Review 2D shapes in fun and interesting ways, with this Thanksgiving "Shape Up!" turkey packet.The packet consists of a turkey craft, where the feathers have actually the various shapes ~ above them. Students create the name of the shape underneath the picture. Enlarge students can write the characteristics of that shape on the earlier of the feather.

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Note the feet the the turkey room pentagons, his beak is a rhombus and the belly of the turkey is a hexagon. I"ve provided a shape pattern for the head, but if you desire to revolve this right into a keepsake craft, have actually students trace their shoe because that this part.

I"ve included feathers because that the conventional 2D shapes presented in the picture, as well as feathers v a trapezoid, rhombus, pentagon and octagon top top them together well.

For much more practice, there"s a turkey dice game.children beat in teams of 2-4 and take transforms rolling a dice. Every little thing number they roll, is the matching numbered shape the they color. Encourage youngsters to to speak the shape words as they play the game.

There"s also a turkey shape slider. Also though this is a shape-themed packet, I"ve likewise included "slider" strips because that upper and small letter letters, numbers to 30, counting backwards from 10-1 and 20-1, as well as skip counting sliders for 2"s, 3"s, 5"s, and 10"s.

Sliders are a quick, easy and fun way to whole group assess. Pick a child to contact out a shape, children pull their slider "til that shape is in the "window" and then hold it up. You deserve to see in ~ a glance who is having actually difficulty.

Use the 10 turkey form cards in a bag chart, for her word wall, or together a flashcard review.

Make extra sets and also cut lock up because that puzzles or Memory Match and "I Have; who Has?" games.

All of these fun, fall FREEBIES, deserve to be discovered in the Turkey form Craftivities & games packet. ns hope you and also your kiddos reap them.

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