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South Park: The pole of fact was one of the best licensed games I’ve ever before played. The turn-based role-playing adventure aptly catches the look and also humor that the cartoon. I can say the exact same for that sequel, The fractured but Whole, which comes out on October 17 because that PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I played the video game on mine PlayStation 4 Pro.

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But this superhero-themed follow-up isn’t simply a rerun. Ubisoft has added some welcome intricacy to south Park’s battles the make The fractured but entirety a more satisfying game.


Above: Yup, it looks prefer South Park.

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What you’ll like

Playing the show

If you’re a fan of South Park, prefer I am, you’ll love having another opportunity come play through an interactive episode. It is what The broken but entirety is. That looks specifically like the cartoon. It has actually the exact same writing touches and crude (but hilarious) jokes.