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Jillaine Gill and Divina Gransparkle (filling in for Kerryn Feehan) co-hosted and curated wonderful line up of comedy and also burlesque at the historic Kraine theater in the eastern Village. Your comedy accentuated a night that laughs and sexy piece teases that kept viewers engaged and also left castle wanting more. Typically, this monthly variety show is co-hosted through Jillaine and also Kerryn Feehan that will be back next month, yet the chemistry in between Jillaine and Divina was a satisfied to watch. Because that example, Divina dropped the she to be coaching Jillaine to win the "Miss Coney Island" title this year and there occurred to it is in a challenger in the crowd. It was a fun sequence i beg your pardon Divina followed up later on by prompting Jillaine to read a ready monologue. She check out the component of the Judge"s mam in Thinner. Jillaine acquired deep into character for the review with part campy retorts complied with by a thrilling and conclusive shouting match. The audience responded enthusiastically. The duo likewise introduced the acts which had the mrs comics, Joyelle Nicole Johnson, Jen Mutascio, and Amber Rollo, and the burlesque performances of Sweet Lorraine, miss Frankie Eleanor, and Clara Coquette.Joyelle Nicole Johnson go a clever bit that merged political angst and sexual shock appeal revolving approximately a date with a white trump card supporter. The told her, "Black Lives issue was a terrorist organization," and also she determined that she has to do the deed as her component to aid bring the country back together. I"m loose paraphrasing that since she additionally joked that the just reason she carried him house was "because he had weed." The funniest part, however, was she take top top white privilege which culminated in, "he"s mad due to the fact that he didn"t do anything through his whiteness." It had actually me laughing the next day as well as i reflected ~ above the performance. She likewise reminded united state "you"re around to watch some titties, loosen up."Sweet Lorraine, the founder that Shades that Burlesque, followed her and was easily my favorite act that the night. She strutted in wearing a cable mesh dress v a black color corset to the song, "I will certainly Take that Ride" through Bette Davis. She had a classy, vintage hair layout which hung just above her eye which were painted come look like little almonds. As the track sensually chanted, "Lord have mercy...I"m mighty thirsty," Lorraine traction off her opera gloves and shimmied the end of her layers revealing her voluptuous figure. At one point she leaned over one of the audience members and began pulling off a glove v her teeth. She enraged both guys and also girls v sensual and sexual hand gestures.Jen Mutascio came next and earned a most laughs. She made a variety of self-deprecating joke such as "I did flourish up in Jersey. The is why ns am so feminine" and one involving the guy in the former row who was sitting alone. She handle him saying, "Hey, I"m a woman comic. I"m not picky." an additional highlight that her collection was her joke about her mother finding her brother"s gay porn in her closet. Her mommy was appalled and also Jen responded the is certainly what obtained her warm "because friend can"t obtain pregnant acquisition it in the back."Miss Frankie Eleanor strutted top top stage next in a beautiful golden dress through flowing, long, black hair. She relocated smoothly to the Latino beat of Desatre by Pilon. She proved a many leg as she sensually removed various shimmering gold clothing to reveal sheer underwear. She had actually incredible confidence and also didn"t even bat an eyelash as soon as her bra captured as she eliminated it. In one deft swoop of she wrists, she snap it off and also tossed that aside come laughs, claps, and also whoops native the ladies in the crowd.Amber Rollo rounded the end the comedy because that the evening. She to be a small in-between the other two comics with a mix that self-deprecating joke that had actually some clever construct ups as well. Because that example, she presented that as a stripper, she do money by providing a "Girl girlfriend Experience." She listened, do eye contact, and also didn"t touch your dick." She also joked the she trades nanny company for a haircut and that the three-year-old was asking to it is in exclusive. She"s "still obtained it," she laughed, and also then dropped that improv (something she additionally does) was the lowest of the low as a performer because she can still be "booked as a stripper."Clara Coquette upped the anxiety in the room coming the end in complete latex come the hard rock song "Feed mine Frankenstein" by Alice Cooper. After pulling off she flowing cape, she caressed her curves and then turned up the soot of her act. She made wild strikes into the air as she violent threw zippers and also straps aside. Where only her eyes and also lips had actually been revealed, she proved hand, arm, and leg till she went under to her bare chest. Once she lastly let her mask fall to the floor, the only thing continuing to be was she panties and also high-heeled boots. Electric performance!Ultimately, all the performers did a great job. The comedy to be entertaining and also included some an extremely funny jokes. Props again must go come Jillaine for delivering a hard monologue. The October present next month will be the show"s six-year anniversary. Additionally, Divina will be ago to she burlesque routine, which if it has as much sass and also attitude together her was standing up, guarantees to it is in fun.

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Tickets have the right to be uncovered on The Kraine Theater"s website because that $10 (or $15 in ~ the door). See link here: