You can select the number to practice, and also whether to have problems with regrouping or without.

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In this patience and an innovative game, you acquire to construct a town by adding trees, houses, vehicles and more.

Try to do it every the method to the critical level to include beautiful people landmarks.


In this beautiful game, you obtain to practice addition while making your won underwater oceanic environment!

Before you begin playing, choose the number range you wish to practice.

With every exactly answer girlfriend make, you will include items to your oceanic sea world.

This game is perfect for children from preschool (adding numbers approximately 5) to 1st and second grade (adding numbers as much as 500).


Save the small goldfish by shoot the sharks with the exactly answers come the troubles shown on the bottom. Clicking the exactly shark will certainly blow him into pieces, however clicking the dorn shark will just send that downwards quicker towards the goldfish...


Numbered blimps will certainly be floating over the central Park.Click the blimp v the correct answer to the problem that shows up on the top, to have the park"s vibrant visitors go in.

Answer 20 inquiries to success the game.


Help the witch defend her lock from the dragon attacks.

Click the dragons through the exactly answers to the troubles that appear on the screen, and also don"t let them catch the witch.


Try to paris the balloons come the peak of the Washington Monument, by clicking properly the balloons with the answers come the provided problems.

When you succeed you will gain to discover some exciting facts around the monument.

Can you with the peak of the realm State Building?

Click the balloons through the exactly answers to the math questions that show up above, to have them fly higher and higher.

In the end, girlfriend will find out some interesting facts about the realm State Building.

This perform of gamings is right for youngsters at eras 6 and 7.

All of this free, interactive tasks can it is in a an excellent complementary exercise for mathematics lessons, and assist the kids test their an abilities when necessary.

Each drill will ask students to include together numbers, from simple problems with solitary digits to more complex ones when students are ready for them.

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They room presented in a style kids will enjoy and also find very fun, which increases their learning!

Since there is together a selection of games, there is miscellaneous for anyone - if the exercise is as well demanding or no demanding enough, the student can easily find another one to fit his or her needs.