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Hey everybody. I just wanted to do a type of review collection as i unlock my favourite characters brand-new and old. I will start with the God of storms Susano’o. I will start by saying I perform think that is just a little bit weaker than Warriors orochi 3 as result of the magic mechanic replacing special attacks, of i m sorry his to be pretty ridiculous due to the fact that it caused elements. Yet he still appears pretty strong for reasons I will explain hereMagicHe has the totsuka no tsurugi as his treasure. Which is quite high increase on the list for me for the treasure. While no as an effective or all at once useful as the trident, it serves its objective well.And his unique magic is a worthy follower to his old r1 attackMovementI’d to speak pretty average, maybe even a bit slow. You got a equine though so not too large a dealNormalsHis common string has actually decent range and isn’t specifically slow, despite you will likely still desire to have agility attachedC1 stringTerrible. Don’t use itC2 stringIt’s okay however he has betterC3 stringSee aboveC4 stringNow we’re getting somewhere. Good crowd clearing, activates elements, and does a the majority of hits, elevating your combos meter choose crazy.C5. Tho as great as it remained in W03. Will likely be her go to charge move when taking care of officers.(C4 is slightly less an excellent for that)Musou pretty great.RageOrochi originals don’t get a adjusted Musou but the rapid damage rise is certainly appreciated.OverallIf you favor him you should use him. I haven’t played generally enough come judge who the top tiers are but I dropped comfortable in speak he is not disappointing come use
I havn"t played as him in this game yet, however have endure using him in WO3....C4 supplied to have actually pretty bad recovery (and most likely still does). However Power species can cancel restore via impede this time. I havn"t tested if you can cancel restore frames through magic yet.For high challenge stages, he"s walking to need Bastion (it sounds choose he have the right to put it to use really easily).
This has been one more (probably) uselessly much information post, through me. Booyah!
r0xm2n posted...I havn"t played together him in this game yet, but have suffer using that in WO3....C4 supplied to have pretty poor recovery (and more than likely still does). However Power varieties can cancel recovery via prevent this time. I havn"t experiment if you deserve to cancel restore frames through magic yet.For high difficulty stages, he"s going to require Bastion (it sounds favor he deserve to put it to use very easily). It seems prefer you can cancel the end of his c4 with magic, and he has a pretty good treasure for it. Bastion is very easy because that him come take benefit of.

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i dunno what the hell KOEI was thinking, but i really dislike Susanoo now. His C1, C2 & C5 provided to have actually decently good AOE range. He"s far from exciting now.based ~ above what
Grimlock1990 have actually stated, yes he"s underwhelming now contrasted to previous video game :