The afflict Introduction

The Plague, or La Peste in its initial French, is a novel written by philosopher/writer Albert Camus in 1947. The story centers ~ above a physician and also the human being he functions with and also treats in one Algerian port city that is win by the plague. The tale is highly allegorical, meaning that it uses concrete characters, places, and also events to signify non-literal or abstract principles. The Plague faces issues main to 3 different but related philosophies: existentialism, the absurd, and also humanism. Yes, that’s fairly the pu pu platter. In addition to being very steeped in philosophy, the novel is regularly read together a war allegory and a comment on people War II (which would have been ripe material in the 1940s). Camus won the Nobel prize for literary works in 1957 because that his an unified work i beg your pardon the committee declared as "illuminating the problems of the person conscience in ours times." Doubtless, The Plague play a component in the award, i beg your pardon is reason enough to prevent dithering around and read it already.

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What is The Plague about and Why should I Care?

The Plague in ten seconds: The people is senseless and also indifferent to person suffering, which is unceasing and also often torturous. We should fight versus suffering anyway, but it’s going to be a bloody awful battle that we always lose, especially since we can’t ever understand the suffering of others, early in component to the fact that language is completely inadequate. Have fun! Whoa there. Hold up simply a minute. The human being may it is in a crumby place, and sure, we have actually a difficult time connecting with each other, especially when do the efforts to understand one of those grill assembly manuals analyzed from Mandarin come English by someone who speaks only French and German. However that doesn’t mean we can’t affix to each other in incredibly an individual ways every day, that we can’t take a stab at knowledge the suffering of others, interaction be damned, and then doing something about it. Right? What around Students because that Darfur, elegance International, and also Oxfam? but even if you’re no in Camus’s philosophical camp, you deserve to still have a an excellent time v The Plague. Because, together it turns out, when Camus to be trying to compose an allegory about How come Live your Life in a Cold and Indifferent civilization that Sucks, that accidentally wrote a very great book about very human people. Which renders it not just a philosophical Heavyweight work of Weight and also Significance, but also, fortunately, Something to Think about While was standing in Line. now that we’ve offered up our resources letter quota for the following six years, we’re walking to go spit on part cats when aimlessly transferring peas one at a time indigenous one pan come another. (Just check out the book. You’ll obtain it later.)

The plague Resources

Movie or TV Productions

1992 MovieLa Peste, a movie based on Camus’s novel. Either they didn’t check out the publication or they took some liberties, because this one takes place in the 1990s in south America.


This is CamusAs in, the man. ~ above film. The soccer is simply background (but did you see that sweet pass?).


The AuthorBehold, Albert Camus.

Two plus Two equals FourWe space really right into this quote. Apparently so is anyone else.

BacteriaThe bacteria that offers you bubonic plague.

BuboesWhat’s all this speak of buboes, anyway? (Warning: this snapshot is kind of gross.)


The gift Primer: CamusA great introduction to Camus and his philosophy.

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"BOOKS the THE TIMES; Camus as a Principled Rebel among Poseurs"Sartre a poseur? surely you need to be joking.