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Get of bad thing fine together hell thick together song girlfriend love. List contains Bad thing fine as hell thick as song of older one songs and hot brand-new releases. Gain known every indigenous of her favorite track or begin your very own karaoke party this evening :-).

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AMINÉ - CarolineProbably not. Ns mean, shit to be honest with you, man, she's a... Negative thang, fine as hell, thick together fuck. Oh my god, that's mine baby. Caroline, you divine. Mighty fine
Caroline - Amine... "Amine": Is that true man?, I just wanna know, I average shit come be ethical with friend man, She's a, negative thing shit, ... ... Fine as hell, woo. Thick as fuck, five my god
GUCCI MANE text - all My Bitches Love MeShawty fine together hell but she thick as hell. Love the ... Juice keep a negative bitch, Zey store a negative bitch, Frenchie ... Gucci obtained a negative bitch and also Wacka obtained a bad bitch.
WILLIAM SINGE text - Fake Love, Broccoli & Caroline MashupProbably not. Ns mean, shit to be ethical with you, man, she's a... Poor thang, fine as hell, thick together fuck. Five my god, that's my baby. Caroline, girlfriend divine. Mighty fine
TRINA text - Caroline (Remix) to "Caroline (Remix)" tune by TRINA: She's a poor thang Fine as hell Thick as fuck oh my God I'm the baby no caroline He desire time ns want...
Fake Love text - william SingeProbably not. I average to be ethical with you, she's a, bad thang, fine as hell, thick as fuck. Oh my god, that's mine baby. Caroline, girlfriend divine. Mighty fine
ERIC BELLINGER text - society LightsFine as hell coke bottle body thick. If I observed her at an early stage tomorrow ... Bitch look at bad. Under them society lights ... If she bad I'ma take her home. If she cool I'll keep her...
Gucci Mane - Mr. And also Mrs. Perfect londonchinatown.orgMr. And Mrs. Perfect text by Gucci Mane: She badd, she straight, she fine as hell. / Uh wuz ah wuz ah wuz increase wit friend lil mama. / ns got.
Gucci Mane - every My Bitches Love Me text Jul 20, 2015 ... (it's Gucci) Shawty fine as hell however she thick together hell Love the way she ... Acquired a negative bitch Juice store a poor bitch zey keep a poor bitch Francie...
J. COLE - In The come "In The Morning" track by J. COLE: baby you summertime fine, ns let you get on ... Friend fine together hell, ns guess ns met you for a reason, just time have the right to tell ... Don't it is in ashamed, it aint no thing, I used to punch trees ... Five boy, she poor nigga, what you bout execute with that ... I love special women reason my aunt, she talk equestrian
YOUNG DOLPH text - ns Think ns SprungI got a poor bitch fetish, boy ns think I'm sprung ... My old bitch checked out my brand-new bitch, abd she text me walk to hell ... Lil mama extra negative I oath she thick together a horse
MADEINTYO text - Uber EverywhereAnd I need a special redbone shorty where I lay. Poor bihh in ... Shorty bad as hell, yeah, v them Kylie jenner lips ... Pre-roll shorty irradiate it up, you understand you fine
MOS DEF - Ms. Fat BootyIs sugar and also spice the just thing that you make of? i tried come play it low ... Shocked together hell she couldn't obtain it together. I simply played the ... "Oh I'm fine." "My name is...
J. COLE - Crooked SmileAnd they all look prefer my eyebrows: thick together hell. Love yourself, girl, or nobody will. Though you're a woman, ns don't know how you deal. With all the press to...
Gucci Mane - She Loves Money text Jul 10, 2014 Shawty fine together hell yet she thick together hell. ... Frenchie obtained a bad bitch, Whoop obtained a bad bitch, Gucci obtained a poor bitch and also Wacka obtained a bad bitch.
YOUNG DOLPH - any Many Miny MoeYou for this reason fine i don't also wanna think that the ending. Great girl ... I average a great girl, I average a poor bitch. Excuse mine ... Lil mama bad as hell, ns can't also lie
TRICK DADDY - prey DooI like 'em tall dark, skin, thick and also fine ass. Nice about ... And know that one flat ass deserve to make a whole clique watch bad. To every you li'l ... I'm sayin' she a poor ass bitch and also she'll prove it. Ass and also ... Shackle handcuff she da sucker, hell offer that girl some love ... The best thing you ever seen wearin' a belly chain. Plus she man...
DJ MUSTARD - challenge DownHell yes it's our one night anniversary bitch Lizzo - great As Hell Mar 12, 2016 for good As Hell through Lizzo has actually been translated in 3 language ... Love friend anymore simply walk your fine ass out the door I execute my hair toss,...
TWISTA text - that Feels therefore Good One morning ns woke up next to a thick bitch ... Where y'all goin y'all thick as hell. What's your ... And slang 'caine to preserve to mob's the very same thing
GUCCI MANE text - Nuthin ~ above YaAnd you're for this reason fine, you make my blood boil. I need to go and also get another lawyer ... 'Cause she ass thick as a pumpkin. Lock ain't got nothin' on her. She don't...
Lil Scrappy - Shawty Hell (i claimed lil shawty hell) you never ever seen a bitch as bad as her i swear to god its favor every nigga in the hood after her long hair cute face and also shes so thick dime...
TWISTA - perform to "Do Wrong" song by TWISTA: guy dawg, it's some bad bitches out here that'll ("make you execute wrong") Whoa... Walk on girl ("make yo... ... A fine-ass Medusa make your cock turn to stone ... Cause she was thick as hell and also so cute
PANIC! at THE DISCO text - Don't Threaten Me v A an excellent ...Where there's no such thing as acquiring out the hand. Memories have tendency to just pop up ... Raise hell and turn it up. Saying, "If you walk on you can pass out in a drain...
LIL' WAYNE text - She WillI'm in hell's kitchen v an apron and a hair net. Adversary on mine ... But she bad, so perhaps she won't. Uh, however shit ... I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine. Eat her 'til...
2 PISTOLS - hot Damn londonchinatown.orgChorus: , I'll be favor damn , she obtained a body i ain't never ever seen , exactly how the hell she get in them jeans ... But shawty you thick damn you special 34 24 36 ... Special fine dat
LIL' WAYNE - We earlier SoonBullshit fly by me, I'm ducking all the negative vibes ... I've been to hell and also back, and made it ago fine ... Dull thick as Bobby Christina, high together Serena's skirt
GUCCI MANE - all MY BITCHES LOVE ME londonchinatown.orgShawty fine together hell but she thick as hell. Love the way she go ... Juice store a bad bitch zey store a poor bitch ... Gucci gained a bad bitch and wacka obtained a poor bitch
She acquired Swag - Lil flow Trill Azzthick in the belt pretty in the face, feather fine as hell everytime she in the shopping center she make her swag watch ... Verse: red bone looking therefore fine so bad but gurl ill. Take you on a ... A personal jet n friend doing ur point throwing huge money the end to the hood...
College Girl text - FederationShe's a bad dame, she doin' she thang. That girl ideal there gained ... She to be thick together hell, never ever went to Yale studied at Cal ... She fine together wine
Ray Cash - Sex very nice (Pimp In My own Mind) The smallest thing in my jeans is a Benjamin bill, bitch. Ns gotta wide ... Gained one in A-T-L big, fine, thick together hell ... Acquired a negative ass white bitch drive a black punishment ma
KEVIN gates - Kevin GatesBad bitches i rip em up. Done the shit because that ... Who the hell said entrances ain't shit that the hell cares. Bet your ... Beef to acquire a buzz you a sellout that the hell cares
YING YANG TWINS text - Jack that Up(Hell, yeah) ... Thick, thick, mamma jammas, all in there. Loot ... Speak playa you understand that chick is well ... 'Cause friend a negative mamma, jamma through a big behind
JACKSON BROWNE text - You're A friend Of MineWell counting me in I'm gonna stand appropriate by her side through thick or slim Ain't no ... A walk through hell ain't negative compared to wherein we've to be ... Here's one point I recognize ... I'll it is in fine 'Cause you're a girlfriend of mine. That argument. Ns can't forget
J. Cole feat. Drake - In the Morning infant you summertime fine, i let you gain on top, i be the underline im trying to obtain ... Be the underline im trying to acquire beside you choose the number 9, dime you fine together hell, ... Do you smoke weed Don't it is in ashamed, it aint no thing, I used to punch trees ... She bad nigga, what you bout perform with the I'm finna take you home, just sip a...
J. COLE - In The Morning londonchinatown.orgYou fine together hell, i guess i met you for a reason, only time deserve to tell. Yet well, im wondering ... Don't it is in ashamed, it aint no thing, I supplied to punch trees. Gettin lifted, i quit however ... Oh boy, she negative n-gga, what girlfriend bout do with that. I'm finna take it you...
J. COLE - losing My BalanceSometimes i ride approximately wondering if us in hell. Or why the cops love to litter a nigga ... I obtained a point for this small mama. She execute it come me plus her brain is forreal...

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In The Morning - Future Like the number nine, dime, girlfriend fine as hell. Ns guess i met girlfriend ... Don't be ashamed, the ain't no thing, I offered to punch trees ... Five boy, she negative nigga, what girlfriend 'bout carry out with that? I'm finna ... Ns love special women cause my aunt, she speak equestrian
Mary J Blige - Thick
that It text to 'Thick the It' by mar J Blige. Love ain't simply ... If I survive hell and I come out alive I got nothing to fear. No much more ... Mar J Blige - just Fine (Club Version) Music video clip ... Mary J Blige - I deserve to Do bad All by Myself - mary J. Blige.
TOO $HORT - broke BitchBut you damaged as hell and ain't obtained no whip. I ain't yo' type, ... I don't offer a fuck 'bout your poor attitude. It's in me ... You hella fine, however I don't wanna keep in touch


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