Tempur-Pedic began the memory foam craze earlier in the 90s, offering luxurious beds through a new and inexplicable construction. They continue to be a wildly famous brand today and have earned a huge following by offering quality mattresses on a consistent basis.

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Tempur-Pedic mattresses are taken into consideration some the the many luxurious beds out there and also user reviews have actually been really positive, especially with people who were searching for pain and also tension relief. The memory foam huge has a ton that models available, however we’ll be concentrating on the Cloud luxe Breeze today.


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You love memory foam and want a plush bed: memory foam beds come in all levels the firmness, but the luxury Breeze is well-known for gift soft and plush. You must not only understand you love storage foam but likewise be ready for a soft bed before committing come this mattress. Please store in mental that just how firm a bed feels will also depend top top the sleeper’s weight.

You have concerns with sleeping too hot: While storage foam is well-known for sleeping hotter than other mattress materials, the luxury Breeze Mattress to be designed especially to combat warmth retention problems. If girlfriend have worries with waking up hot and sweaty in the night and also your sleep suffers since of this, this mattress might be a positive adjust for you.

You sleep on your side: side sleepers execute well through softer mattresses because a plush surface ar cradles the knees, hips, and also shoulders, where the sleeper’s weight is focused in that position. If you sleep on her side, you will do it likely uncover the Cloud luxury Breeze a comfortable mattress.

You’re of typical or lightweight: civilization who room of average weight should experience this mattress together soft, conversely, sleepers who space lighter 보다 average can find that firmer. Overweight people may desire to steer clear, though, since the soft luxury Breeze could not offer them sufficient support. If you are carrying part extra weight, you might want to consider the contour Rhapsody luxury by Tempur-Pedic or look especially for a mattress for heavy people.

Firmness & Support

The Cloud luxe Breeze has actually the same level of firmness as the Cloud Luxe version by Tempur-Pedic, which is around a 4.5/10, and also both are amongst the softest accessible mattresses from this brand. The height layers top top the bed are below average in firmness and also will allow you to sink right into the mattress a fair amount, particularly if you heavy.

The bed has actually a soft, comforting feeling and, together your human body sinks in, this contouring result may administer pressure relief. This is worth maintaining in mind if you endure from aches or pains throughout her body.

Note the the firm mentions the this mattress demands a couple of weeks to break in and for her body to readjust to the mattress and, at first, it could feel firmer. Due to the fact that this mattress is plush and soft, back or stomach sleepers might not perform so fine on it since their pelvis might sink in too much and also cause lower back pain. Again, it’s good for side sleepers and may additionally work because that side/combination sleepers.


The Cover: The Cloud luxe Breeze sheathe is made through cotton and also doesn’t have a pillow optimal or foam quilted into it. The cover’s thin design allows your body to reaction to the storage foam listed below immediately.

The comfort Layer: The top layer that the luxury Breeze pulls heat from the human body to develop a cooling emotion using just memory foam infused v PureCool™, a proprietary material from Tempur-Pedic.

The Climate Layer: following is one more foam product made from the that company breathable TEMPUR-Climate™ material, designed to cool the body and also evenly distribute the sleeper’s weight.

The Foundation: last is the Tempur-Pedic core structure made indigenous 7-pound memory foam, the heaviest and sturdiest available. This offers the mattress the shape and provides assistance for the sleeper.

Temperature Regulation & movement Isolation

Tempur-Pedic offers a Cloud luxury Mattress and the Cloud luxe Breeze is basically the same bed v extra cooling modern technology added. The sheathe is make of a an ext breathable material that keeps the body resting at a comfortable temperature, when the memory foam offered in the bed likewise has cooling modern technology added.

Again, Tempur-Pedic doesn’t specify what they usage to produce this cooling effect due to the fact that it’s proprietary information, but whatever they’re using works according to user reviews.

Perhaps among the most pointed out benefits to a Tempur-Pedic mattress is their ability to absorb motion. This is made feasible by the dense, high-quality foam used in their beds. If you have a partner who tends to toss and also turn in the night, this must keep you peacefully relaxing without disturbances.


The Cloud luxe Breeze is again, a mattress with a soft and plush feel. The surface of the bed is an extremely slow-responding and provides sinkage, contouring, and quality press relief. The mattress creates well balanced sinkage for bodily alignment, however again, remember that this will likely work ideal for next sleepers or people who don’t sweet much.

Eco-Friendliness & Smell

Tempur-Pedic has actually a Conformity Certification to present that they monitor the commonwealth Flammability Standard. If there provided to be common reports that off-gassing (a chemical smell) v older Tempur-Pedic models, this is much less of an concern now.


It’s no mystery that Tempur-Pedic Mattresses are expensive and also the Cloud luxury Breeze is amongst the costliest that all your models. A Queen luxe Breeze is at this time going for $4,800, therefore this is absolutely an investment you want to think over carefully.

Tempur-Pedic is maybe to fee this much since they usage high-quality materials that carry out amazing results for sleepers. This is absolutely a luxury mattress with a luxury price tag come match, but people who deserve to afford it and know castle love soft storage foam bed will likely feel that it was money well-spent.

Sleep Trial period & Warranty

Every Tempur-Pedic mattress is extended by the this firm 10-year restricted warranty. If you purchase the Cloud luxe Breeze, you’ll gain a 90-night sleep trial period. If you decision you don’t choose the bed ~ trying it the end for 90 nights, you might exchange it because that a different Tempur-Pedic Mattress. Just keep in mind the if you decision to carry out this, there will certainly be some fees involved in the exchange process.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Q: Why room Tempur-Pedic bed so expensive? A: Tempur-Pedic was the an initial brand to usage memory foam in your mattresses. They occurred this modern technology specifically for their customers’ comfort and used high-quality products to construct themselves an remarkable reputation together a business. Civilization are commonly willing come pay greater prices because that trusted brand names and also Tempur-Pedic commodities are well-known to help provide relief for body pain.

Q: Is the Cloud luxe Breeze ideal for mobility issues? A: Mattresses made v latex or storage foam can aid with pain follow to user reviews. Certain physical issues, like ago problems or arthritis, might be specifically helped by the cradling push relief detailed by the luxury Breeze. Human being with knee problems, however, will desire to make certain they use the bed through a high bed structure to minimization bending, which deserve to worsen pain.

Q: how long will the Cloud luxury Breeze Mattress last? A: Tempur-Pedic mattresses are recognized for lasting a long time and some customers report that they’ve used theirs for an ext than 10 years. This is because of the high quality foams supplied in the bed, i beg your pardon degrade slower than other mattress materials. Although this mattress is definitely expensive, it may be a worthy price to pay once you consider how lengthy you deserve to expect to store it.

Q: Is it feasible to get this item because that a discounted price? A: Tempur-Pedic has actually moved their organization to an virtual sales model which has permitted them to reduce their prices v some products. The firm is always transforming which mattress models they feature for sales, so save an eye on this to uncover out whether you can gain the Cloud luxe Breeze at a discounted rate.

Final Verdict

Guide: What come Look because that in a memory Foam Mattress:

Memory foam beds are amongst the priciest options on the market, therefore you’ll definitely want to make sure you already know you like this feel before you buy. What else should you take into consideration when you shopping because that a storage foam mattress?

Firmness: Although storage foam is recognized for giving a melting, contouring hug, this type of bed comes in all degrees of firmness. Before you choose the best memory foam mattress because that you, you’ll have to know exactly how firm you want your bed to be. In general, softer mattresses work-related well for the side resting position, while tool firm suits every positions, and also firm beds are great for stomach sleepers because they provide proper support for the hips.

Cooling Technology: storage foam was once recognized for retaining heat, i beg your pardon made that a negative match for warm sleepers. However, many contemporary mattresses use certain cooling modern technology to combat this. Open up cell foam, moisture-wicking covers, and also cooling gel room all features of modern-day mattresses that save the sleeper relaxing comfortably.

Motion Absorption: storage foam is the ideal of all mattress materials at absorbing motion disturbances. If you sleep light and also have a pets or partner, this will be a really welcome feature, as being woken up repeatedly in the night can lead to exhausted, unproductive days.

Contouring: together mentioned, storage foam beds have the right to have differing levels of firmness. If you yes, really favor the deep cradling sensation of storage foam, friend should probably go for a soft or medium-soft version due to the fact that firm beds might not administer as much of this.

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Durability: as soon as you’re spending the money to obtain a memory foam mattress, you’ll want to make certain it’s a quality model that’s well-known for lasting a long time. Buying a brand-new mattress is a big decision, so the longer you have the right to keep a brand-new one, the better.