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Ahh, the life that the restless collector. Collecting returns together a viable alternative to a job in The Sims 4, and, together ever, your center will have to search high and also low to become an professional on the subject. This overview will aid you get started in the fabulous people of collecting, too as provide lists that the things you can discover while you’re hike about.

(Eventually, this lists will certainly be complete. I’m quiet compiling them at the moment.)

Getting started With Collecting

Unlike virtually every other pastime in The Sims 4, collecting is not a skill in and also of itself. Friend won’t build up to greater levels the mastery by digging increase rocks constantly. This is type of a good thing, as it method you’ll start finding primo stuff ideal from the start.


That said, to do the most that collecting, you’ll desire The Curator Sub-Aspiration, i m sorry is component of Nature Aspiration. Curators have actually the Collector Trait, permitting them to uncover rare and beneficial items much more often while searching. Considering how long collecting deserve to take, this is invaluable.

Recommended Traits

Additional Traits her sim might want to think about include:

Geek. Geek will allow your center to find Collectibles an ext easily. More on Collectibles below.Loves Outdoors. Your sim will spend every moment of their collecting job outside. Might too make lock happy around it.Loner. Collecting requires you come poke around in locations most various other sims won’t touch. In ~ the an extremely least the sim won’t be at home a entirety lot. Castle shouldn’t endure as a result of your collecting habits.


Basic Collecting

Collecting is nice simple. Poke about your neighbourhood a bit and you’ll likely find several points that you deserve to click and also interact with. Each of these organic objects can, once harvested, sell up a Collectible to her sim’s inventory. Collectibles room the meat and also potatoes the a collector’s profession, and also can variety from an useful gems to action figures. That all depends on her luck . . . And what you decision to check.

Collecting Rocks

Rocks comprise the majority of objects you’re most likely to inspect while hike in The Sims 4. (Plants and also fish likewise fall under the Collectibles category, however we’ll save them for their own articles.) appearing as small, orangey lumps, rocks come in three various varieties, through each rock supplying a different form of Collectible. Rocks may also offer up one of three additional items, every leading to an ext Collectible swag:

Treasure Maps. Sweetheart Maps deserve to be provided on other rocks. Doing for this reason pretty lot guarantees that the Collectible you uncover will it is in rare.Mysterious Time Capsules. Time Capsules save MySims Trophies, which deserve to be marketed or placed on display.Fossil Rocks. Fossil Rocks contain—surprise!—Fossils. Fossils are amongst the most an useful Collectibles, however they’re additionally some that the rarest.

Note the Treasure Maps work the exact same for mysterious Time Capsules and also Fossil Rocks as they carry out for level 'ol rocks—if girlfriend received one of those 2 items utilizing a treasure Map, the items they yield up will certainly be a rare.

Where to discover Rocks

Rocks show up on virtually every lot of in The Sims 4, though they’re much an ext likely to show up in areas with rocky bluffs. Desert Bloom Park is most likely the best place to search for rocks, and they seem come appear much more often in Oasis Springs in general. Examine the edges of maps and you’re most likely to come throughout rock formations. Rocks disappear after ~ they’re searched, though given sufficient time they generally respawn in the very same area. If an area is devoid of rocks, leave and also come ago after a couple of hours elsewhere.


What friend Can discover From Rocks

Below room lists that what friend may discover when digging increase a rock, and their sell price and also rarity. These lists space yet incomplete, as it takes a when to find all this stuff.


Metal rocks show up as rocks containing pieces of gold, silver, and bronze. They are the many common form of rocks.

Alcron - common - $30Baconite - usual - $30Obtanium - typical - $30Pyrite - usual - $30Utranium - common - $65Crytunium - unusual - $65Flamingonium - unusual - $30Ironyum - uncommon - $65Simanite - unusual - $25Simtanium - unusual - $65Furium - rare - $65Literalite - rarely - $30Romantium - rarely - $65


Crystal rocks show up as rocks include shards of white crystal. Castle are somewhat uncommon.

Citrine - usual - $50Heavy metal - usual - $65Peach - usual - $25Quartz - common - $50Rose - common - $50Sapphire - usual - $25Turquoise - usual - $50Amethyst - uncommon - $25Diamond - uncommon - $25Fire Opal - uncommon - $50Hematite - uncommon - $25Socialite - unusual - $30Jet - rarely - $50Plumbite - rarely - $50


MySims Trophies in "The Sims 4." this collectibles can be found by excavating rocks and finding mysterious Time Capsules.


Fossil rocks show up as rocks surrounding by tiny bones. They space the rarest rocks. Note that friend must examine the Fossil Rock discovered by checking among these rock formations to receive the actual fossil. Every now and then you'll acquire a damaged Fossil, which is together useless together it sounds.

Enormous Trilobite - usual - $40Fossilized Egg - common - $75Fossilized tree Imprint - common - $70Fossilized Sea Monster - usual - $50Fossilized sim Hand - typical - $45Fossilized Udder - uncommon - $85Raptor claw - typical - $70Prehistoric Bird - uncommon - $75Fossilized alien Skull - rarely - $250Fossilized Whatzit - rarely - $175

MySims Trophies

Mysterious Time Capsules save MySims Trophies. These Trophies can be presented in your home as decorations, and also will enhance your sims’ next site a little.

Buddy - common - $35Chaz McFreely - common -$35Chef Gino - typical - $35DJ liquid - common - $35Elmira Clamp - usual - $35Gonk - common - $35Ol’ Gabby - usual - $35Dr. F - unusual - $35Hopper - common - $35Poppy - typical - $35Yuki - common - $35Jenny - uncommon - $35Leaf - unusual - $35Lyndsay - unusual - $35Morcubus - unusual - $35Trevor Verily - unusual - $35Goth young - rare - $75TOBOR - rare - $75Violet - rarely - $75Zombie Carl - rare - $75


Once girlfriend have accumulated either a steel or a crystal, you can send it far to the neighborhood Geo Council. A day later, the Geo Council will certainly send back an aspect to her mailbox, another form of Collectible. You can only perform this at home, despite you can contact the Geo board of directors at any kind of time and ask what elements a crystal or steel potentially contains. Sending out a Collectible come the Geo Council prices $20.

Metals and also crystals typically consist of two or much more elements. The chances of acquiring one end the other depends completely on the Collectible sent out to the Geo Council. I'll include a listing that which metals / crystals develop which elements in the near future.

Alcineat - usual - $45Oxypin - typical - $80Ozinate - typical - $45Melacoo - usual - $80Phozone - common - $80Sydrolin - common - $45Volenton - usual - $80Peryllium - uncommon - $45Plathium - unusual - $80Wolfium - uncommon - $45Crytacoo - rarely - $80


Collecting Frogs

In addition to searching through rocks, collecting consists of the hunt for frogs. Frogs appear in logs (Willow Creek) and also old wells (Oasis Springs). You can set up frogs in aquariums together decorations, usage them as bait in fishing, or breed frogs with one another. Breeding frogs can yield increase new, odd develops of frogs, though breeding has a cool down time of number of hours. (Anybody recognize the precise time? i think it's approximately five hours.) much more on reproduction frogs as soon as I have actually time to experiment fully.

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(Yes, all frogs listed here space worth $35. Ns imagine every frog in the game is worth $35. I'll omit the amounts when I understand for sure.)

Dirt Frog - common - $35Eggplant Frog - usual - $35Heart Frog - common - $35Spotted dirt Frog - common - $35Striped dirt Frog - common - $35Leopard Frog - unusual - $35Dirtsurfer Frog - unusual - $35Spotted egg plant Frog - uncommon - $35Spotted heart Frog - unusual - $35Striped aubergine Frog - unusual - $35Striped heart Frog - uncommon - $35Sunflower Frog - uncommon - $35Tiger - uncommon - $35Eggplant Whirl Frog - rarely - $35Heartsurfer Frog - rarely - $35Sunsurfer Frog - rare - $35Whirlyflower Frog - rare - $35


Though you carry out not acquire levels in collecting, no issue how plenty of Collectibles you unearth, you can finish your Aspiration with sufficient dogged decision (and an ext than a tiny breeding the frogs). Completing her Aspiration will earn friend the Appraiser Trait, which enables you to sell Collectibles come the Simsonian Museum because that a bit much more cash. No bad, if collecting is her main source of income.