Did you encounter “Can’t play video” or “Sorry, this record cannot it is in played” etc while play your favorite videos virtual or in a smartphone?

If yes then you space not the one who is facing such an issue but plenty the Samsung and Android phone users have actually reported around this issue. Some have actually said the they failed to play video on their Android phones. Conversely, some said that their online videos not playing ~ above Android like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

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Therefore, if your favorite videos failed to play whether online or saved on phones climate this blog is certainly for you. Here I to be going to comment on some feasible remedies to fix “can’t beat video” error top top Android together with some feasible reasons behind it.

So let’s move ahead and also read this blog entirely…

Common reasons Behind Videos not Playing top top Android Phone

Everyone supplies their smartphones come watch several videos whether taped or online. Yet some frustrating moments take place that stops the enjoyment of the town hall videos.

Here are some common reasons the make her videos stop playing on one Android phone:

The media player is outdatedSD map is damaged or corruptedVideo paper is corruptVideo downloaded from one illegal websiteAndroid OS is not as much as date

How To deal with “Can’t beat Videos” Error ~ above Android?

Now, its time to go through the fixes that will aid to solve videos no playing top top Android cell phone phones.

Solution 1: Restart her Android Phone

Whenever friend encounter virtual videos that space not playing then the finest thing to deal with it is through restart her Android phone. Yes, this simple method can instantly settle the error and also make your videos play without any type of issue.

What you have to do is, close every the apps you space accessing and then restart your device. After ~ that, play her videos indigenous the collection or online and also see if the same problem persists again.

Solution 2: clear Cache on Android Phone

Another essential thing you should do is to clean the cache of your device. In fact, this is taken into consideration as among the vital parts to resolve online videos no playing ~ above Android. The cache stores numerous data that have the right to make the video clip stop playing smoothly or other errors.

So, right here is what you have to do, go to Settings > warehouse or applications Manager > click on Clear Cache. After ~ this, relocate to the gallery and check the videos whether playing or not.

Solution 3: watch If SD card Is Loose

Many users conserve their crucial videos ~ above SD card but they likewise suffer native the same situation. For all those users, the is suggested to check if the SD map is loose. The conserved videos may have actually removed for some reason and also you are facing an error while play it.

So the is argued to remove the SD map once and again ar it ~ above the card slot. ~ that, inspect again if the video is playing.

Solution 4: Uninstall Insecure Apps indigenous Phone

You could have installed some apps from illegal website or native an untrusted source. This may present “can’t play video” error which should be fixed. You should remove the apps you have actually installed instantly from the phone together this might interrupt the smooth play of videos.

So the best option is to uninstall the insecure app and then pat the virtual or videotaped videos to watch if the trouble is the exact same or resolved.

Solution 5: permit Permission Or Reinstall Google+ App

I am saying this solution due to the fact that many Samsung users have reported that is a systems has functioned for them. Particularly users that Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6 should try this solution. Even other Android phone call users have the right to also shot this valuable step.

First, click on Settings > application Manager or AppsThen click on Google+ iconAfter that, click “Permission” and then ~ above “Storage”Now click on Uninstall/uninstall If no then choose DisableThen relocate to Google play StoreType Google add to in the search barNow, click on three-dot to best of Google+ app > click Update/InstallAgree come permissions > select Accept come continue

After doing all these changes, beat the video clip and view if “recorded video won’t play on Android” error is showing again.

Solution 6: update Android OS

Another possible method to solve the error is through updating her phone OS. Generally, it wake up that some videos don’t play since Android OS is not as much as date.

So you should check your device whether any type of update is available. If yes, climate you should move ahead to upgrade it. Right here are the procedures to follow:

Go come Settings on her Android phoneThen click on About DeviceAfter that, click Update/Software updateNow, click on Check for UpdatesHere, click UpdateAnd at last, click on Install/Reboot and Install. Now download and also the procedure begins to download Android OS.

After this, her phone reboots automatically. Now examine if the videos room playing clearly without any error.

Solution 7: Reset Network Settings

When girlfriend come throughout “online videos no playing top top Android” then it might a network issue also. Friend should check the network problem whether that is coming ideal or not. A poor connection deserve to really stop the videos to play smoothly.

So what you have to do is, try to reset network setups on her phone and also then see if the error is resolved.

Here space the procedures to follow:

First, walk to Settings on her phoneNow choose the General Management optionClick on Reset > climate Reset network settingsHere check out the given instructions and also click ~ above “Reset Settings

This will do the changes and also you can gain a proper connection to play her streaming videos top top Android.

Solution 8: Reset application Preferences

Another possible way to fix video not playing on Android is by resetting application preferences. Right here are the steps to reset app preferences ~ above Android:

First, walk to Settings > Application Manager or AppsThen click three-dot ~ above the upper appropriate corner and also click ~ above Reset application Preferences

After act this, try to play the videos the were not playing before.

Solution 9: boots Your maker In for sure Mode

When friend don’t get anything to resolve then boot your machine in safe Mode. In this mode, you can not open any apps that are downloaded and also after it, you will see a “Safe Mode” icon on the lower-left corner.

After this, maybe you will be able to play your tape-recorded or virtual videos top top Android.

First, switch off your Android phoneNow hold and also press the “Power” button unless logo shows up on the screenAfter that, instantly hold “Volume Down” button unless call rebootsThen girlfriend will see “Safe Mode” symbol which method that your device is in for sure mode

Solution 10: install MX Player/VLC Player on Android

It may likewise happen the your videos room not able come play because the media player is not sustained on her phone. It may be because of an “unsupported audio-video codec” error.

So to attend to such a situation, you must install any kind of compatible video clip player choose MX Player, VLC Player or BS Player and also others native Google beat Store.

Solution 11: manufacturing facility Reset her Android Phone

The last resort is factory reset when the over methods execute not occupational for you. Once you failed to play video clip on your Android phone then Factory Reset can aid you.

But remember the this technique wipes far every data indigenous the phone, for this reason kindly back up every the necessary stuff from your device.

After this, monitor the listed below steps:

Go to Settings > look for Backup & Reset > then click on Factory data resetAfter that, click on Reset phoneHere you will be asked because that the password whereby you have to go into itThen click on Erase EverythingAfter this, the reset procedure begins and your phone i do not care a brand-new one after it reboots

Bonus Tip: Get back Lost Data native Android After factory Reset

In despite the of saying several time to backup all ingredient from Android prior to factory reset, still, many of castle don’t carry out it. Hence, the an outcome is lock come throughout data ns situations. However there is still expect for obtaining the wiped far data native Android ~ a manufacturing facility reset.

You have to use Android Data Recovery software that will help you to recover lost data indigenous Android after ~ a factory reset. This straightforward to usage tool enables retrieving every erased data prefer photos, call logs, videos, WhatsApp chats, documents, etc. You don’t need any kind of technical skills to run this tool and also without any backup, it functions effectively.

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