shows a bacterial replication fork and its major proteins. Traction the brand to their ideal locations in the diagram to explain the surname or duty of every structure. Use pink labels for the pink targets and also blue labels for the blue targets.

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A) division hydrogen bonds, unwinding DNA double helix. B) Synthesizes RNA primers on leading and lagging strands. C) replaces RNA primers through DNA nucleotides. D) Catalyzes phosphodiester shortcut formation, authorized DNA fragments. E) lagging strand F) leading Strand G) Relaxes supercoiled DNA. H) Coats single-stranded DNA, avoiding duplex formation. I) Synthesizes DNA 5" come 3" ~ above leading and also lagging strands. Uring replication, DNA synthesis wake up in the 5_ come 3_ direction follow me both design template strands. On one template strand, synthetic proceeds repetitively toward the replication fork, generating the leading strand. Top top the various other template strand, DNA is synthesized far from the replication fork in segments called Okazaki fragments, generating the lagging strand. Number of proteins are affiliated in DNA replication, consisting of the following: Helicase division the hydrogen bonds between the parental DNA strands and also unwinds the double helix. Single-stranded binding proteins tie to the solitary strands that DNA, preventing them native reannealing and enabling synthesis to take place on both strands. DNA polymerase III synthesizes the brand-new strands, however it calls for an existing 3_ hydroxyl (ÑOH) group to add nucleotides. Primase creates short RNA primers, initiating DNA synthetic on both template strands. DNA polymerase I gets rid of the RNA primers and replaces them v DNA nucleotides. Top top the lagging strand, DNA ligase joins Okazaki fragments by creating phosphodiester bonds between them, thus completing DNA replication.
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