Two days after officials in Hawaii authorize a mistake missile alarm that sent out locals and tourists into a panic, concerns remain about America"s preparedness for disaster situations.

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"I don"t reprimand those world for gift scared come death," Atomic experimentation Museum director Michael hall said. "There to be a many tourists the were in your hotel rooms and also there to be no location to go."

The U.S. Has been on edge because President Trump and also Kim Jung Un of north Korea started trading nuclear threats.

Hall called FOX5 shelter in location is the best feasible solution in a scenario like this.

"Stay calm," room said. Hall also talked around addressing the present problem v diplomacy.

In light of Saturday"s scare, FOX5 quit by las Vegas" just Cold War-era bunker.

"It was completed in 1978," existing co-owner mark Voelker said. "Mary and Jerry Henderson were concerned around the Cold War and also Nuclear annihilation."

Voelker is the president of the society for the conservation of close to Extinct Species. He said the company works towards emergency preparedness and the conservation of nearly extinct varieties but go not fancy further. Voelker together with three various other members that the company co-own the bunker.

The bunker would job-related as a autumn shelter.

"It would certainly not survive a nuclear bomb if that was directly hit however it would certainly be a really good, effective fallout shelter," Voelker said.

The bunker, i beg your pardon is about 15,200 feet, is 26 feet underground. The space houses two bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also offers indulgences prefer a pool, a grill, and also a bar.

Voelker called FOX5 a family might last up to a year in the bunker.


FOX5 toured Cold War-era bunker following missile alarm scare

Posted january 15, 2018

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