Humanity to be on the brink the destruction. Muyoung, one assassin indigenous the woodland of Death, dropped to his knees. There were corpses all around him. Because that years, that had worked for the forest of Death and had finally been able to eradicate them. Now, he, himself, was around to die. That closed his eyes as he feeling his heart protect against beating.

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Suddenly, Muyoung opened up his eyes. By part miracle, he to be still alive. He climate realized the he had actually gone earlier 40 year in time. Join him as he decides to deal with humanity’s past mistakes and fight against the 72 demons of the Underworld.

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Status: chapter 179
Sep 8, 2021

I don"t understand who the people who threw stars at this story are (20 civilization rated prior to me, but none of castle bothered to review) ; ns think that is safe to neglect the star rating and trust my rating.

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Basically a story around a male who was sucked into hell, was brainwashed to end up being an assassin, broke his conditioning, and died if trying to seek revenge (in hell). Yet then, to be reincarnated-repeat back to his first day in hell. Numerous foreknowledge and an enig knowledge permitting him to end up being crazy OP, mega plot armor, monsters, demons, mythical races, etc. (Demons which are a major part of the story haven"t also yet attacked hell, castle were... What else? There are still a bunch of god demigods, pseudo-gods, high elves, world-trees, etc. In pat that room somehow involved in hell and also what is happening... Many unexplained stuff i can"t imagine the author wraps increase or explains in the remaining 70 chapters prior to the story ends.)

Author, in thing 153 seems to be providing up top top the story. He is beginning to throw in random occasions and activity sequences quite than utilizing foreshadowing or logical plot progression (what small previously existed). The story is beginning to breakdown and become really confusing and also repetitive. Based on the thing list, that looks favor he wraps things up after ~ a further 70 chapters, which seems really rushed from wherein I"m analysis in the book. Many his significant goals space barely started and also he is only progressed 1 out of the 10 years the were claimed to be remaining until the intrusion of demons right into hell. I"ll amend the testimonial if it gets any kind of better. (Edit: it doesnt obtain better, confound McMuffins with little or no foreshadowing, time loop hijinks, through Ch. 179 ns was entirely lost... Not going to check out further.)

I"d say placed this on your "probably keep looking" list and also find some completed stories with higher ratings; I"ve read a countless many numerous stories that were completed and also were superior to this in the isekai and/or reincarnated and/or fantasy genre.