The video clip is about a movie title “The real Thing” intended to further push the LBTG move. The soldier returns house to find that his son, Robert, has actually been transformed right into a girl called Allie. While he was on turn off from home, Robert had readjusted entirely and also everyone around, consisting of her classmates, has welcomed her new reality. She mother, that is not presented in the movie must have probably welcomed that too.

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When a soldier return home, things obviously met a adjusted Robert. Once he stepped right into the house, the knew appropriate from the settings and arrangement the his room. Once she come from school, she didn’t understand what to intend from her wait daddy. She was reluctant to come close, dragging her feet while very closely approaching she father who was quiet in she room.


As soon as her father noticed she presence, he no hesitate to provide her a warmth welcome hug. He embraced her tightly as a show of acceptance and wept. It to be a happy reunion. Dad came to accept the present reality and also didn’t castigate his kid on sex issues. Dad came home to surprised her.

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This movie, coupled with other efforts have produced a tidal wave of progressive thought and policy to the LGBT. You will certainly be swamped increase in compassion in the direction of the small girl in the video.

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