The Encore GX little SUV supplies premium seating for five with available refinements prefer leather-appointed seats, a heated steering wheel, a panoramic moonroof and also an in-vehicle wait ionizer.


The tiny Encore GX elevates weekend plans and also celebrates your spontaneous impulses with its functional cabin. Encore GX offers more than 50 cu. Ft. Of maximum cargo space† v the behind seats folded, consisting of 2.7 customs of added cargo height with a conveniently reconfigurable cargo area floor.

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Hit the road with flexible seating for as much as five and customizable cargo alternatives for the ingredient you and also the gang will need to get the many out of whereby you’re going.


Fruit, veggies, popcorn, flowers and that gourmet guac you just had actually to have—with the Encore GX little SUV, you deserve to fit it every with space to spare.


Solo camping trips? Romantic retreats? voluntary getaways with friends? every little thing your perfect adventure entails, Encore GX offers the cargo versatility to aid make that a reality.


Whether you want to ride a couple of waves or capture a couple of rays, the Encore GX internal effortlessly adjusts to accommodate your beach-day plans.

No issue where you’re going or what you need, the adaptability of the Encore GX renders it straightforward to customize her cargo space. The typical 40/60 split rear seats sell a diagonal line cargo area because that greater flexibility when paired with the former flat-folding passenger seat.

Open and close the obtainable panoramic moonroof through the touch the a switch to expand your view and bring organic light into the cabin.

The reconfigurable cargo floor provides you accessibility to 2.7 inch of additional cargo height when you need it most.

A huge center console gives generous warehouse for her snacks, sunglasses and also other travel essentials. Plus, it serves together a full center armrest the the driver and passenger can comfortably share.

Combat cooler temperatures through the reassuring warmth of the obtainable heated driver and also front-passenger seats. QuietTuning innovations such as energetic Noise Cancellation, triple door seals and acoustic laminated glass in the windshield and front side windows aid reduce, block and also absorb undesirable noise, so girlfriend can better enjoy conversations v passengers, the available Bose† premium audio device or quiet time for yourself.

Available dual-zone climate controls allow both the driver and also front passenger come personalize their desired temperatures.

Your safety is very important come us. If you want to identify whether or not there is a recall on her current vehicle or on a automobile you are considering buying, visit or call (888) 327-4236.

With cargo area floor lowered and also seats folded. Cargo and also load capacity restricted by weight and also distribution.

EPA estimated MPG 25 city, 30 highway FWD.

Cargo and also load capacity limited by weight and also distribution.

EPA estimated.

EPA estimated MPG 30 city, 32 highway 1.3L engine FWD. Driver Confidence: automatic Emergency Braking, lane Keep aid with Lane exit Warning, front Collision Alert, prior Pedestrian Braking, following Distance Indicator and IntelliBeam. Read the vehicle Owner’s hands-on for much more important feature limitations and also information.

Safety or driver-assistance functions are no substitute because that the driver’s obligation to operate the automobile in a safe manner. Review the automobile Owner’s manual for essential feature limitations and also information.

With rear seats folded. Cargo and also load capacity minimal by weight and distribution. Driver to trust Plus: automatic Emergency Braking, roadway Keep assist with Lane leave Warning, forward Collision Alert, former Pedestrian Braking, following Distance Indicator, IntelliBeam, Lane readjust Alert through Side blind Zone Alert, behind Cross traffic Alert and Rear Park Assist. Check out the automobile Owner’s hands-on for important feature limitations and also information.

EPA approximated MPG 18 city/26 highway FWD.

Requires accessible Trailering Package. Prior to you purchase a vehicle or usage it because that trailering, very closely review the trailering ar of the Owner’s Manual. The weight of passengers, cargo and choices or accessories may reduce the lot you have the right to tow.

EPA approximated FWD model.

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Before friend buy a car or usage it for trailering, closely review the trailering ar of the Owner’s Manual. The load of passengers, cargo and choices or accessories might reduce the quantity you can tow.