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"She Don"t usage Jelly" is a 1993 tune by The Flaming Lips, and also is their biggest radio hit come date. The is from your album Transmissions native the Satellite Heart.

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I know a girl that thinks of ghostsShe"ll do you breakfastShe"ll do you toastBut she don"t use butterAnd she don"t use cheeseShe don"t use jellyOr any of theseShe uses VaselineVaselineVaselineAnd I understand a male who goes come showsWhen he"s at home and also he blows his noseHe don"t usage tissues or his sleeveHe don"t usage napkins or any of theseHe uses magazinesMagazinesMagazinesMagazinesI recognize a girl that reminds me the CherShe"s constantly changingThe shade of she hairBut she don"t usage nothingThat girlfriend buy in ~ the storeShe likes she hair to be real orangeShe offers tangerinesTangerinesTangerinesTangerinesTangerinesTangerines

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The Flaming Lips The Flaming Lips room an American rock band, formed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1983. Instrumentally, their sound includes lush, multi-layered, psychedelic rock arrangements, but lyrically their compositions show facets of room rock, including unusual song and also album titles—such as "What Is the Light? (An Untested Hypothesis arguing That the chemical whereby We space Able to suffer the emotion of gift in Love Is the same Chemical That led to the "Big Bang" the Was the bear of the speeding up Universe)". They are likewise acclaimed for their elaborate live shows, which function costumes, balloons, puppets, video projections, facility stage irradiate configurations, gigantic hands, big amounts the confetti, and frontman Wayne Coyne"s signatur… much more »

Written by: Michael Ivins, Ronald Jones, Steven Drozd, Wayne Coyne

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