“Sad” is a song by the so late American hip hop artist XXXTentacion. The lyrics of “Sad” view the singer struggling with serious depression, which is brought on by problems in his romantic relationship. The singer, that fears the his relationship with his girlfriend might come to an end, goes as much as telling her the he would take his own life need to she ever before leave him.

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It is significant that this isn’t the first song of the singer/rapper to attend to the problem of suicide. His 2017 song “Jocelyn Flores“, i m sorry is devoted to a female design friend the his that committed suicide, likewise deals with this topic.


But space the text of this song autobiographical?

While numerous suspect the boring lyrics space autobiographical, the rapper never shown or refuse that during his lifetime. Based upon this, we cannot safely conclude whether the lyrics are about something actual in his life or not. But what is 100% certain is the throughout his short life, XXXTentacion combated severely v mental health and wellness issues. And researches have shown that most human being who have actually suicidal thoughts tend to suffer from a range of psychological illnesses ranging from depression come schizophrenia.

For example, in a 2017 interview he had with presenter K. Foxx on 103.5 The win in Miami, that confessed to have attempted committing suicide yet was also afraid to do it.

Facts around “Sad”

The tune was co-written by XXXTentacion and his longtime collaborator man Cunningham. In addition to co-writing the song, Cunningham likewise produced it.“Sad” was released on march 2nd, 2018 as among the two singles from XXXTentacion’s 2nd studio album title ?. It is worth taking keep in mind of the truth that ? was likewise the last album that XXXTentacion to be released during his lifetime.“Sad” remains one of XXXTentacion’s most successful singles. On the us Billboard hot 100, the track peaked at number 7, making it the rapper’s an initial top 10 song and also his greatest charting song in his residence country. On the UK Singles Chart, the track peaked in ~ number 19.In the wake of his death, the song increased from number 52 ~ above the Billboard warm 100 to hit the number 1 spot. This do XXXTentacion the an initial deceased artist to host a posthumous number one song as a lead artist on the Billboard warm 100 since the late American rapper notorious B.I.G. Achieved this with the solitary “Mo Money Mo Problems” in 1997. FYI: XXXTentacion to be shot and killed ~ above 18th June, 2018. He to be only twenty years old.No main music video clip was released because that “Sad” during XXXTentacion’s lifetime. The main music video, which to be shot prior to the rapper’s passing, to be released top top June 28th, 2018. The posthumous music video of “Sad”, which is very haunting, sees the young rapper attending his very own funeral at a church and also having a very violent physical fight through his “former self”/dead body. The music video clip was both written and an innovative directed through the late rapper. JMP directed the video.On 19th June, 2018 (a job after XXXTentacion was killed), the track made history on Spotify once it was streamed 10.4 million time to end up being the many streamed tune in a solitary day ~ above Spotify.

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Below is the posthumous music video of “Sad” exit a day after a publicly memorial organization was held in Florida for XXXTentacion:

18 Responses

Frankie says:
July 15, 2019 in ~ 7:38 pm

My dad won’t let me hear to this song since it has the native ‘suicide’ in it. Any kind of tips on just how I can convince mine dad come let me hear to it again? thanks in advance

Anonymous says:
October 1, 2020 at 9:43 pm

Your dad is in the true, this tune is not good for the real depressed people, it can be lead you to the bottom line. I were really really struggling a lot part time ago, and also I have the right to say the this kind of song didn’t really aided in that situation so i wouldn’t recommended it to a kid listening come it.

Unknown says:
May 1, 2020 at 3:05 pm

my freakin heart is damaged && ns feel that it will certainly stay like that. But we pray for the good not the bad.