Chemists attend to lots that strange-sounding products like sodium, ytterbium, and also potassium hexacyanoferrate(III), therefore they’ve arisen a system of symbols and formulas to stand for these materials. The facets of the regular table all have actually one- or two- letter symbols*. In some instances the symbol obviously descends from the element’s name; to wit, the symbol because that oxygen is O, the symbol for titanium is Ti, and also the symbol for chlorine is Cl.

Some elements – specifically the aspects that have been recognized since classical times – have actually symbols that carry out not it seems to be ~ logically connected to their name. In this cases, the price usually describes an older surname for the element, maybe from Latin or Greek. For example, the symbol because that sodium, Na, comes from the Latin native natrium. Words natrium has actually an also deeper, richer history among the alchemists and also scholars the the old world, or so states Elementymology & facets Multidict, a many fascinating website if you’ve got a couple of minutes come spare. At any type of rate, in 1807, teacher Humphrey Davy secluded the metal and also recognized it together a distinct element. Bucking centuries of tradition, teacher Davy decided the metal ought to be called sodium, for he isolated it from caustic soda (now recognized as lye or salt hydroxide).

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So what around sodium hypobromite? sodium hypobromite is a link that consists of sodium, bromine, and also oxygen. Bromine and also oxygen incorporate to kind a group referred to as a polyatomic ion. Since this group has one overall negative charge, it bonds quite quickly with positively-charged salt ions.

Bromine is fairly versatile as far as bonding v oxygen goes; there room actually numerous polyatomic ion made the bromine and also oxygen. They are distinguished by the number of oxygen atoms bonded to the bromine atom, and also by little variations in your names. Below are four compounds that deserve to be made from the very same three elements, and their names:

NaBrO = sodium hypobromiteNaBrO2 = sodium bromiteNaBrO3 = salt bromateNaBrO4 = salt perbromate

If one isn’t too picky around capitalization, one could read NaBrO as “Na, bro”, meaning “No, close masculine associate (or perhaps my organic brother), I carry out not wish to hear a joke worrying sodium hypobromite.” of course, the person currently indicated his disinterest in listening a joke about sodium. Possibly this other simply isn’t in the mood because that chemistry-themed jokes. We’ve all had actually days choose that.

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*Some periodic tables have three-letter icons for the last couple of elements. These symbols represent temporary names. As soon as the international Union that Pure and also Applied Chemistry, or IUPAC, assigns permanent names to these elements, lock will acquire a classic one- or two-letter symbol come go along with their name.