Buying a mattress these days has never been easier and mattress quality has never been better, and the Sealy 10-Inch Hybrid Bed in a Box is no exception. This mattress arrived on my doorstep in a modest 16.5 x 16.5 x 44.5 inch box weighing about 60 pounds. The mattress inside is shrink-wrapped in a plastic roll.

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Make sure you have enough room before unwrapping the mattress, and be careful not to cut into the mattress when cutting through the plastic wrap. At the factory the mattress was folded in half then rolled up, and in the picture you can see how the mattress has expanded as I removed the plastic wrap. Unlike previous memory foam mattresses I had purchased, which required at least a day to fully expand, this mattress almost instantly achieved its full expanded shape. I had expected to need to expand the mattress in a well-ventilated room, but was pleasantly surprised that the Sealy mattress did not have a chemical smell–the mattress did have a “new mattress smell,” but it was not offensive.


There are four main layers to the mattress: 1) a layer of individually-encased coils, 2) a layer of comfort foam, 3) a layer of premium memory foam, and 4) a removable cover. The combination of coil layer and the memory foam layers are where this mattress gets its “hybrid” name. Note however that there are two thicknesses: 10-inch and 12-inch. The 10-inch–the one I have–is a medium-firm feel, whereas the 12-inch has a softer medium feel. The 12-inch has extra thickness in the top memory foam layers, which results in a softer feel level. The zippered outer cover is removable and has a quilted texture on the top surface.

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All in all I am very happy with this Sealy 10-Inch Hybrid Bed in a Box mattress. While the mattress cannot be flipped, since the memory foam layers are only on one side of the mattress, you can rotate the mattress if you need to in time. The coil layer helps set this mattress above pure memory foam mattresses–I don’t have the feeling I am sinking into the mattress and the mattress didn’t retain my body heat, which means I slept cooler. I was also impressed by how quickly the mattress expanded and was ready to use, which might be important if guests are immanent. I found this mattress to be very comfortable. In fact, just after I publish this review I think it’s time for another nap. Sweet dreams.

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