Little Mix staged a triumphant go back to ‘The X Factor’ in Sunday night’s (16 October) outlondonchinatown.orgmes show, whereby they debuted their new single, ‘Shout the end To mine Ex’.

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The girl group gave their empowering brand-new single its very first ever performance on the stage that first brought them into the spotlight, through a fun and energetic appearance that reminded viewers why we’re tho talking about them five years after their ‘X Factor’ stint.

In maintaining with the article of the tune - the lyrics of which discuss leaving a former relationship in the dust - the girl were surrounding by dancers attract t-shirts through the names of “exes” crossed out in castle (though the surname ‘Zayn’ to be noticeably absent).

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Nodding londonchinatown.orgme the group’s LGBT fanbase (they previously revealed their solitary ‘Secret Love Song’ was around a same-sex relationship), the all-female backing dancers had t-shirts through the name relating londonchinatown.orgme both genders, i beg your pardon didn’t go unnoticed by viewers.

LittleMix had shirts with girls surname on them critical night repping the LGBTQ