Sitting Bull was a legendary Lakota warrior and also leader versus white encroachment, view his life through these photographs.

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Sitting Bull, born around 1831, he came to be a legendary Lakota warrior and also leader versus white encroachment. He combated in his first war party at the age of 14.

He is well-known as the architect in the defeat of General George Armsolid Custer, also though he himself did not fight in the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

During a Sun Dance weeks before the fight, Sitting Bull had a vision of the victory. This would certainly not be his only vision.

After Custer’s defeat he led his followers into Canada rather than proceed to obtain harassed by the UNITED STATE Army for not being on reservations. But the scarcity of buffalo compelled them to rerotate.

He surrendered to the USA in 1881, however was so famed he can charge approximately $2 for an autograph and also joined Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Sexactly how for a season.

Another vision told him he would certainly be killed by his own civilization. This vision additionally came true as soon as Lakota policeguys involved question him in 1890 around a Ghost Dance motion and he was swarm throughout a confrontation between them and also his relatives and also next-door neighbors.

The complying with is a photo gallery of Sitting Bull’s life:


"The Custer Fight" by Charles Marion Rusmarket. Lithograph. Shows the Battle of Little Bighorn, from the Indian side.


circa 1882. Sitting Bull after surrendering in 1881, during transit from Ft Randall to Standing Rock Agency, photo taken in Pierre, S.D.


circa 1882. The same photo as previous, this time as a souvenir for sale in the time of Sitting Bull’s time touring through Alvaren Allen’s and also Wild Bill Cody’s Wild West mirrors in 1884 and 1885. This was autographed in Sitting Bull's square hand also in lower percentage of the mount.


1883. Portrait of Sitting Bull and his family members wearing standard regalia. Sitting Bull's mommy, Her Holy Door sits on his right, wives Four Robes and Seen-By-The-Nation stand also behind him, and also his oldest daughter, Many type of Horses and her kid sit on his left. Sitting Bull holds a pipe and pipe bag on is lap. Hand written note on verso of card reads, "Sitting Bull & family, Ta Tonka E U tanki, Sioux.”


Crow Foot, Sitting Bull's Son. Circa 1885.

Standing Holy, Sitting Bull's Daughter circa 1885.

Sitting Bull circa 1885

Sitting Bull circa 1885 in Montreal, QC

Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill in William Notguy studios, Montgenuine, 1885

Council of Sitting Bull and various other Indians at Standing Rock, 1886. Sitting Bull is in a circle of world, wearing blanket and looking approximately.

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 07 January, 1888. An shown article about a current Sioux Council at standing Rock Agency to take into consideration questions of magnificent of their reservation lands. Major James McLaughlin, Standing Rock Agent, is illustrated, as is Standing Bull addressing the council. Frank Leslie's shown newspaper, v. 65, no. 1686 (1888 Jan. 7), p. 349.

Indian Service agent James McLaughlin, of Ft Yates. In 1890 McLaughlin would order Sitting Bull's arrest,resulting in his killing.

Text of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper post,07 January, 1888, on “The Sioux Indians of Dakota.”

Sitting Bull attend to council, Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper post, 07 January 1888

U.S. Commissioners and also Delegations of Sioux Chiefs Visiting Washington D.C. and U.S. Capitol., Sitting Bull, 3rd row, much left.

Closer crop of previous photo. Sitting Bull visits UNITED STATE Capitol, October 15, 1888

December 15, 1890, Sitting Bull is killed

circa 1891. Sitting Bull's Family. Left to best, standing: daughter, Standing Holly; widow, Seen By Her Nation; widow, Lodge In Sight; widow, Four Robes. Seated, unparticular (?)

Circa 1891. D.F. Barry Picture of Sitting Bull's Home

1920 Sitting Bull's Gun

UNITED STATE Vice President Charles Curtis (Kaw Nation) receives peace pipe from Chief Red Tomahawk, slayer of Sitting Bull, 21 June 1929.

Lakota family members exhumed what they believed to be Sitting Bull's continues to be from Fort Yates, North Dakota, carrying them for reburial close to Mobridge, South Dakota, his birthplace. A monument to him was put up tbelow.

This story was initially publiburned January 30, 2015 and also has actually since been updated.

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