Rule: fill in the blanks 1-9 so the the numbers in every row, column, 3x3-block no repeated. The numbers outside the box suggest the numbers included in the first 6 cell of the row and also column in the direction from that position, and also the numbers exterior the box space correct numerical order.

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For example, the outer prompt numbers room all in the very first six cells. Look at the prompt number 41 top top the left, which way that the number 4 is come the left the 1, and also the prompt number 29 above method that the number 2 is over 9.

The author of the puzzle is my girlfriend 米艳明(Mi Yan Ming) indigenous China.

This question form is draft by 洪卫华(Hong Wei Hua) from china.

I expect you choose it and also would evaluate any kind of feedback.


Together through hope, take on warmth, live up to the spring and also live as much as dreams.

May all things renew and the smoke of gunpowder will pass away when spring returns to the earth.

No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come.

Disasters are always sudden, but right now we have to be united and also united.

We believe that everything will pass, and also spring will certainly blossom.

Here is a Penpa link

Penpa link

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finally tackled this one. Nice.******Thanks.
bobI am very happy for your comments. I think the next trouble of Mi Yanming will be even much more exciting.
on 14. September 2020, 16:00 by bob
This is why I offer an moral attempt every puzzle i print, even if they room rated hard. I expected to provide up quickly, yet instead discovered a really amazing logical puzzle. The trick of food is discovering which ideas to use at the beginning...

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on 11. September 2020, 14:08 by washyleopard
My Penpa link doesnt have actually the 3x3 areas highlighted i m sorry is rather annoying. Anyone else have this issue or a solution?
on 10. September 2020, 06:47 by bosjo
Very quite puzzle, with a solution path so logical and clear that even I can follow it!
Last adjusted on 10. September 2020, 04:18on 10. September 2020, 04:17 by 7floor
i\"m Mi Yan Ming,thanks come cdwg2000,and hope every you like it.
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