In 1997, the planet Muunilinst made its debut in the novel Specter that the Past. The earth was shown to be the financial facility of the royal Remnant fifteen years after Return of the Jedi. The earth was likewise stated to have actually a long background stretching ago to the Old Republic, however not much was said next to that and the planet wasn’t presented to have actually a native varieties or a dominant commerce guild.

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The idea of an InterGalactic banking Clan was arisen for Attack of the Clones to be represented by mountain Hill at the meeting of Dooku’s Separatists, though their an initial appearance technically came in the novel Cloak of Deception a year before the film because writer James Luceno was allowed to read the manuscript in advance.

To promote Attack of the Clones ahead of the release, a website dubbed HoloNet News was created that regularly uploaded in-universe news articles set in the months prior to the occasions Attack that the Clones. The short articles were composed by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens, and also they featured a huge number of relations to the broadened Universe both past and present, like the revelation that the speeder Anakin stole on Coruscant belonged come a character from the classic Marvel comic. The an initial source linking the banking Clan to Muunilinst come in a march 2002 post on the site and also with so numerous other functions in the advancement pipeline ns can’t speak for sure that’s where it originated, however that’s my ideal guess. An RPG magazine came to be the an initial source to explicitly identify mountain Hill’s types as “Muun” a couple of months later.

The following notable story to increase on the bank Clan and also Muunilinst to be Genndy Tartakovsky’s 2D Clone Wars series, which consisted of Muunilinst as a primary place in late 2003. The world was among several principles the collection pulled indigenous the expanded Universe, and also its design and color scheme were intended come evoke a disagreement bill.

Despite the 2D show portraying the bank Clan together if it exclusively backed the Separatists, San Hill’s original line in the Attack of the Clones script was “The Intergalactic banking Clan will assistance you wholeheartedly, however only in a non-exclusive arrangement,” implying the the banking Clan intends to play both sides of the conflict. This version of events is in line with exactly how they’re illustrated in The Clone Wars starting in season two. Interestingly, season one’s “Destroy Malevolence” does have a heat implying the banking Clan is openly top top the next of the Separatists, which i assume was written before the an imaginative team and George fully fleshed the end their role.

Some broadened Universe lore developed that regardless of the main Banking Clan’s neutrality and eventual nationalization by the Republic in the show, a splinter that the group based on Muunilinst (as viewed in the 2D show) continued completely backing the Separatists, and also that this faction is who Ki-Adi-Mundi was fighting top top Mygeeto. This idea present up through the means Mygeeto was envisioned for Revenge of the Sith and serves to describe why mountain Hill ongoing to pat a role on the Separatist Council, despite it hasn’t been fleshed the end too much in current years.

A big alteration The Clone Wars made was creating the headquarters that the bank Clan ~ above the planet Scipio rather than ~ above Muunilinst. The surname “Muun” is never stated for the majority of the display either, though it was eventually used in the season 6 arc that heavily affiliated the banks. Ide art dated to 2009 indicates Scipio play a duty in the unmade video game 1313 at one suggest (thanks to Apsis for digging this up), which provides me wonder about its origins considering how very closely that video game was bound in through George’s vision for the universe and live-action TV development.

The Fantasy flight Games sourcebook Endless Vigil in 2016 available the explanation that while Muuns came from Scipio originally, lock later colonized Muunilinst and named the after themselves. This came to be an ironic twist, considering out-of-universe the Muun types was named after the preexisting earth rather than vice versa. Muunilinst has actually gone largely unused in current years, however it has gained mentions in part books, including Inferno Squad and Shadow Fall.

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I’ve constantly thought the history of Muunilinst was a neat footnote in Star Wars history, a minor civilization from an increased Universe novel the eventually came to be the communication of a much bigger faction. It’s nice to watch the planet hasn’t been totally left behind, and I expect to watch it visited again someday.