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Yo Havoc, I'm too close come the edge on this one niggaI ain't gon' jump though, I'mma save it raw gutterYo Prodigy, you understand I require you top top this one niggaI acquired shit on my chest, I have to confessLast night i was the nigga that shot up her projectsNow I'm earlier in the hood, through rocks in the PyrexTan khakis and also them Nike Airs through the dyed checksI was forced to live this life, compelled to bust my chromeMy mister left me in a foster homeI felt abandoned prefer Quik currently that Mausberg goneSo ns don't hop in the SS there is no the Mossberg homesI've been rappin' because that a year and also a half, mine life is realPut the pistol in his mouth, that gon' bite the steelCome come Compton, I gained stripes for realBefore Dre, prior to the ice, before the transaction - ns was virtually killedLike 'Pac prior to the fatality Row dealI gained shot over 2 pounds of weed, quiet ain't discovered them niggasBut karma come faster for a nigga on the other side of the gunThat's somethin i gotta teach my sonI don't require your love, no no no noI don't require your loveNeed it, i don't desire it, i don't require itI don't require your love, no i don't need your loveI don't require your loveCause, the, game, don't, change
I heard they got Bloods in new York nowRed rags in Uptown Harlem now, I need that loveFront court at the Knicks game, new chick, French nameNew car, brand-new house, and sometimes friends changeAnd you don't need that love, as soon as you G's like usAnd your Jesus piece is sim-u-lar to Biggie'sAnd her life story is sim-u-lar come 50'sFirst they dislike you, climate they love you, climate they dislike you againWhat the fuck execute it take because that a gangsta to win?No mics, no Unsigned Hype, nigga posesthe The SourcePlus castle awards ns don't needAnd them niggas breath the same air as me, acting prefer they don't bleedWe don't journey the same speed, this a continental TThat's a situation of Armadale, this a continent suiteSo I'mma drown in my very own sorrowsLive life, fuck tomorrow, nigga 'cause reality is w/ variations + ad libsI to be gassed up, murder Inc., Roc-A-Fella happen upSat in Daddy's home with black Rob and Lou and also asked PuffNow The Game's set in stone, the Franck Muller's collection in stonesDre reduced me a check, I'm goneTryin' to it is in the king that the streets, niggas'll wet your throneBut I got nieces come feed, two coasts to pleaseSo ns roam v the city choose the ghost of EGotta put Compton earlier where it's 'sposed come beNuthin' in between all mine niggas that's close come meIn the highways with 2 fellas packin' toast because that meI'm 'posed come be, got all the movie critics watchin' my pivotOn mine block in the Coupe readin' kites native prisonI acquired niggas act life in prisonAll mine fallen soldiers is one of the factors we pour out liquorSo this track is because that Ms. Wallace, Afeni ShakurAnd every the mother of dead sons that went the end in the war