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united state Box BackShining Force: The sword of Hajya is a battle strategy/RPG by Sega, released for the Sega game Gear in 1994. This was the just Shining pressure game exit in NA for game Gear. Japan to be graced through (including this one) three video game Gear Shining pressure games! Here"s the list:

Part 1 - Shining force GaidenPart 2 - shining Force: sword of Hajya(a.k.a. Shining pressure Gaiden 2)Part 3 - glowing Force: final Conflict

Although bright Force: Final problem wasn"t released in the NA, the was analyzed to English by fans because that fans. I have a shrine for this video game in mine site; right here.

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Sword the Hajya"s NA relax was cursed with a faulty conserve battery. I was one of those unlucky people to have actually saving problems. The save battery would certainly randomly erase mine game. Other world I have talked to who own the video game have the very same complaint, so it have to be true. At the very least if you play this video game through emulation, you will certainly not have troubles saving.

• Shining pressure CD (Sega CD)

In 1995, NA was graced v the relax of Shining force CD for the Sega CD. It includes Shining force Gaiden and also Shining Force: sword of Hajya remade come beautiful 16-bit top quality with graphics similar to the of Shining pressure 2. And also since it"s a Sega CD game, that has great CD-quality soundtrack to boot. I have actually Shining pressure CD spanned in mine subsite: classic CD RPGs. The video game can be download from there together well.

• 3DS digital Console

In June 2013, NA to be graced with a re-release of knife of Hajya ~ above the 3DS digital Console. Along with it they likewise re-released Defenders the Oasis, Shinobi, Dragon Crystal, and also Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble. June 2013 was a happy month for game Gear fans!

Prelude Story

An angry monster sacrifices a king to his demon God, Iom. Afterwards, that goes end his plans to his minions. He rambles on around destroying the Cypress and Gaurdiana armies. To finish his plan, every he demands is the sword of Hajya. The summons a minion and also commands that to go steal it. On the other hand at the Cypress Kingdom, Prince Nick and his Cypress military depart on their journey to fight the pressures of Iom. A mysterious young is brought to the castle as the military leaves. The young fighters of Cypress remain behind come guard the castle. Part time later, the kingdom is under attack by monsters. During the attack the sword of Hajya is stolen and also the young fighters chase after the thief. This begins the 8-bit video game Gear adventure of glowing Force: The sword of Hajya!

Battle System

The war take location on a flat terrain. Many ofthe time friend fight ~ above land and other times you fight in templesor caves. Your job is to command your military to loss the enemyarmy. You start out v 5 soldiers and also by the finish of the gameyou finish up through 18. When a personality fights one enemy, it"s shownin a really cool spring cinematic sequence. Well, at the very least it"sgood for the tiny that game Gear is qualified of doing. Thesoldiers are consisted of of knights, wizards, warriors, and archers. Not all of them space human; there room centaurs, birdmen, andhalf-breeds. Every character has their strengths and weaknesses. And also most of the personalities are able to be supported making themable to wield stronger weapons and also have more powerful attacks. Alsowhen they space promoted, they look different and also attack indifferent ways. That takes lots of strategy to guide your armysuccessfully through battle without having any type of of lock fall.

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mine Opinion

Once you obtain used to the game it gets fairly addictive. The beginning may it seems ~ a little boring, but it gets better after about the center of the game. Numerous kick ass personalities eventually sign up with up with you. My memories the this video game aren"t also happy because my really copy that it had a bad battery; it didn"t hold my saved games for long. The REALLY sucked!! Yet ns was persistent and also played the over and over and over until one time I controlled to in reality make it to the last battle and also experienced the ending. My as whole opinion of this game is that it"s GREAT. The battles are fun and full that excitement. Together for the soundtrack, ns think it"s pretty good for what video game Gear is capable of.