Hypoallergenic supreme memory-foam pillows cater to any type of sleep position; made with a bamboo-charcoal core that controls moisture and odor

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These space WONDERFUL pillows! us would provide them a very high score!!! We"ll most definitely purchase another set if/when us see another londonchinatown.org because that them!
I have constantly had problem sleeping.. Ns cannot case they help.. But they room the finest pillows ns have ever had! i have currently decided, when I relocate out of thecountry,,, they room coming with me!!

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2-Pack the Somus supreme Comfort Pillows 2 supreme memory foam pillows ideal for any kind of sleeping position installed with bamboo charcoal the controls moisture and odor Alleviates pressure points top top the neck and ago Side mesh for much better air flow Medium density traditional pillow form Hypoallergenic cover and pillow Dimensions: 23”x15”x5” every Weight: 3lb. EachTrue to their name, these Somus pillows were designed through comfort in mind. Their traditional shape and medium-density foam work-related for all varieties of positions, even if it is you fall asleep on your side, back, stomach, or when performing a slightly wobbly headstand. The hypoallergenic memory-foam internal conforms to the head and also neck, help to alleviate pressure points because that a better night’s sleep. In addition to comfort, the pillows were also designed to save mold in ~ bay: mesh siding rises air flow and also the foam’s installed bamboo charcoal works to regulate moisture and absorb odors.

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around Somus Sleep commodities

Getting a good night"s rest is key to feeling energized because that the remainder of the day. That"s why Somus Sleep assets created their memory foam pillows come conform perfectly to the contours of the neck and back, enabling for raised spinal support and also a palliation in snoring over classic pillows filled v down or really tiny rocks.

Somus"s line of comfort pillows job-related for all varieties of sleep positions, whether you loss asleep on her side, back, stomach, or when performing a contempt wobbly headstand. The hypoallergenic memory foam inner conforms to the head and neck, helping to reduce pressure points because that a far better night"s sleep. In addition to comfort, the supreme Comfort pillows were likewise designed to keep mold at bay: mesh siding boosts air flow and also the foam"s embedded bamboo charcoal functions to regulate moisture and absorb odors.