The crust comprising the continent is comprised of granite and basalt rock makes up in ~ the oceans. This is the outermost great of Earth. The crust different in differed thickness from 30 to 70 kilometres under the continents and also 5 to 15 km in the ocean levels. Beneath the mountains like the Rockies, Alps the tardy is as thick as 100 km.

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Check Point

I. Explain the following:

What is the Crust made up of?What makes up the core?What perform you know by bowl boundary?What is the simple composition of the mantle?What is the Lithosphere?
Answer KeyThe late is made up of granite on the continents and basalt rock makes up beneath the oceans.The outer core is iron and nickel and also the inner main point is mostly iron.A plate boundary is where these tectonic plates meet.

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Mantle is basically a ingredient of iron and magnesium.Lithosphere is comprised of the crust and also a really little component of the top mantle, this layer is divided into countless slowly relocating plates that solid absent that organize the continents and also oceans above.
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