The solar system that us live in is truly mind-boggling. Spanning many light-years and containing 8 distinctive planets, there is no shortage that wonder and also awe to observe in this significant solar system.

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With every this planet selection it deserve to be a little bit of a an obstacle to learn exactly how to draw the solar system, uneven you understand what to do!

Luckily, you on the right overview if you desire to know just how it’s done!

This step-by-step guide on how to draw the solar device will carry out you through plenty that out-of-this-world illustration fun!


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How to draw The Solar System– Let’s get Started!

How to draw The Solar System– Let’s gain Started!

Step 1

The sun is the center of our universe, yet for this overview on just how to attract the solar system it will certainly be attracted on the next of the picture.

This will certainly be therefore that we can show off the planets afterwards in the guide. To begin, begin off through a curved line in the corner of the picture.

Once girlfriend have attracted this round line, you have the right to then draw a jagged, pointy line along the perimeter of the with several points ~ above it for the beam of the sun.

With the done, that time for action 2 that the guide!

Step 2 – Next, attract the first three planets that the solar system

With the sunlight drawn, we deserve to now start on the very first planets the the solar system. For now, we will certainly be illustration the very first three planets.

When illustration these planets we will certainly be using some perfect one which can be a bit daunting to do freehand.

There space a few tools the you have the right to use to do it much easier on yourself. The finest tool to usage is a drawing compass, together this enables you to easily draw some perfect circles using your pen or pencil.

Once girlfriend have attracted these three planets together they show up in the recommendation image, girlfriend can draw the details for planet by drawing some clearly shows continents.

Step 3 – Draw two more planets for the solar system

We will be adding two much more planets in this component of our guide on just how to draw a solar system. First, you can draw one an ext fairly small circle for the next planet.

The world after that will certainly be Saturn, and this earth looks a bit various due to the big ring circling it.

Simply attract a huge circle with two gaps on the side, and also then finish it off through the rings using some rounded lines. As soon as it looks like our reference picture then that on to part 4!

Step 4 – Now, draw another planet in addition to some an ext detail

This component of her solar system illustration will be about adding one an ext planet together with some details because that the various other ones. First, us will draw Jupiter.

This will be the largest of all the circles, seeing together it’s the largest planet in our solar system. When the one is drawn, you have the right to then attract some line details top top the planet to provide it some surface ar detail.

Before relocating on, you can also include some period detailing come the two nearest planets. When these aspects are complete, we have actually a few final details to include in the next step that the guide.

Step 5 – Finish turn off the final details of her solar system drawing

To conclude this guide on how to draw the solar system, prior to you start adding some color to your artwork we require to include three more planets come the image.

Two of these will certainly be relatively large, through one having another ring approximately it. Finally, us will complete off with one much more small circle.

It’s generally taken into consideration that Pluto no classified together a true planet, yet it’s still component of our solar mechanism regardless.

You can finish off by adding some heat details come the various other planet girlfriend drew, and also then you’re ready for the last step!

There space some funny extra details the you could include before relocating on to the last part, however. You could readjust some that the details while including or removing specific planets to create your own unique solar system.

You can also include some smaller sized details such as stars or even creative ones like flying alien spaceships.

These are just a couple of ideas the you could try out, however what else have the right to you think of to complete this solar system illustration off?

Step 6 – Finish off her solar system drawing with part color

The assorted planets in the solar system are all distinct in how they look and their coloring. We will complete off your solar system drawing by adding these color now.

In our recommendation image, us have shown you the colour you have the right to use because that a more accurate look. Friend don’t need to keep the accurate, though! If friend prefer, girlfriend could likewise use several of your very own color selections for the various planets instead.

Once you have chosen the colors you would choose to use, you can also have fun picking which arts mediums and tools you will usage to bring them to life.

One fun idea would be to perform a to wash of black paint for the lift while making use of brighter mediums for the planets themselves. We will certainly be an extremely curious to see exactly how you pick to finish off her solar system drawing!

Your Solar System drawing is Complete!

You have actually completed all actions of this overview on exactly how to draw the solar system, and also you have actually a yes, really cool picture to present for it.

We really hope that this overview showed you what you required to know in order to recreate ours wondrous solar system, and that it was likewise lots of funny to do!

Now you deserve to put your very own touches and also details top top this drawing, i beg your pardon can selection from adding details and objects to making your own incredible solar system!

This along with the many choices you have actually for colors and mediums offers you many choices to walk for.

When you’re ready for a brand-new drawing challenge, us look forward to see you on our website! We have actually tons the guides for you there and we add much more all the time.

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Once you have completed her solar device drawing, we would certainly love to watch it! You deserve to share her artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire.