“Speak that the devil and he appears” and parallel idioms in Chinese and English.Things Confucius never ever Said. "When girlfriend are around to do a major decision, your household or friend may mention Confucius and also advise you come act prudently and also "think 3 times prior to acting."" In fact, Confucius stated to avoid waffling and that reasoning twice is enough.

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More short articles on idioms at people of Chinese include exceptions come the rule that almost all Chinese chengyu (成语), or idiomatic expressions, are made up of 4 characters. (found via sixth Tone).
According come The Analects, a citizen asked Confucius his opinion about the principle of “repaying evil with good,” and also Confucius to express his opposition. The sage’s full reply went: “If you return an excellent for evil, what execute you return because that good? One have to return injustice through justice, and also repay great with an excellent (以德报怨,何以报德? 以直报怨,以德报德).”It"s funny the commonplace sayings that Confucius i dont agree with obtained attributed come him anyway. The hazards of fame, ns guess?posted by clawsoon at 1:02 pm on October 18
But... The looks prefer they wanted Cao Cao to appear! That"s the very opposit of the the "Speak of the Devil" idiom....My favorite point that Confucius claimed (or is recorded in the Analects, in ~ least) is, as soon as he inquiry the an interpretation of filial piety said "to provide one"s parental no reason for anxiety save illness."posted by GenjiandProust in ~ 1:06 pm on October 18 <3 favorites>
One point I learned when I started into Confucian philosophy is that it"s...philosophy. There are debates supporting insurance claims that Confucian theorists make. It"s most definitely not a repertoire of nice sound sayings.It"s funny that commonplace sayings the Confucius do not agree with gained attributed come him anyway.Ancient scholars likewise liked to put words in Confucius" mouth. Zhuangzi in specific likes to usage a fictionalized Confucius as a mask and a foil.posted by justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow at 1:20 pm on October 18 <5 favorites>
Next you"ll tell me he didn"t actually say that a boy and girl who go camping together have actually naughty intent.posted through acb at 2:28 afternoon on October 18 <3 favorites>
Generally, I uncover that if some statement on a internet page purports to be a quote native a famous person, the insurance claim is not to be believed without some research. When the well known person is together long-dead together Confucius, and their works as obscure to most people as the Analects are to the typical contemporary Western reader, I just assume the quote is bogus. Probably the equivalent of Fake Buddha quotes for Confucius is just in Chinese.posted through Aardvark Cheeselog at 2:30 pm on October 18 <3 favorites>
I would certainly actually yes, really love a collection of idioms that have tendency to scan fine by primary Chinese speakers or simply lend themselves to being analyzed easy. My understanding is that idiomatic English is very painful, particularly with ours love the random sport idiom. One that came up in this list was “to gild the Lily” which provides so much less sense than the original expression (which nobody uses).posted through a robot made out of meat in ~ 2:57 pm on October 18 <2 favorites>
it looks prefer they wanted Cao Cao to appear! True enough, but Cao Cao is generally portrayed as a rogue in Romance the the 3 Kingdoms, and even an ext so in Chinese opera. So it"s yes, really not much off.posted by zompist in ~ 3:06 afternoon on October 18 <3 favorites>
I dunno, "gilding the lily" provides perfect feeling to me, however what is therefore easy around a piece of cake? and anyone who thinks acquisition candy from a baby is simple hasn"t met plenty of babies....posted by GenjiandProust at 3:09 afternoon on October 18
Cao Cao just had actually a negative publicist (and lost)!posted by GenjiandProust at 3:09 pm on October 18 <2 favorites>
Aardvark Cheeselog: "Generally, I discover that if part statement on a internet page purports to be a quote indigenous a famous person, the claim is no to be believed without some research. "This general assertion is particularly valid once the quote is alleged to it is in from mark Twain.posted through chavenet in ~ 3:23 pm on October 18 <5 favorites>
As for "Chinese" quotes, the two I hear most frequently are the old canard the "the Chinese word because that "crisis" is a combination of the personalities for "danger" and also "opportunity"" and also the not-actually-an "ancient Chinese curse, "may friend live in interesting times.""posted through chavenet at 3:31 pm on October 18 <1 favorite>
>the insurance claim is no to be believed without some research.>particularly valid as soon as the quote is alleged to it is in from mark Twain.>Or Voltaire, or Wilde.Einstein and also Picasso. Absolutely any type of god damn foolishness can be attributed to either Einstein or Picasso, and no one will ever question it.posted by song Or Swim at 5:20 pm on October 18 <1 favorite>
As twain said: 75% the the time, a quip through Wilde will certainly be attributed come Confucius, when, in fact, it to be by Dorothy Parker.posted by GenjiandProust in ~ 5:35 afternoon on October 18 <12 favorites>
“I yes, really didn’t say whatever I said" -- Yogi Berraposted through sjswitzer at 5:39 afternoon on October 18 <4 favorites>
the comments are really funny come me, together a muslim, wherein the problem of what the Prophet walk or did not say got so bad, at least two world made their mark in background 200-300~ year later just by virtue of doing the difficult work of actually going about investigating the quality of the transmission chain. Ns mean, the difficulty hasn"t yes, really improved, however we obtained a many of books out of it!posted by cendawanita at 12:13 to be on October 19 <9 favorites>
Next you"ll call me the didn"t in reality say that a boy and girl that go camping together have actually naughty intent.

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My favorite thing that Confucius never ever said is ... Male who fart in Church sit in very own Phew.Plus my favourite Berraism is : when you pertained to a fork in the road, take it it.posted by indianbadger1 at 8:02 to be on October 19
"To gild the lily" ~= 锦上添花 -- to include flowers come a item of brocade. Currently that I"m tutoring mine daughter Chinese every day, we space constantly make the efforts to find the finest Chinese/English idiom pairs, so this post comes in fairly handy!Also recently Confucius might not be the many misattributed writer, Lu Xun can be.posted by of strange opponent at 8:25 am on October 19
百闻不如一见。Bâi wén bù rú yí jiàn.Seeing is believing. (Seeing once is worth hearing a hundred times.)冰冻三尺非一日之寒。Bïng dòng sän chî fëi yí rì zhï hán.Rome to be not developed in a day. (One work of cold can’t type three feet the ice.)大树底下好乘凉。Dà shù dî xià hâo chéngliáng.Good the shade is discovered under a large tree.posted by Atom collection at 12:30 afternoon on October 19 <3 favorites>
“Since snakes carry out not have feet, judges disqualified the guy from the competition.“I desire to check out books and also books and also books’-worth the idioms from around the world across all that time. Language is together glorious silliness and also practicality both. This article is hard gold, spamandkimchi. Say thanks to you because that sharing it!posted through rrrrrrrrrt in ~ 10:02 pm on October 19 <1 favorite>
My feeling has constantly been the parables and also sayings and now meme"s are valuable for gaining a allude across, especially if you have actually a social connection v your audience, but most the the time providing them extra weight or assigning them "truth" based on who you say said them is folly. Either the idea was standing on it"s very own or not. Pretending the Einstein or Jesus claimed them is kinda pointless.posted by cirhosis in ~ 10:17 am on October 20
Actually, here"s a tiny collection that 46 authentic mainland Chinese proverbs that I placed together back in 2008 when I was living and working there. Hopefully it may be beneficial or exciting to some. (Sorry around the pinyin ton marks, castle didn"t copy end properly and also I"m afraid ns can"t it is in bothered to go through and also correct lock all.)posted by Atom collection at 2:11 pm on October 20 <4 favorites>
Atom Collection, words come live by! “Ginger is spiciest as soon as it matures.”posted by rrrrrrrrrt in ~ 11:25 afternoon on October 20
Atom Collection, words come live by! “Ginger is spiciest as soon as it matures.”One of my favorites! I commonly quoted it come young student whenever ageism reared its ugly head.posted by Atom repertoire at 11:43 afternoon on October 20
I can"t decide whether mine favourite is 爱屋及乌 àiwū jíwūLove the crows top top a person’s roof or "to include feet come a snake"! Idioms space such a neat window into various cultures/languages - ns think several of these were likewise in Adeline Yen Mah"s 10,000 piece of yellow which was just fascinating.posted by MarianHalcombe at 4:41 to be on October 22
if you add feet to a snake, doesn"t it become a dragon?posted through dialMforMara in ~ 10:20 to be on October 22

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