculptra is a Poly-L-Lactic dermal filler offered for skin and soft organization augmentation that likewise stimulates the body’s very own collagen production. This method that end time, your target lift gets better!

When a patience elects for surgical butt implants, they deserve to expect a significant price tag, the potential hazard of anesthesia, as well as pain following their surgery and also downtime. With our non-surgical target lift, our patient experience little to no pain and have no downtime.

This provides The Sculptra target Lift a phenomenal alternative for those who choose non-surgical solutions.

We make sure to job-related with our patients to achieve their optimal purposes when it pertains to shaping their buttocks!

How go A target Augmentation Work?

Our non-surgical butt lift v Sculptra is a collection of injections of the Sculptra dermal filler in the buttocks. This to add volume, shape, and tightens the butt. It additionally stimulates collagen production in the buttocks which over time, improving the outcomes as the body rises collagen. Ultimately this translates right into smoother and healthier skin.

Our Sculptra target Lift works to form your buttocks and also smooths the illustration of dimples and cellulite lumps.

What come expect throughout a Sculptra butt Lift?

A butt lift at LA beauty beauty Skin facility usually take away an median of 2 to 3 sessions. The number of sessions because that a butt lift truly rely on the beauty purposes of the patient.

During a Sculptra butt Lift session, you will have a object numbing cream used to the area to make the treatment an ext comfortable. Us always try and do the procedure as pain-free together possible! as soon as the area is numb, us then continue with the collection of Sculptra injections.

The entire procedure takes around 45-60 minutes and also has no downtime.

How long Is The Recovery because that Sculptra butt Lift?

Unlike surgical target lifts such as the Brazillian target Lift, or target implants, over there is tiny to no recovery time because that the Sculptra butt Lift. Patients may experience mild bruising/swelling in the very first week, however usually resume all your normal activities immediately!

How long Do The outcomes Of This butt Lift Last?

Patients that gain a Sculptra butt Lift will watch subtle, prompt results, v the an ext visible results over time as the human body produces more collagen. All these results last for up to two years depending upon the patient and can be preserved with touch-up appointments.

Am ns a an excellent Candidate because that Sculptra butt Lift?

It’s perfect solution because that slim patient who room looking come improve and augment the appearance of their buttocks. Many of our patients that are good candidates for the Sculptra target Lift are looking to resolve the following:

Unshapely or level buttocksSagging buttUneven texture or dimples ~ above the butt

The absolute best method to determine if this target lift is ideal for friend is to come in and also speak through our trained employee as part of our free consultation. If you are in search of a butt lift in Los Angeles, offer us a contact at 818-888-0001 to schedule yours!

What renders The Sculptra target Lift Different?

A Sculptra butt Lift at LA beauty Skin center is vastly different from other butt lift choices such as implants or Brazilian butt Lifts. The is a simple, non-invasive procedure that offers patients beautiful results without disrupting girlfriend life.

An injectables butt lift, such as the Sculptra butt lift, will eventually see less extreme results than various other butt background options; yet the outcomes will be far much more balanced and also natural looking, and also will proceed to improve over time.

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The best component about a Sculptra target Lift is that the procedure takes a short amount that time so the you don’t need to take time off for the procedure and also recovery!


The services of The Sculptra butt Lift

Safe and also effectiveCustom tailored come fit the patient’s butt goalsSubtle, natural, beautiful resultsSmooths the butt’s surfaceA painless target lift optionA rapid and straightforward route to a rounder, plumper buttocks

If you room considering a target lift in Los Angeles, please contact us at 818-888-0001 because that your totally free consultation! Consultations through Dr. Arman F. Karapetyan space $100, which will be used to the treatment expense if the treatment is excellent on the very same day. Consultations v nurses, doctor assistants and also aestheticians space complimentary. Friend can also Contact united state via our website. 

Individual results vary.

Usually, 3 therapy sessions are recommended for the optimal results. The number of vials needed per session depends on the preferred results. ~ above average, 8-10 vials every session space required. 


1st session $600 / every vial

2nd session $550 / every vial

3rd conference $500 / per vial

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