This pillow-top mattress collection is designed come provide an excellent spinal support, comfort, and also motion isolation for a restful night’s sleep

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Set contents 14” Plush Pillowtop Mattress 9” High-profile or 5” Low-profile foundationSealy Titanium 14” Plush Pillowtop Mattress Set. Free White gloves Delivery. Lull Level: SOFT - between 8 or 9 the end of 10 (10 being the softest and 1 being the firmest) Elegant tailoring and clean color tones add an aesthetically pleasing piece to your bedroom decor 2” pillowtop to add extra lull to an currently plush mattress, because that an ultra-soft mattress feel to aid you autumn asleep quicker Reinforced center stays clear of sagging overtime Encased StabilityPlus coils isolate motion, offering durable support and allowing you to sleep soundly Knit cloth with spun yarns and non-toxic rayon fiber quilted into the cover provide the surface ar a soft and smooth feel flexible yet durable, high-density mattress borders permit you to usage the full surface that the mattress and comfortably sit on the edge there is no sinking long lasting vertical side handles enable for straightforward mattress movement, permitting you to rotate the mattress to prolong its life or do the bed much more efficiently Designed and built in the United states

Free White glove delivery includes unpacking and an easy setup the the mattress, and removal that boxes, packaging materials, and old mattress. Before signing because that delivery, any and all damage/defect(s) should be detailed in order for londonchinatown.org to aid facilitate a replacement.

Approximate Dimensions: pair Mattress: 38’’ x 75’’ x 14” High-profile foundation: 38’’ x 75’’ x 9’’ Low-profile foundation: 38’’ x 75’’ x 5’’ pair XL Mattress: 39’’ x 80’’ x 14” High-profile foundation: 38’’ x 80’’ x 9’’ Low-profile foundation: 38’’ x 80’’ x 5’’ complete Mattress: 54’’ x 75’’ x 14” High-profile foundation: 54’’ x 75’’ x 9’’ Low-profile foundation: 54’’ x 75’’ x 5’’ Queen Mattress: 60’’ x 80’’ x 14’’ High-profile foundation: 60’’ x 80’’ x 9’’ Low-profile foundation: 60’’ x 80’’ x 5’’ King Mattress: 76’’ x 80’’ x 14’’ 2 High-profile foundations: 38’’ x 80’’ x 9’’ (each) 2 Low-profile foundations: 38’’ x 80’’ x 5’’ (each) California King Mattress: 72’’ x 84’’ x 14’’ 2 High-profile foundations: 36’’ x 84’’ x 9’’ (each) 2 Low-profile foundations: 36’’ x 84’’ x 5’’ (each) around Sealy

A mattress filled v cotton. Such was the request received by noodle gin builder Daniel Haynes in 1881. Haynes, a resides of Sealy, Texas, obliged and soon was inundated through orders because that the plush mattresses. In ~ a couple of years, Haynes marketed his patents come a bigger company, and also Sealy’s cotton-filled mattresses became a desire item in American homes, replacing older models filled v straw and retired slinkies. Well over a century later, the company remains cursed to scientifically based technologies that deserve to improve one’s top quality of sleep. With insight from the that company in-house Orthopedic Advisory Board and also testing in ~ the press Mapping center of Excellence, every mattress faces significant scrutiny prior to it can earn the name “Sealy.”

Buying a Mattress without Trying the MattressBuying a mattress is cheaper and more convenient if you do it online—but you"ll need to understand your an individual preferences and delivery choices first.

because that post-purchase inquiries, please contact customer support.Sold through londonchinatown.org Goods. View the FAQ to learn more.

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COVID-19 accuse may delay shipping most orders delivered within 3-4 main of purchase day Must salary applicable taxation and provide name/shipping address/phone number/email in ~ checkout to facilitate shipping No shipping to PO boxes/AK/HI/Canada/Puerto Rico Weekday distribution only need to report any type of damage/defect(s) prior to signing for delivery $150 restocking fee uses to refuse deliveries In CA, CT and also RI, sales price includes applicable mattress recycling fees -Due to the evolving circumstances surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus), distribution of Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, or Stearns & Foster mattresses, foundations, and/or adjustable bases may be delayed or affected over the coming weeks.-For customers’ wellbeing and also the protection of the shipment agents, in-home delivery/installation solutions will not be obtainable for the coming weeks.-Curbside distribution will be easily accessible (delivery into a garage or spanned porch).-Delivery agents space not at this time permitted to eliminate an existing mattress, foundation, or adjustable base native the home. market is no eligible for our promo password or various other discounts.