Season 3 illustration 10 - Beg because that What You require

Candace puts a setup into action to save herself and also Benny from War"s rage. Katheryn pleads with Hanna come not finish their friendship. Veronica handles the hired assassin hiding in her residence in an unexpected manner. Air day : 8th-Mar-2016

Season 3 episode 1 - The Waters operation Deep

Katheryn and also Veronica space taken come the police terminal Candace and Jeffrey i dont agree on what to do with Quincy"s body when interrupted through a punch on the door. Air day : 5th-Jan-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 2 - to Hell and also BackTo Hell And back

Katheryn has had a the majority of time for reflection while cooling her heels behind bars through Veronica. Candace and Jeffery get a visit indigenous police because of a nosy neighbor. Air date : 12th-Jan-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 3 - The Payback

Katheryn is take away aback by the photograph of Veronica in the arms of one more man. Quincy wakes up and begs because that Candace"s help. Air day : 19th-Jan-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 4 - Blood Is Thicker 보다 Water

Katheryn is unshaken by the DA"s effort to push. Candace"s lies capture up v her. Air date : 26th-Jan-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 5 - your Time Is increase

Benny agrees to assist Candace hide evidence in Quincy"s murder. Air day : 2nd-Feb-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 6 - do Millions

Quincy Jr. Passes the end on Hanna after gaining really sick and is taken to the hospital and placed in ICU. Air date : 9th-Feb-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 7 - A Front row Seat

Maggie"s lie to David could cause her to lose him forever; Katheryn gets out of jail but she can"t discover anyone to help Jim or Veronica. Air date : 16th-Feb-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 8 - Unexpected tourists

Candace interrogates the society worker; Hanna is steaking the end at Cryer"s mansion waiting for your return; Katheryn goes come visit David but tiny does she know that Wyatt is one action closer to gaining his inheritance. Air day : 23rd-Feb-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 9 - I pick My child

Quita and also Daylon break into Candace"s house yet are caught by Pearl, who calls her child Justin and his police squad to arrest them; Justin proceeds to harass Jeffery. Air date : 1st-Mar-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 10 - Beg for What You need

Candace puts a setup into activity to save herself and also Benny from War"s rage. Katheryn pleads through Hanna come not end their friendship. Veronica handle the hired assassin hiding in her residence in an unanticipated manner. Air day : 8th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 11 - 48 hrs

Warlock has pushed increase Candace"s early date, for this reason she goes come the bank to mortgage the houses and Benny"s tow yard. Air date : 16th-Mar-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 12 - My girlfriend Maggie

Maggie visit"s Veronica"s home and gets the surprised of she life Air date : 21st-Mar-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 13 - Criminology 101

Veronica treats David with much malice. Air date : 28th-Jun-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 14 - offering Candy come a baby

After talking v Pearl, Hanna wishes to gain custody of Quincy Jr. Air date : 5th-Jul-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 15 - The apologize Tree

Katheryn Cryer tries come process difficult news about one of her closest household members. Air date : 12th-Jul-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 16 - The heart of a guy

Veronica and Jeffery walk to visit Katheryn however Veronica pushes Jeffery to his limit. Air date : 19th-Jul-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 17 - an Accident

Jeffrey starts to implode so he call Candace and also Justin because that help. Air day : 26th-Jul-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 18 - A Tragic assumption

Jennifer come at Katheryn"s residence to tell her that Wyatt is alive. Air day : 2nd-Aug-2016Read More

Season 3 episode 19 - ns Am wolf

Jim groups up through a former opponent in his scheme versus Candace. Air date : 9th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 20 - back in company

Mitch breaks up the fight between David and also Benny; David gets some shocking information about Mitch. Air date : 16th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 21 - The Fugitive

The police space on the look the end for Hanna so they concern Candace and Benny. Air date : 23rd-Aug-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 22 - The Silk Handkerchief

Benny learns the reality of exactly how Candace financed his property. Candace lastly tells the the truth about War and also how she acquired the money, and what Mitch did however he doesn"t believe her. Air date : 30th-Aug-2016Read More

Season 3 illustration 23 - promises Kept

Katheryn explodes when she is driven to the limit. Benny finds the end the truth around War by Mitch, who likewise reveals to Benny that he yes, really is. Air date : 6th-Sep-2016Read More


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