For the last couple of months, I have actually been concentrated on do the efforts to obtain The Unseen success in The mystery World. Why? that isn’t anything anyone needs to execute to finish the video game or to also experience every the content; friend can finish every linked mission also if friend fail the achievement. However, the is a tiny extra that celebrates one of the distinctive offerings that TSW — the sabotage mission. It is additionally quite the challenge. (And by challenge, I average something that will likely have actually you tearing your hair the end at times.) it tests your abilities to conquer objectives with something various other than brute force or a twitchy create finger. Because that that reason alone I simply must offer it my full support. That, and also it taunts me v its so-you-think-you-can-win-huh vibe. I have to beat it; ns cannot let these missions acquire the ideal of me! additionally I really want the cool title and ninja face mask you acquire as a reward.

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Since I have been running several of these goals a couple of times, I’ve learned a few tricks to completing them, consisting of ways to reset castle at time so girlfriend don’t need to wait out the mission cooldown to shot again. These space tricks ns am willing to share so perhaps you have the right to learn from mine mistakes rather of making her own. You can be on your way to ending up being a understand of stealth. Also if friend don’t want any type of hints per se, this guide will lead you to every the missions and those who offer said missions.

Warning: This might contain spoilers! all hints and also any mega spoilers will be hidden behind a spoiler alert.

To become The Unseen, you have actually to successfully maneuver v 19 sabotage missions, one of which actually has 4 separate achievements! The tasks encompass not being seen, staying clear of traps, and also not dying. One is also a timer. It certainly is no basic task, together anyone who has actually been following the adventures top top OPTV deserve to attest. Rarely have I regulated to finish a mission’s sabotage ingredient on the very first try. Often times that is due to the fact that I got caught by something i didn’t expect, or ns missed a component where not dying was additionally a requirement. Ns was newly foiled merely by a full inventory.

Because the success is only tied to goals in the base game, and not any issues, The Unseen can be finished by anyone that owns the game. The goals are spread out pretty lot equally v the three key regions: Solomon Island, Egypt, and also Transylvania. Friend can always check your progress to view which ones you have actually completed and which ones girlfriend still should do by pushing “L” and selecting “Missions” top top the accomplishment tab. If girlfriend don’t view The Unseen, the just means you haven’t completed any type of yet; the will appear after your very first successful one. Throughout your mission, you can inspect if you space still on track to get the accomplishment by checking because that the yellow buff achievement icon in your buff bar. Additionally, as soon as you fail one achievement, you get a large cracked grey icon at the peak of your display screen with the message achievement failed.

Solomon Island

This starter zone eases you into the idea that sabotage missions, particularly in Kingsmouth. You’ll be introduced to dodging cameras, lasers, traps, and also watchful eyes. You’ll perform a little sabotage of her own. After suffering these, you’ll have a pretty great idea the what to suppose in all various other sabotage missions, except they will grow in difficulty.

Mission: fear ShowGiven by: Sheriff Helen Bannerman, Kingsmouth (Police station: 187,319)Achievement: quiet WitnessNotes: Don’t be seen. Don’t set off traps. Just the basement step is the achievement. Have the right to be reset.Click to disclose hints:
Mission: black color HelicoptersAchievement: Whisper modeGiven by: Ann Radcliff, Kingsmouth (Orochi leg outpost: 385, 995)Notes: Don’t be seen.Click to expose hints:
Wear the uniform. Don’t by chance jump out of limit if hopping dumpsters. In the room, use the fire alarm and return come hiding in the same corner — execute not run out the earlier door

Mission: ATCGiven by: Danny Dufresne, Kingsmouth (skate park: 415, 655)Achievement: Super-spy PlaneNotes: Don’t be seen on Tiers 3-5.Click to disclose hints:
Mission: The Pick-UpGiven by: Che Garcia Hansson, Kingsmouth (Hippie camp: 118,689)Achievement: Perfect CrimeNotes: Don’t it is in seen. Deserve to be reset.Click to reveal hints:
On Tier 2, can be reset through leaving and also reentering. To pick correct door, hear for one there is no the growling.
Mission: The black HouseGiven by: John Wolf, Savage shore (Kindergarten: 452, 673)Achievement: Fleeting VisitNotes: Timed just (complete in two minutes). Have actually inventory room!Click to disclose hints
Be all set to struggle escape come close the popular music ups. Use greatest sprint girlfriend have. The hover-tech stealthboard have the right to make friend invisible to mobs on way to river. Also, some folks case using the anima leap to Agartha enntrance gate works.
Mission: The Ghosts and the DarknessGiven by: Eleanor Franklin, Blue hill (Franklin mansion: 848, 291)Achievement: Cave OutNotes: Don’t be checked out until last objective. Don’t pilgrimage avoidable traps. Deserve to be reset.Click to reveal hints:
Can be reset by zoning out till you’ve picked up the picture. Pick up gunpowder in room prior to getting photo in case you must reset. If friend didn’t keep your headlamp, one more is accessible here. The final trap spanning the whole hallway go not have to be avoided — that can’t)
Mission: The Orochi GroupGiven by: Marianne Chen, Blue mountain (CDC camp: 888, 698)Achievement: Corporate Espionage ActionNotes: Don’t be seen. Can be reset.Click to disclose hints:
Can use gate password or hop over fence. Best if girlfriend wear the hazmat suit. Deserve to reset through running out of area if on Tier 2. Auto alarms deserve to be her friend.


The majority of the sabotage objectives for this region are in charred Desert. For those involving the town, don’t be fear to think that them as TSW jumping puzzles.

Mission: The living OilGiven by: Zhara, scorched Desert (Cafe: 559, 449)Achievement: Clean GetawayNotes: Don’t be seen.Click to reveal hints:
Don’t blow up van on groupmates! Hover-tech stealthboard can gain you to many crates undetected. Can gain crates indigenous behind walls.
Mission: The TraitorGiven by: Shani, charred Desert (Agartha portal: 540, 174)Achievement: Desert ShadowNotes: Don’t be watched until last objective, or dispose of final objective without being watched by target.Click to expose hints:
Can disable traps through windows. If you room seen during the mission, you deserve to kill the target without getting close by detect a spot surrounding with a invited sniper rifle.

Mission: Live Free, dice HardGiven by: Nassir, burnt Desert (Marya Encampment: 900, 310)Achievement: Without VengeanceNotes: Don’t be seen. Deserve to be reset.Click to disclose hints:
Disable radios, don’t kill. Deserve to reset by leaving canyon if friend haven’t neutralized very first radio. Use distractions. Place last explosive from below — jump into range to stop the steam.
Mission: The Prometheus InitiativeGiven by: Lisa Hui, burnt Desert (Orochi camp: 403, 946)Achievement: Taking the InitiativeNotes: Don’t be checked out until last objective. Don’t trip any type of hazards.Click to reveal hints:
Mission: From Carthage to CairoGiven by: Tanis, scorched Desert (Cafe: 549, 448)Achievement: Invisible Footsteps to CairoNotes: Don’t it is in seen. Only circumstances is the achievement. Have the right to be reset.Click to reveal hints:
Mission: Halls of shed RecordsGiven by: Nefertari the Younger, City that the sun God (Near Corrupted Gardens: 332, 427)Achievement: Silence is KeyNotes: Don’t die. Don’t be seen by transformed Orochi soldiers until you obtain all the keys.Hints:
Transformed Orochi have poor eyesight, so just stay behind or to the side a ways. Or use Hover-tech stealthboard because that parts. Also, don’t engage during the assault phase — allow the guardian store aggro.
Mission: Emergency ProceduresGiven by: Orochi laptop, City the the sun God (Orochi camp: 64, 878)Achievement: Dial E for EmergencyNotes: Don’t be seen.Click to reveal hints:
In the start stages you deserve to escape being captured by the cameras if you hurry and also get recorded by the roving protection the minute you listen the camera beeping; it will certainly deposit you exterior the gate v your accomplishment buff.


The final an ar has the fewest sabotage goals to compete… uneven you count the one actually equates to four! To complete Romany holiday you actually need to successfully finish all four success in The cost of Magic. Luckily, they don’t have to be excellent at the exact same time or in any certain order. Even setting aside the achievements, this mission is just one of the many reviled because that its frustration factor.

Mission: Sins that the FatherGiven by: Dr Varias, Besieged Farmlands (Harbaburesti village: 1115, 1072)Achievement: Hushed UpNotes: Don’t be seen. Click to reveal hints:
Mission: The price of MagicGiven by: Zaha, Besieged Farmlands (near The Perch: 475, 875)Achievement: Romany holiday (includes: The Blood Thief, Sleight of Herb, Ghostly Valentine, and also Like Pulling Lupin Teeth)Notes: Each an obstacle can be done independently of others. Can be reset.Click to expose hints:
The very first three deserve to be reset through leaving and returning to area. Do not carry out in group (one will certainly not obtain achievement). You may want come disable sprints if friend jump also far.

Mission: The Cellar DoorGiven by: Silviu Dimir, Shadowy woodland (Dimir Farm: 1075, 1095)Achievement: As above So BelowNotes: Don’t be seen. Don’t die. Don’t set off any traps. Deserve to be reset.Click to reveal hints:
Mission: The CastleGiven by: Rada Nastase, Carpathian Fangs (near Raven’s Field: 515, 770)Achievement: CastlingNotes: Don’t be viewed until final destination. Deserve to reset.

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Click to reveal hints:
Mission: Selected MemoriesGiven by: Lidiya’s terminal, Carpathian Fangs (Installation 10: 1005, 915)Achievement: Mission ImpossibleNotes: Don’t it is in seen.

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