APOLLODORUS or Pseudo-Apollodorus is the surname traditionally provided to the author of the Greek work known as The Library or Bibliotheca, a compendium of legend sourced native old Greek epic and the theatre of the Tragedians. The occupational was traditionally ascribed come Apollodorus that Alexandria, a Greek scholar who prospered in the C2nd B.C., but his authorship is now dismissed. The work is generally thought to it is in a C2nd A.D. Compilation.

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Apollodorus. The Library. Analyzed by sir James George Frazer. Loeb classical Library volumes 121 & 122. Cambridge, MA, Harvard university Press; London, wilhelm Heinemann Ltd. 1921.

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1. Theogony: birth of Zeus2. Theogony: war of the Titans3. Theogony: Olympian Gods4. Apollo & Artemis5. Demeter & Persephone6. Battle of the Giants, Typhon7. Prometheus, Deucalion, Daughters that Aeolus8. Oeneus, Meleager, Tydeus9. Young of Aeolus, Melampus, Admetus, Pelias, Argonauts


1. Io, Danaides2. Proetus, Proetides3. Bellerophon4. Perseus, sons of Perseus, Amphitryon, birth of Heracles5. Twelve Labours of Heracles6. Wars of Heracles7. Heracleidae


1. Europa, Minos, Pasiphae2. Catreus3. Glaucus4. Cadmus, Semele, Actaeon5. Dionysus, Antiope, Amphion & Zethus, Oedipus6. Seven versus Thebes7. Epigoni8. Lycaon, Callisto9. Auge, Atalanta10. Pleiades, Hermes, Coronis, Asclepius, Leda, Suitors of Helen11. Dioscuri12. Dardanus, Ilus, Priam, Aeacus, Telamon13. Peleus & Thetis14. Cecrops, Adonis, Tereus & Procne, Erichthonius15. Cephalus, Oreithyia, Eumolpus, Aegeus16. Theseus


1. Theseus cont.2. Tantalus, Pelops, Atreus3. Trojan War: Antehomerica4. Trojan War: Iliad5. Trojan War: Posthomerica6. Trojan War: Returns7. Odyssey & Telegonia

THE LIBRARY book 1, interpreted BY J. G. FRAZER

<1.1.1> skies was the very first who ruled over the entirety world.1 and having wedded Earth, that begat very first the Hundred-handed, as they are named: Briareus, Gyes, Cottus, that were unsurpassed in size and also might, every of them having actually a hundreds hands and fifty heads.2

<1.1.2> after ~ these, earth bore that the Cyclopes, to wit, Arges, Steropes, Brontes3 of who each had actually one eye top top his forehead. But them skies bound and cast right into Tartarus, a gloomy ar in Hades as far distant from earth as earth is distant from the sky.4

<1.1.3> and again the begat kids by Earth, to wit, the Titans as they room named: Ocean, Coeus, Hyperion, Crius, Iapetus, and, youngest that all, Cronus; also daughters, the Titanides together they space called: Tethys, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Dione, Thia.5

<1.1.4> but Earth, grieved in ~ the damage of she children, who had been actors into Tartarus, persuaded the Titans to assault their father and gave Cronus one adamantine sickle. And they, all yet Ocean, assaulted him, and also Cronus reduced off his father\"s genitals and also threw them right into the sea; and also from the fall of the flowing blood to be born Furies, come wit, Alecto, Tisiphone, and also Megaera.6 And, having dethroned their father, they brought up your brethren who had been hurled under to Tartarus, and committed the sovereignty to Cronus.

<1.1.5> yet he again bound and also shut them up in Tartarus, and wedded his sister Rhea; and since both Earth and Sky foretold him that he would certainly be dethroned by his own son, he offered to swallow his offspring in ~ birth. His firstborn Hestia he swallowed, then Demeter and Hera, and also after them Pluto and also Poseidon.7

<1.1.6> Enraged at this, Rhea repaired come Crete, as soon as she was large with Zeus, and also brought him forth in a cave of Dicte.8 She provided him to the Curetes and also to the nymphs Adrastia and Ida, daughters that Melisseus, come nurse.

<1.1.7> So this nymphs fed the kid on the milk that Amalthea9; and also the Curetes in arms guarded the babe in the cave, clashing their spears on their shields in order the Cronus can not hear the child\"s voice.10 yet Rhea sheathe a rock in swaddling clothes and also gave it come Cronus to swallow, as if it to be the child child.11

<1.2.1> yet when Zeus to be full-grown, he take it Metis, daughter that Ocean, to help him, and also she offered Cronus a drug to swallow,12 which required him to disgorge first the rock and then the kids whom he had swallowed, and also with their help Zeus waged the war versus Cronus and the Titans.13 They fought for ten years, and Earth prophesied victory14 come Zeus if the should have actually as allies those who had actually been hurled under to Tartarus. So he slew your jailoress Campe, and also loosed their bonds. And the Cyclopes then provided Zeus thunder and lightning and a thunderbolt,15 and on Pluto they bestowed a helmet and on Poseidon a trident. Equipped with these tools the gods overcame the Titans, closeup of the door them increase in Tartarus, and also appointed the Hundred-handers their guards16; however they themselves actors lots because that the sovereignty, and also to Zeus was allotted the rule of the sky, come Poseidon the ascendancy of the sea, and to Pluto the dominance in Hades.17

<1.2.2> now to the Titans were born offspring: come Ocean and also Tethys were born Oceanids, to wit, Asia, Styx, Electra, Doris, Eurynome, Amphitrite, and also Metis18; come Coeus and Phoebe to be born Asteria and Latona19; come Hyperion and also Thia were born Dawn, Sun, and Moon20; to Crius and also Eurybia, daughter the Sea (Pontus), were born Astraeus, Pallas, and Perses21;

<1.2.3> come Iapetus and Asia to be born Atlas, who has actually the sky on his shoulders, and Prometheus, and also Epimetheus, and Menoetius, he whom Zeus in the fight with the Titans smote through a thunderbolt and also hurled under to Tartarus.22

<1.2.4> and to Cronus and Philyra was born Chiron, a centaur of double form23; and to Dawn and also Astraeus to be born winds and also stars24; to Perses and Asteria was born Hecate25; and also to Pallas and Styx were born Victory, Dominion, Emulation, and also Violence.26

<1.2.5> but Zeus led to oaths to be sworn through the water the Styx, which operation from a absent in Hades, bestowing this respect on her because she and also her kids had fought on his side versus the Titans.27

<1.2.6> and also to Sea (Pontus) and Earth were born Phorcus, Thaumas, Nereus, Eurybia, and also Ceto.28 now to Thaumas and Electra to be born Iris and also the Harpies, Aello and Ocypete29; and to Phorcus and also Ceto to be born the Phorcides and also Gorgons,30 of whom we shall speak once we law of Perseus.

<1.2.7> come Nereus and also Doris were born the Nereids,31 who names are Cymothoe, Spio, Glauconome, Nausithoe, Halie, Erato, Sao, Amphitrite, Eunice, Thetis, Eulimene, Agave, Eudore, Doto, Pherusa, Galatea, Actaea, Pontomedusa, Hippothoe, Lysianassa, Cymo, Eione, Halimede, Plexaure, Eucrante, Proto, Calypso, Panope, Cranto, Neomeris, Hipponoe, Ianira, Polynome, Autonoe, Melite, Dione, Nesaea, Dero, Evagore, Psamathe, Eumolpe, Ione, Dynamene, Ceto, and also Limnoria.

<1.3.1> currently Zeus wedded Hera and begat Hebe, Ilithyia, and Ares,32 but he had actually intercourse with countless women, both mortals and also immortals. By Themis, daughter that Sky, he had daughters, the Seasons, come wit, Peace, Order, and Justice; additionally the Fates, to wit, Clotho, Lachesis, and also Atropus33; through Dione he had actually Aphrodite34; by Eurynome, daughter the Ocean, he had the Graces, to wit, Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia35; by Styx he had Persephone36; and also by storage (Mnemosyne) he had the Muses, first Calliope, climate Clio, Melpomene, Euterpe, Erato, Terpsichore, Urania, Thalia, and Polymnia.37

<1.3.2> now Calliope bore to Oeagrus or, nominally, come Apollo, a kid Linus,38 who Hercules slew; and also another son, Orpheus,39 that practised minstrelsy and by his songs relocated stones and also trees. And when his mam Eurydice died, bitten through a snake, that went under to Hades, gift fain to carry her up,40 and also he convinced Pluto come send she up. The god promised to execute so, if ~ above the way Orpheus would certainly not turn round till he need to be come to his own house. However he disobeyed and transforming round beheld his wife; so she rotate back. Orpheus additionally invented the mysteries of Dionysus,41 and also having been torn in pieces by the Maenads42 the is hidden in Pieria.

<1.3.3> Clio dropped in love through Pierus, child of Magnes, in consequence of the wrath the Aphrodite, whom she had twitted through her love that Adonis; and also having met the she boring him a kid Hyacinth, for whom Thamyris, the boy of Philammon and a nymph Argiope, conceived a passion, he being the an initial to end up being enamored that males. But afterwards Apollo love Hyacinth and killed him involuntarily through the cast of a quoit.43 and also Thamyris, that excelled in beauty and also in minstrelsy, involved in a musical dispute with the Muses, the agreement being that, if that won, he must enjoy castle all, yet that if he need to be vanquished he must be bereft of what lock would. Therefore the Muses gained the far better of him and bereft that both of his eyes and of his minstrelsy.44

<1.3.4> Euterpe had by the river Strymon a boy Rhesus, whom Diomedes slew at Troy45; but some speak his mother was Calliope. Thalia had by Apollo the Corybantes46; and Melpomene had by Achelous the Sirens, that whom we shall speak in dealing with of Ulysses.47

<1.3.5> Hera provided birth come Hephaestus without intercourse through the various other sex,48 but according to Homer he was among her youngsters by Zeus.49 him Zeus cast out that heaven, since he pertained to the rescue that Hera in her bonds.50 For as soon as Hercules had taken Troy and was at sea, Hera sent out a storm ~ him; so Zeus hung she from Olympus.51 Hephaestus dropped on Lemnos and also was lamed of his legs,52 but Thetis saved him.53

<1.3.6> Zeus had actually intercourse with Metis, who turned into many shapes in order to protect against his embraces. Once she was through child, Zeus, acquisition time through the forelock, swallowed her, since Earth said that, after offering birth come the maiden who was then in she womb, Metis would bear a child who have to be the lord of heaven. From are afraid of that Zeus swallowed her.54 and when the moment came because that the birth to take place, Prometheus or, together others say, Hephaestus, smote the head of Zeus through an axe, and also Athena, fully armed, leaped increase from the peak of his head in ~ the flow Triton.55

<1.4.1>Of the daughters the Coeus, Asteria in the likeness the a quail flung herself into the sea in order come escape the amorous advancements of Zeus, and a city to be formerly called after she Asteria, but afterwards it was called Delos.56 yet Latona for she intrigue v Zeus was pursued by Hera over the whole earth, till she involved Delos and brought forth an initial Artemis, through the assist of who midwifery she afterwards gave birth to Apollo.57

Now Artemis devoted herself to the chase and also remained a maid; but Apollo learned the arts of prophecy from Pan, the boy of Zeus and Hybris,58 and also came to Delphi, wherein Themis at that time supplied to provide oracles59; and also when the line Python, i m sorry guarded the oracle, would have actually hindered that from pull close the chasm,60 he eliminated it and also took over the oracle.61 no long afterwards he slew also Tityus, that was a son of Zeus and also Elare, daughter that Orchomenus; because that her, after he had debauched her, Zeus hid under the earth for are afraid of Hera, and also brought soon to the light the child Tityus, that monstrous size, who she had actually borne in she womb.62 once Latona came to Pytho, Tityus beheld her, and also overpowered by lust drew her to him. But she dubbed her children to her aid, and they shot the down with their arrows. And he is punished also after death; because that vultures eat his love in Hades.63

<1.4.2> Apollo also slew Marsyas, the son of Olympus. Because that Marsyas, having found the pipes which Athena had actually thrown away due to the fact that they disfigured she face,64 involved in a musical challenge with Apollo. Lock agreed the the victor have to work his will certainly on the vanquished, and also when the psychological took ar Apollo rotate his lyre upside down in the competition and also bade Marsyas execute the same. Yet Marsyas might not, so Apollo to be judged the victor and also despatched Marsyas by hanging that on a high pine tree and stripping turn off his skin.65

<1.4.3> and Artemis slew Orion in Delos.66 they say that he to be of gigantic stature and born that the earth; but Pherecydes says that he to be a child of Poseidon and also Euryale.67 Poseidon bestowed on the the power of striding across the sea.68 He first married Side,69 who Hera actors into Hades because she rivalled herself in beauty. Later on he saw Chios and wooed Merope, daughter that Oenopion. But Oenopion made the drunk, put out his eyes together he slept, and cast him on the beach. But he saw the smithy of Hephaestus, and snatching up a lad collection him top top his shoulders and bade him lead him come the sunrise. Being come thither he was healed through the sun\"s rays, and having recovered his sight he hastened with every speed versus Oenopion.

<1.4.4> however for him Poseidon had actually made ready a house under the earth created by Hephaestus.70 and also Dawn dropped in love through Orion and also carried him off and brought him come Delos; because that Aphrodite resulted in Dawn to be perpetually in love, because she had bedded v Ares.

<1.4.5> yet Orion to be killed, as some say, for an overwhelming Artemis to a complement at quoits, yet some speak he to be shot through Artemis for supplying violence come Opis, among the maidens who had come from the Hyperboreans.71

Poseidon wedded Amphitrite, daughter the Ocean, and also there to be born come him Triton72 and also Rhode, that was married to the Sun.73

<1.5.1> Pluto dropped in love through Persephone and also with the aid of Zeus lugged her turn off secretly.74 but Demeter went around seeking her all over the earth with torches by night and also day, and also learning from the human being of Hermion the Pluto had carried her off,75 she to be wroth with the gods and quitted heaven, and came in the likeness that a woman to Eleusis. And first she sat under on the absent which has actually been named Laughless after her, beside what is called the well of the same Dances76; thereupon she make her method to Celeus, that at that time reigned end the Eleusinians. Some females were in the house, and also when they bade her sit down alongside them, a specific old crone, Iambe, joked the goddess and made she smile.77 because that that reason they say that the females break jests at the Thesmophoria.78

But Metanira, wife of Celeus, had actually a child and Demeter received it to nurse, and also wishing to make it immortal she collection the babe the nights on the fire and also stripped turn off its mortal flesh. Yet as Demophon -- for the was the child\"s surname -- thrived marvelously through day, Praxithea watched, and discovering him buried in the fire she cry out; wherefore the babe to be consumed by the fire and also the goddess revealed herself.79

<1.5.2> but for Triptolemus, the elder the Metanira\"s children, she made a chariot that winged dragons, and also gave that wheat, through which, wafted with the sky, that sowed the whole inhabited earth.80 however Panyasis affirms that Triptolemus to be a son of Eleusis, because that he states that Demeter involved him. Pherecydes, however, says that he to be a son of Ocean and Earth.81

<1.5.3> yet when Zeus notified Pluto come send increase the Maid, Pluto offered her a seed of a pomegranate come eat, in order the she can not tarry long with her mother.82 no foreseeing the consequence, she swallowed it; and also because Ascalaphus, kid of Acheron and Gorgyra, bore witness versus her, Demeter laid a heavy rock on the in Hades.83 yet Persephone to be compelled to continue to be a 3rd of yearly with Pluto and also the rest of the time with the gods.84

<1.6.1> together is the legend that Demeter. But Earth, vexed top top account that the Titans, brought forth the giants, whom she had actually by Sky.85 These were matchless in the mass of their bodies and also invincible in your might; damaging of facet did castle appear, with long locks drooping from your head and chin, and also with the scale of dragons because that feet.86 They to be born, as some say, in Phlegrae, however according to rather in Pallene.87 and they darted rocks and burning oaks at the sky. Surpassing every the rest were Porphyrion and also Alcyoneus, that was also immortal so lengthy as he battled in the floor of his birth. He likewise drove away the cows the the sunlight from Erythia. Currently the gods had actually an oracle the none the the giants can perish at the hand that gods, however that with the help of a mortal they would be do an finish of. Finding out of this, planet sought because that a simple to avoid the giants from being damaged even through a mortal. Yet Zeus forbade the Dawn and the Moon and the sunlight to shine, and then, before anybody else could get it, that culled the simple himself, and by way of Athena summoned Hercules come his help. Hercules an initial shot Alcyoneus through an arrow, yet when the giant dropped on the floor he rather revived. However, at Athena\"s advice Hercules dragged him outside Pallene, and also so the giant died.88

<1.6.2> yet in the battle Porphyrion attacked Hercules and Hera. However Zeus influenced him v lust for Hera, and also when that tore she robes and also would have compelled her, she called for help, and also Zeus smote him with a thunderbolt, and also Hercules shot the dead v an arrow.89 together for the other giants, Ephialtes to be shot through Apollo through an arrowhead in his left eye and also by Hercules in his right; Eurytus was eliminated by Dionysus v a thyrsus, and Clytius by Hecate with torches, and Mimas through Hephaestus v missiles that red-hot metal.90 Enceladus fled, however Athena threw on him in his flight the island that Sicily91; and she flayed Pallas and also used his skin to shield her very own body in the fight.92 Polybotes to be chased with the sea by Poseidon and also came come Cos; and also Poseidon, breaking off that piece of the island i beg your pardon is dubbed Nisyrum, threw that on him.93 and also Hermes, attract the helmet the Hades,94 slew Hippolytus in the fight, and also Artemis slew Gration. And also the Fates, fighting through brazer clubs, killed Agrius and also Thoas. The other giants Zeus smote and also destroyed with thunderbolts and all of them Hercules shot through arrows as they to be dying.

<1.6.3> once the gods had overcome the giants, Earth, still more enraged, had intercourse with Tartarus and brought soon Typhon in Cilicia,95 a hybrid in between man and also beast. In size and strength he surpassed all the offspring that Earth. As much as the thighs he to be of person shape and of together prodigious mass that that out-topped every the mountains, and also his head frequently brushed the stars. Among his hands reached out to the west and the various other to the east, and also from castle projected a hundred dragons\" heads. Indigenous the thighs downward he had substantial coils the vipers, which when drawn out, reached to his an extremely head and emitted a according to hissing. His human body was all winged96: unkempt hair streamed ~ above the wind from his head and also cheeks; and fire flashed from his eyes. Such and so good was Typhon when, hurling kindled rocks, he created the very heaven through hissings and shouts, spouting a good jet the fire indigenous his mouth. Yet when the gods experienced him rushing at heaven, they made for Egypt in flight, and also being gone after they adjusted their creates into those the animals.97 yet Zeus pelted Typhon at a distance with thunderbolts, and at close quarters struck him down v an adamantine sickle, and as that fled sought him carefully as far as mount Casius, which overhangs Syria. There, see the monster sick wounded, the grappled through him. Yet Typhon twined around him and also gripped that in his coils, and wresting the sickle from the severed the sinews that his hands and also feet, and also lifting the on his shoulders brought him through the sea to Cilicia and deposited the on come in the Corycian cave. Similarly he placed away the sinews there also, surprise in a bearskin, and also he set to guard castle the she-dragon Delphyne, who was a half-bestial maiden. However Hermes and also Aegipan stole the sinews and also fitted them unobserved to Zeus.98 and also having recovered his stamin Zeus unexpectedly from heaven, talk in a chariot that winged horses, pelted Typhon through thunderbolts and also pursued him come the mountain dubbed Nysa, where the Fates beguiled the fugitive; because that he tasted of the ephemeral fruits in the persuasion the he would be strengthened thereby.99 So being again pursued he concerned Thrace, and also in fighting at mountain Haemus he heaved entirety mountains. But when these recoiled on him with the force of the thunderbolt, a currently of blood gushed the end on the mountain, and also they say that from that circumstance the hill was called Haemus.100 and when he began to flee with the Sicilian sea, Zeus actors Mount Etna in Sicily upon him. That is a large mountain, from which down to this day they say the blasts of fire issue from the thunderbolts that were thrown.101 So much for that subject.

<1.7.1> Prometheus moulded guys out of water and also earth102 and also gave them also fire, which, unknown come Zeus, he had actually hidden in a stalk of fennel.103 yet when Zeus learned that it, he ordered Hephaestus to nail his human body to mountain Caucasus, i m sorry is a Scythian mountain. On it Prometheus was nailed and also kept tied for numerous years. Every day an eagle swooped ~ above him and devoured the lobes of his liver, which flourished by night. The was the penalty the Prometheus paid for the theft of fire till Hercules later on released him, together we shall present in taking care of Hercules.104

<1.7.2> and Prometheus had a kid Deucalion.105 that reigning in the regions about Phthia, married Pyrrha, the daughter of Epimetheus and also Pandora, the first woman fashioned through the gods.106 and also when Zeus would damage the males of the copper Age, Deucalion through the advice that Prometheus created a chest,107 and also having stored it with provisions that embarked in it v Pyrrha. However Zeus through pouring heavy rain from heaven flooded the greater component of Greece, so the all males were destroyed, except a couple of who fled to the high hills in the neighborhood. It to be then that the hills in Thessaly parted, and that every the civilization outside the Isthmus and Peloponnese was overwhelmed. But Deucalion, floating in the chest end the sea for nine days and as numerous nights, drifted come Parnassus, and also there, when the rain ceased, that landed and sacrificed to Zeus, the god the Escape. And also Zeus sent out Hermes to him and permitted him to pick what that would, and he made decision to acquire men. And at the bidding of Zeus he take it up stones and also threw them end his head, and the stones i beg your pardon Deucalion threw ended up being men, and also the stones i beg your pardon Pyrrha threw came to be women. Hence world were dubbed metaphorically world (laos) native laas, “a stone.” 108 and also Deucalion had kids by Pyrrha, an initial Hellen, whose father some say was Zeus, and second Amphictyon, who reigned end Attica after Cranaus; and third a daughter Protogenia, who became the mother of Aethlius through Zeus.109

<1.7.3> Hellen had Dorus, Xuthus, and Aeolus110 through a nymph Orseis. Those who were referred to as Greeks he named Hellenes after ~ himself,111 and also divided the country amongst his sons. Xuthus got Peloponnese and begat Achaeus and Ion by Creusa, daughter the Erechtheus, and from Achaeus and also Ion the Achaeans and Ionians derive your names. Dorus received the nation over versus Peloponnese and called the inhabitants Dorians after ~ himself.112 Aeolus reigned end the regions about Thessaly and also named the occupants Aeolians.113 the married Enarete, daughter of Deimachus, and begat 7 sons, Cretheus, Sisyphus, Athamas, Salmoneus, Deion, Magnes, Perieres, and also five daughters, Canace, Alcyone, Pisidice, Calyce, Perimede.114

Perimede had actually Hippodamas and also Orestes by Achelous; and Pisidice had actually Antiphus and Actor by Myrmidon.

<1.7.4> Alcyone to be married through Ceyx, kid of Lucifer.115 These died by reason of their pride; because that he said that his mam was Hera, and also she claimed that she husband was Zeus.116 but Zeus turned them into birds; she he made a kingfisher (alcyon) and also him a gannet (ceyx).117

Canace had actually by Poseidon Hopleus and also Nireus and Epopeus and Aloeus and also Triops. Aloeus wedded Iphimedia, daughter the Triops; but she dropped in love through Poseidon, and also often going to the sea she would attract up the waves with her hands and also pour them into her lap. Poseidon met her and begat two sons, Otus and also Ephialtes, that are dubbed the Aloads.118 these grew yearly a cubit in breadth and also a fathom in height; and when they to be nine year old,119 being nine cubits wide and ripe fathoms high, they solved to fight against the gods, and also they collection Ossa on Olympus, and also having set Pelion ~ above Ossa they intimidated by way of these hills to ascend up to heaven, and also they stated that by pour it until it is full up the sea with the mountains they would make it dried land, and the land they would make sea. And Ephialtes wooed Hera, and also Otus wooed Artemis; moreover they put Ares in bonds.120 However, Hermes rescued Ares through stealth, and Artemis eliminated the Aloads in Naxos by a ruse. Because that she changed herself into a deer and also leaped in between them, and also in your eagerness to hit the quarry lock threw your darts at every other.121

<1.7.5> Calyce and also Aethlius had a boy Endymion that led Aeolians indigenous Thessaly and founded Elis. But some say that he was a kid of Zeus. Together he to be of surpassing beauty, the Moon fell in love with him, and Zeus enabled him to choose what the would, and he determined to sleep because that ever, continuing to be deathless and also ageless.122

<1.7.6> Endymion had actually by a Naiad nymph or, as part say, through Iphianassa, a boy Aetolus, that slew Apis, son of Phoroneus, and also fled to the Curetian country. Over there he killed his hosts, Dorus and Laodocus and Polypoetes, the young of Phthia and Apollo, and called the country Aetolia after himself.123

<1.7.7> Aetolus and also Pronoe, daughter the Phorbus, had sons, Pleuron and Calydon, after who the urban in Aetolia were named. Pleuron wedded Xanthippe, daughter the Dorus, and begat a son Agenor, and also daughters, Sterope and also Stratonice and Laophonte. Calydon and also Aeolia, daughter the Amythaon, had daughters, Epicaste and Protogenia, who had Oxylus by Ares. And also Agenor, child of Pleuron, married Epicaste, daughter that Calydon, and also begat Porthaon and also Demonice, who had actually Evenus, Molus, Pylus, and also Thestius by Ares.

<1.7.8> Evenus begat Marpessa, who was wooed by Apollo, yet Idas, son of Aphareus, lugged her turn off in a winged chariot which he obtained from Poseidon.124 pursuing him in a chariot, Evenus pertained to the river Lycormas, yet when he could not capture him that slaughtered his horses and threw himself right into the river, and the flow is dubbed Evenus after ~ him.

<1.7.9> yet Idas came to Messene, and Apollo, fallout’s in v him, would have actually robbed the of the damsel. Together they combated for the girl\"s hand, Zeus parted castle and enabled the maiden herself to pick which of the 2 she would marry; and she, since she feared that Apollo could desert she in her old age, determined Idas for her husband.125

<1.7.10> Thestius had daughters and sons by Eurythemis, daughter the Cleoboea: the daughters were Althaea, Leda,126 Hypermnestra, and also the males to be Iphiclus, Evippus, Plexippus, and Eurypylus.

Porthaon and Euryte, daughter that Hippodamas, had sons, Oeneus, Agrius, Alcathous, Melas, Leucopeus, and a daughter Sterope, that is claimed to have been the mother of the Sirens through Achelous.

<1.8.1> Reigning over Calydon, Oeneus was the an initial who obtained a vine-plant indigenous Dionysus.127 that married Althaea, daughter of Thestius, and begat Toxeus, whom he slew v his very own hand because he leaped end the ditch.128 and besides Toxeus he had Thyreus and also Clymenus, and also a daughter Gorge, who Andraemon married, and another daughter Deianira, who is claimed to have actually been begotten on Althaea through Dionysus. This Deianira drove a chariot and practised the art of war, and Hercules wrestled for her hand with Achelous.129

<1.8.2> Althaea had also a child Meleager,130 by Oeneus, despite they say the he was begotten by Ares. It is said that, when he was 7 days old, the Fates came and declared the Meleager should die when the brand burn on the hearth was scorched out. On hear that, Althaea snatched up the brand and also deposited the in a chest.131 Meleager flourished up to it is in an invulnerable and also gallant man, however came by his end in the complying with way. In sacrifice the an initial fruits of the annual crops the the nation to every the gods Oeneus forgot Artemis alone. But she in she wrath sent a boar of particularly size and strength, i beg your pardon prevented the land from gift sown and also destroyed the cattle and the civilization that dropped in v it. To assault this boar Oeneus referred to as together every the noblest men of Greece, and also promised that to him who should kill the beast the would give the skin together a prize. Now the guys who assembled to hunt the boar were these132 :-- Meleager, son of Oeneus; Dryas, kid of Ares; these came from Calydon; Idas and also Lynceus, sons of Aphareus, native Messene; Castor and Pollux, boy of Zeus and also Leda, from Lacedaemon; Theseus, son of Aegeus, from Athens; Admetus, kid of Pheres, native Pherae; Ancaeus and also Cepheus, boy of Lycurgus, native Arcadia; Jason, son of Aeson, indigenous Iolcus; Iphicles, boy of Amphitryon, native Thebes; Pirithous, boy of Ixion, indigenous Larissa; Peleus, child of Aeacus, indigenous Phthia; Telamon, boy of Aeacus, from Salamis; Eurytion, kid of Actor, from Phthia; Atalanta, daughter that Schoeneus, native Arcadia; Amphiaraus, kid of Oicles, from Argos. Through them came also the boy of Thestius. And when they were assembled, Oeneus entertained them because that nine days; but on the tenth, once Cepheus and also Ancaeus and also some others disdained come go searching with a woman, Meleager compelled lock to follow the chase through her, because that he wanted to have a child likewise by Atalanta, though he had to wife Cleopatra, daughter the Idas and Marpessa. Once they surrounded the boar, Hyleus and Ancaeus were eliminated by the brute, and Peleus struck under Eurytion undesignedly v a javelin. But Atalanta was the very first to shooting the boar in the ago with one arrow, and also Amphiaraus to be the beside shoot it in the eye; however Meleager killed it by a stab in the flank, and also on receiving the skin provided it to Atalanta. Nonetheless the sons of Thestius, thinking scorn that a woman should get the compensation in the confront of men, take it the skin native her, alleging the it belonged to them by appropriate of birth if Meleager walk not select to take it.

<1.8.3> yet Meleager in a fury slew the sons of Thestius and also gave the skin come Atalanta. However, native grief at the slaughter of her brothers Althaea kindled the brand, and Meleager immediately expired.

But some say that Meleager did not die in that way,133 yet that when the sons of Thestius asserted the skin on the ground that Iphiclus had been the first to struggle the boar, war damaged out between the Curetes and the Calydonians; and also when Meleager had sallied out134 and slain some of the young of Thestius, Althaea cursed him, and he in a rage remained at home; however, when the adversary approached the walls, and also the citizens supplicated that to concerned the rescue, he gave in reluctantly to his wife and also sallied forth, and also having eliminated the remainder of the sons of Thestius, he himself fell fighting. After ~ the fatality of Meleager, Althaea and also Cleopatra hanged themselves, and the women that mourned the dead male were turned into birds.135

<1.8.4> ~ Althaea\"s death Oeneus married Periboea, daughter of Hipponous. The writer of the Thebaid claims that as soon as Olenus to be sacked, Oeneus obtained Periboea as a gift the honor; however Hesiod states that she was seduced through Hippostratus, boy of Amarynceus, and also that her father Hipponous sent out her away from Olenus in Achaia to Oeneus, due to the fact that he dwelt much from Greece, v an injunction to placed her to death.136

<1.8.5> However, some say the Hipponous found that his daughter had actually been debauched by Oeneus, and also therefore he sent out her away to him when she was through child. By her Oeneus begat Tydeus. But Pisander claims that the mommy of Tydeus was Gorge, because that Zeus willed it the Oeneus should fall in love v his own daughter.137

When Tydeus had actually grown to it is in a gallant guy he was banished for killing, as some say, Alcathous, brothers of Oeneus; however according to the author of the Alcmaeonid his victims to be the sons of Melas who had plotted versus Oeneus, their names gift Pheneus, Euryalus, Hyperlaus, Antiochus, Eumedes, Sternops, Xanthippus, Sthenelaus; yet as Pherecydes will have it, that murdered his very own brother Olenias.138 gift arraigned by Agrius, that fled come Argos and also came come Adrastus, who daughter Deipyle the married and begat Diomedes.

Tydeus marched versus Thebes v Adrastus,139 and died of a wound i beg your pardon he got at the hand of Melanippus.

<1.8.6> but the boy of Agrius, come wit, Thersites, Onchestus, Prothous, Celeutor, Lycopeus, Melanippus, wrested the kingdom indigenous Oeneus and also gave that to their father, and an ext than that they imprisoned Oeneus in his lifetime and also tormented him.140 nevertheless Diomedes after that came privately with Alcmaeon indigenous Argos and put to death all the sons of Agrius, except Onchestus and also Thersites, who had fled betimes come Peloponnese; and as Oeneus to be old, Diomedes gave the kingdom come Andraemon who had married the daughter that Oeneus, however Oeneus self he took v him to Peloponnese. Howbeit, the young of Agrius, who had actually made their escape, lay in wait because that the old man at the hearth the Telephus in Arcadia, and also killed him. Yet Diomedes conveyed the corpse to Argos and buried him in the place where now a city is dubbed Oenoe ~ him.141 and also having married Aegialia, daughter of Adrastus or, as some say, that Aegialeus, he visited the wars versus Thebes and Troy.

<1.9.1>Of the boy of Aeolus, Athamas ruled over Boeotia and also begat a child Phrixus and also a daughter Helle by Nephele.142 and he married a second wife, Ino, by who he had Learchus and also Melicertes. However Ino plotted against the kids of Nephele and also persuaded the ladies to parch the wheat; and also having acquired the wheat they did so without the understanding of the men. However the earth, gift sown v parched wheat, did not yield its annual crops; therefore Athamas sent out to Delphi come inquire how he could be yielded from the dearth. Now Ino encouraged the messengers come say it to be foretold that the infertility would cease if Phrixus were sacrificed come Zeus. As soon as Athamas heard that, the was compelled by the citizens of the land to bring Phrixus to the altar. However Nephele caught him and also her daughter up and gave them a ram v a golden fleece, i m sorry she had received native Hermes, and also borne through the skies by the lamb they crossed land and sea. However when castle were over the sea i beg your pardon lies betwixt Sigeum and the Chersonese, Helle slipped right into the deep and was drowned, and the sea was called Hellespont after her. Yet Phrixus involved the Colchians, who king to be Aeetes, child of the Sun and of Perseis, and also brother the Circe and Pasiphae, who Minos married. He got Phrixus and gave him one of his daughters, Chalciope. And also Phrixus sacrificed the ram v the golden fleece come Zeus the god of Escape, and also the fleece he gave to Aeetes, that nailed it come an oak in a grove that Ares. And Phrixus had children by Chalciope, to wit, Argus, Melas, Phrontis, and also Cytisorus.

<1.9.2> But afterwards Athamas was bereft likewise of the children of Ino v the wrath of Hera; for he go mad and shot Learchus v an arrow, and also Ino cast herself and Melicertes into the sea.143 gift banished from Boeotia, Athamas inquired of the god wherein he need to dwell, and also on receiving an oracle that he should dwell in everything place he need to be entertained through wild beasts, he traversed a great extent of nation till he dropped in with wolves that were devouring pieces of sheep; however when they observed him castle abandoned your prey and fled. So Athamas settled in the country and named that Athamantia after himself; and he married Themisto, daughter of Hypseus,144 and begat Leucon, Erythrius, Schoeneus, and also Ptous.

<1.9.3> and also Sisyphus, son of Aeolus, started Ephyra, i m sorry is now dubbed Corinth,145 and also married Merope, daughter of Atlas. They had a kid Glaucus, who had by Eurymede a boy Bellerophon, who slew the fire breathing Chimera.146 however Sisyphus is punished in Hades by roll a rock with his hands and head in the effort to heave it end the top; however push it together he will, the rebounds backward.147 This punishment he endures for the services of Aegina, daughter of Asopus; for as soon as Zeus had secretly lugged her off, Sisyphus is claimed to have actually betrayed the an enig to Asopus, that was searching for her.

<1.9.4> Deion reigned over Phocis and also married Diomede, daughter that Xuthus; and also there were born to him a daughter, Asterodia, and also sons, Aenetus, Actor, Phylacus, and Cephalus, that married Procris, daughter the Erechtheus.148 But later on Dawn fell in love through him and carried the off.

<1.9.5> Perieres took possession the Messene and also married Gorgophone, daughter the Perseus, by who he had actually sons, come wit, Aphareus and also Leucippus,149 and also Tyndareus, and likewise Icarius. Yet many say that Perieres was not the boy of Aeolus yet of Cynortas, kid of Amyclas150; so we shall narrate the history of the descendants of Perieres in handling the family members of Atlas.

<1.9.6> Magnes married a Naiad nymph, and also sons to be born come him, Polydectes and also Dictys; these conquered Seriphus.

<1.9.7> Salmoneus at an initial dwelt in Thessaly, but after that he pertained to Elis and there established a city.151 and also being arrogant and wishful to placed himself on one equality v Zeus, he was punished for his impiety; for he said that the was self Zeus, and he took away the sacrifices the the god and ordered them come be offered to himself; and by dragging dried hides, v bronze kettles, in ~ his chariot, he stated that the thundered, and also by flinging lighted torches at the sky he stated that he lightened. Yet Zeus win him with a thunderbolt, and wiped the end the city the had established with all its inhabitants.152

<1.9.8> currently Tyro, daughter the Salmoneus and Alcidice, was carried up by Cretheus, brothers of Salmoneus, and conceived a passion for the river Enipeus, and often would she hurry to its to run waters and utter her plaint to them. However Poseidon in the likeness that Enipeus lay with her,153 and she secretly offered birth to pair sons, who she exposed. As the babes put forlorn, a mare, belong to some passing horsekeepers, kicked with its hoof one of the 2 infants and left a livid mark on that is face. The horsekeeper took up both the children and reared them; and the one v the livid (pelion) mark he dubbed Pelias, and the various other Neleus.154 as soon as they were grown up, they discovered their mother and also killed your stepmother Sidero. For discovering that their mother was ill-used by her, they assaulted her, but prior to they could record her she had taken refuge in the precinct that Hera.155 However, Pelias cut her down on the very altars, and also ever after he continued to act Hera v contumely.

<1.9.9> But after that the brothers dropped out, and Neleus, gift banished, came to Messene, and also founded Pylus, and married Chloris,156 daughter of Amphion, by who he had a daughter, Pero, and sons, come wit, Taurus, Asterius, Pylaon, Deimachus, Eurybius, Epilaus, Phrasius, Eurymenes, Evagoras, Alastor, Nestor and also Periclymenus, whom Poseidon granted the strength of an altering his shape. And also when Hercules was ravaging Pylus, in the hit Periclymenus turned himself right into a lion, a snake, and a bee, yet was slain by Hercules through the other sons the Neleus. Nestor alone was saved, because he was carried up amongst the Gerenians.157 that married Anaxibia, daughter the Cratieus,158 and also begat daughters, Pisidice and Polycaste, and sons, Perseus, Stratichus, Aretus, Echephron, Pisistratus, Antilochus, and also Thrasymedes.

<1.9.10> however Pelias dwelt in Thessaly and married Anaxibia, daughter that Bias, yet according to part his wife was Phylomache, daughter of Amphion; and he begat a son, Acastus, and daughters, Pisidice, Pelopia, Hippothoe, and also Alcestis.159

<1.9.11> Cretheus established Iolcus and married Tyro, daughter that Salmoneus, by who he had actually sons, Aeson, Amythaon, and also Pheres.160 Amythaon dwelt in Pylus and married Idomene, daughter that Pheres, and there were born to him two sons, Bias and Melampus. The latter lived in the country, and before his house there was an oak, in i beg your pardon there to be a lair that snakes. His servants eliminated the snakes, yet Melampus gathered wood and also burnt the reptiles, and reared the young ones. And when the young were full grown, they stood next to him at every of his shoulders as he slept, and also they purged his ears with their tongues. He began up in a great fright, but understood the voices the the bird flying overhead, and also from what he learned indigenous them he foretold to males what should involved pass.161 He acquired besides the arts of taking the auspices, and also having collapse in v Apollo at the Alpheus the was ever before after fantastic soothsayer.

<1.9.12> prejudice wooed Pero, daughter that Neleus.162 however as there were plenty of suitors because that his daughter\"s hand, Neleus stated that the would give her come him who should carry him the kine of Phylacus. These were in Phylace, and also they were guarded through a dog i m sorry neither man nor beast can come near. Can not to steal this kine, prejudice invited his brothers to assist him. Melampus promised to perform so, and foretold the he should be recognize in the plot of steal them, and that that should get the kine after ~ being retained in bondage because that a year. After making this promise that repaired come Phylace and, just as he had actually foretold, he to be detected in the theft and kept a sinner in a cell. As soon as the year was almost up, that heard the worms in the hidden component of the roof, one of them asking how much the the beam had actually been currently gnawed through, and also others answering the very tiny of it was left. At as soon as he bade them transport him to another cell, and also not lengthy after that had actually been excellent the cell fell in. Phylacus marvelled, and also perceiving that he was terrific soothsayer, he released him and invited him to say how his boy Iphiclus can get children. Melampus promised come tell him, detailed he got the kine. And also having sacrificed 2 bulls and cut castle in piece he summoned the birds; and also when a vulture came, he learned indigenous it the once, once Phylacus was gelding rams, that laid under the knife, quiet bloody, next to Iphiclus, and that once the boy was frightened and also ran away, he grounding the knife ~ above the spiritual oak,163 and the bark included the knife and hid it. The said, therefore, the if the knife were found, and also he scraped turn off the rust, and gave it come Iphiclus come drink for ten days, he would certainly beget a son. Having learned these points from the vulture, Melampus discovered the knife, scraped the rust, and gave it to Iphiclus for ten days come drink, and a child Podarces was born to him.164 however he drive the kine come Pylus, and also having obtained the daughter of Neleus he offered her come his brother. Because that a time he ongoing to dwell in Messene, but when Dionysus journey the ladies of Argos mad, he healed them on problem of receiving part of the kingdom, and worked out down there with Bias.165

<1.9.13> Bias and also Pero had a kid Talaus, that married Lysimache, daughter of Abas, child of Melampus, and had by her Adrastus, Parthenopaeus, Pronax, Mecisteus, Aristomachus, and also Eriphyle, whom Amphiaraus married. Parthenopaeus had a kid Promachus, who marched with the Epigoni versus Thebes166; and also Mecisteus had a kid Euryalus, who went to Troy.167 Pronax had a child Lycurgus; and also Adrastus had by Amphithea, daughter the Pronax, three daughters, Argia, Deipyle, and also Aegialia, and two sons, Aegialeus and Cyanippus.

<1.9.14> Pheres, son of Cretheus, started Pherae in Thessaly and also begat Admetus and also Lycurgus. Lycurgus took up his abode at Nemea, and also having married Eurydice, or, as some say, Amphithea, that begat Opheltes, afterwards called Archemorus.168

<1.9.15> as soon as Admetus reigned end Pherae, Apollo offered him as his thrall,169 if Admetus wooed Alcestis, daughter the Pelias. Currently Pelias had actually promised to provide his daughter come him who have to yoke a lion and a boar to a car, and also Apollo yoked and gave them come Admetus, who brought them to Pelias and also so obtained Alcestis.170 however in supplying a sacrifice at his marriage, that forgot come sacrifice to Artemis; thus when he opened up the marriage chamber he uncovered it complete of coiled snakes. Apollo bade that appease the goddess and also obtained together a favour the the Fates that, when Admetus have to be about to die, he could be exit from fatality if someone should pick voluntarily to dice for him. And also when the job of his fatality came no his father nor his mommy would dice for him, however Alcestis died in his stead. However the Maiden171 sent out her up again, or, as some say, Hercules dealt with with Hades and also brought her approximately him.172

<1.9.16> Aeson, boy of Cretheus, had a son Jason by Polymede, daughter of Autolycus. Now Jason dwelt in Iolcus, of which Pelias was king ~ Cretheus.173 but when Pelias consulted the oracle concerning the kingdom, the god warned him come beware that the male with a solitary sandal. At an initial the king understood not the oracle, but afterwards he arrest it. For when he was supplying a sacrifice at the sea come Poseidon, he sent for Jason, amongst many others, to participate in it. Currently Jason loved husbandry and also therefore abode in the country, yet he sped up to the sacrifice, and also in crossing the flow Anaurus he shed a sandal in the stream and landed with just one. As soon as Pelias experienced him, he bethought him of the oracle, and also going approximately Jason asked him what, supposing he had actually the power, he would do if he had actually received one oracle the he should be murdered by one of the citizens. Jason answered, even if it is at haphazard or instigated by the upset Hera in order the Medea must prove a curse to Pelias, who did no honor Hera, “I would command him,” said he, “to lug the gold Fleece.” No sooner go Pelias hear that 보다 he bade him walk in quest of the fleece. Now it was at Colchis in a grove the Ares, hanging on one oak and also guarded by a sleepless dragon.174

Sent come fetch the fleece, Jason dubbed in the assist of Argus, son of Phrixus; and Argus, by Athena\"s advice, developed a ship of fifty oars named Argo ~ its builder; and at the prow Athena equipment in a speaking lumber from the oak the Dodona.175 once the ship to be built, and also he inquired the the oracle, the god offered him leaving to rally the noble of Greece and sail away. And those who assembled were as follows176: Tiphys, son of Hagnias, that steered the ship; Orpheus, kid of Oeagrus; Zetes and Calais, boy of Boreas; Castor and Pollux, young of Zeus; Telamon and also Peleus, boy of Aeacus; Hercules, son of Zeus; Theseus, child of Aegeus; Idas and also Lynceus, sons of Aphareus; Amphiaraus, child of Oicles; Caeneus, boy of Coronus; Palaemon, child of Hephaestus or of Aetolus; Cepheus, child of Aleus; Laertes son of Arcisius; Autolycus, child of Hermes; Atalanta, daughter of Schoeneus; Menoetius, boy of Actor; Actor, child of Hippasus; Admetus, child of Pheres; Acastus, kid of Pelias; Eurytus, son of Hermes; Meleager, child of Oeneus; Ancaeus, boy of Lycurgus; Euphemus, boy of Poseidon; Poeas, son of Thaumacus; Butes, son of Teleon; Phanus and also Staphylus, young of Dionysus; Erginus, son of Poseidon; Periclymenus, child of Neleus; Augeas, child of the Sun; Iphiclus, boy of Thestius; Argus, kid of Phrixus; Euryalus, boy of Mecisteus; Peneleos, boy of Hippalmus; Leitus, son of Alector; Iphitus, boy of Naubolus; Ascalaphus and also Ialmenus, sons of Ares; Asterius, kid of Cometes; Polyphemus, son of Elatus.

<1.9.17> These through Jason as admiral put to sea and also touched in ~ Lemnos.177 At the time it chanced the Lemnos was bereft that men and ruled over by a queen, Hypsipyle, daughter that Thoas, the reason of i beg your pardon was together follows. The Lemnian women did no honor Aphrodite, and also she saw them through a noisome smell; thus their spouses take it captive ladies from the neighboring country of Thrace and bedded with them. Hence dishonored, the Lemnian women murdered your fathers and husbands, however Hypsipyle alone saved her father Thoas by hiding him. So having actually put in to Lemnos, at the time rule by women, the Argonauts had actually intercourse with the women, and also Hypsipyle bedded with Jason and bore sons, Euneus and Nebrophonus.

<1.9.18> and also after Lemnos they landed among the Doliones, of whom Cyzicus was king.178 He got them kindly. But having put to sea from there by night and also met v contrary winds, they lost their bearings and also landed again among the Doliones. However, the Doliones, acquisition them for a Pelasgian military (for they were constantly harassed through the Pelasgians), joined battle with castle by night in common ignorance of every other. The Argonauts slew plenty of and amongst the remainder Cyzicus; but by day, once they knew what they had actually done, lock mourned and also cut off their hair and gave Cyzicus a costly burial179; and also after the interment they cruised away and also touched in ~ Mysia.180

<1.9.19> there they left Hercules and Polyphemus. For Hylas, son of Thiodamas, a minion that Hercules, had actually been sent out to attract water and also was ravished far by nymphs on account that his beauty.181 however Polyphemus heard that cry out, and also drawing his sword offered chase in the belief that he to be being brought off by robbers. Fallout’s in v Hercules, the told him; and while the 2 were seeking because that Hylas, the ship placed to sea. So Polyphemus started a city Cius in Mysia and also reigned as king182; however Hercules went back to Argos. Yet Herodorus says that Hercules did no sail at every at that time, yet served as a servant at the court of Omphale. Yet Pherecydes says that he to be left behind in ~ Aphetae in Thessaly, the Argo having claimed with person voice the she could not bear his weight. Nonetheless Demaratus has actually recorded that Hercules cruised to Colchis; for Dionysius even affirms the he to be the leader of the Argonauts.183

<1.9.20> from Mysia castle departed come the floor of the Bebryces, which to be ruled by King Amycus, child of Poseidon and also a Bithynian nymph.184 gift a doughty male he compelled the strangers the landed to box and also in that method made an finish of them. So going come the Argo together usual, he tested the finest man of the crew come a boxing match. Pollux undertook to box versus him and also killed him with a blow on the elbow. As soon as the Bebryces make a rush at him, the chiefs snatched up their arms and put them to flight with good slaughter.

<1.9.21> Thence they put to sea and also came to land in ~ Salmydessus in Thrace, whereby dwelt Phineus, a seer who had lost the sight of both eyes.185 some say he to be a child of Agenor,186 however others the he was a child of Poseidon, and he is otherwise alleged to have actually been blinded by the gods because that foretelling males the future; or by Boreas and the Argonauts because he blinded his own sons at the instigation of their stepmother187; or through Poseidon, because he revealed to the children of Phrixus exactly how they might sail indigenous Colchis to Greece. The gods likewise sent the Harpies come him. These were winged female creatures, and when a table to be laid because that Phineus, castle flew down from the sky and snatched up most of the victuals, and also what tiny they left stank so that nobody could touch it. As soon as the Argonauts would have consulted him around the voyage, he stated that he would certainly advise them about it if they would rid that of the Harpies. For this reason the Argonauts laid a table the viands alongside him, and also the Harpies through a shriek all of sudden pounced down and snatched away the food. Once Zetes and also Calais, the boy of Boreas, observed that, they drew their swords and, gift winged, gone after them v the air. Currently it was fated that the Harpies should perish through the young of Boreas, and also that the sons of Boreas have to die when they could not capture up a fugitive. Therefore the Harpies to be pursued and one that them dropped into the river Tigres in Peloponnese, the river that is now called Harpys after her; some contact her Nicothoe, but others Aellopus. But the other, called Ocypete or, according to others, Ocythoe ( but Hesiod calls she Ocypode)188 fled by the Propontis it rotates she involved the Echinadian Islands, which room now called Strophades after her; for once she concerned them she rotate (estraphe) and also being in ~ the shore fell for an extremely weariness with her pursuer. But Apollonius in the Argonautica claims that the Harpies were gone after to the Strophades Islands and also suffered no harm, having actually sworn an oath the they would certainly wrong Phineus no more.189

<1.9.22> gift rid of the Harpies, Phineus revealed to the Argonauts the food of their voyage, and advised them around the Clashing Rocks190 in the sea. These were huge cliffs, which, dashed with each other by the pressure of the winds, closed the sea passage. Thick to be the mist that swept over them, and also loud the crash, and also it was difficult for also the bird to pass in between them. So he called them come let fly a dove in between the rocks, and, if they experienced it pass safe through, come thread the narrows with simple mind, but if they witnessed it perish, then no to pressure a passage. When they heard that, they put to sea, and also on nearing the rocks let paris a dove native the prow, and as she flew the clash the the rocks nipped off the tip of she tail. So, wait till the rocks had recoiled, with tough rowing and also the help of Hera, they passed through, the extreme of the ship\"s ornamented poop being shorn away right round. Henceforth the Clashing Rocks was standing still; for it to be fated that, so shortly as a ship had made the passage, they should pertained to rest completely.

<1.9.23> The Argonauts currently arrived among the Mariandynians, and also there King Lycus got them kindly.191 There died Idmon the seer the a wound inflicted by a boar192; and there too passed away Tiphys, and also Ancaeus embarked on to command the ship.193

And having sailed past the Thermodon and the Caucasus they pertained to the flow Phasis, i m sorry is in the Colchian land.194 once the ship was carried into port, Jason repaired to Aeetes, and setup forth the fee laid on him by Pelias invited him to give him the fleece. The various other promised to give it if single-handed he would yoke the brazen-footed bulls. This were 2 wild bulls that he had, of enormous size, a gift the Hephaestus; they had brazen feet and puffed fire from their mouths. This creatures Aeetes notified him come yoke and to sow dragon\"s teeth; for he had gained from Athena fifty percent of the dragon\"s teeth which Cadmus sowed in Thebes.195 when Jason puzzled how he could yoke the bulls, Medea conceived a enthusiasm for him; now she to be a witch, daughter the Aeetes and Idyia, daughter the Ocean. And also fearing lest he might be damaged by the bulls, she, maintaining the thing from she father, promised to assist him to yoke the bulls and also to deliver to the the fleece, if he would swear to have actually her to wife and would take her with him ~ above the voyage to Greece. As soon as Jason swore to execute so, she provided him a drug through which she bade the anoint his shield, spear, and also body as soon as he was around to yoke the bulls; because that she said that, anointed v it, he can for a solitary day it is in harmed no by fire no one by iron. And also she signified to him that, when the this were sown, equipped men would spring increase from the ground versus him; and also when he saw a node of lock he to be to throw stones right into their middle from a distance, and when they battled each other about that, the was required to kill them.196 On hearing that, Jason anointed himself v the drug,197 and being involved the grove of the holy place he search the bulls, and also though they fee him with a fire of fire, that yoked them.198 and when he had actually sowed the teeth, there rose armed men indigenous the ground; and also where he saw several together, that pelted castle unseen with stones, and when they dealt with each other he attracted near and slew them.199 but though the bulls were yoked, Aeetes go not provide the fleece; for he wished come burn under the Argo and kill the crew. But prior to he might do so, Medea lugged Jason through night to the fleece, and also having lulled to sleep by her drugs the dragon that guarded it, she possessed it s her of the fleece and in Jason\"s firm came to the Argo.200 She to be attended, too, through her brothers Apsyrtus. And with castle the Argonauts put to sea through night.201

<1.9.24> when Aeetes uncovered the daring deeds done by Medea, he began off in pursuit of the ship; but when she experienced him near, Medea murdered she brother and also cutting him limb from body threw the pieces right into the deep. Gathering the child\"s limbs, Aeetes fell behind in the pursuit; wherefore that turned back, and, having buried the rescued limbs of his child, he referred to as the place Tomi. However he sent out out plenty of of the Colchians to search for the Argo, threaten that, if they walk not lug Medea to him, they have to suffer the punishment due to her; so they separated and also pursued the find in divers places.

When the Argonauts were currently sailing past the Eridanus river, Zeus sent a furious storm top top them, and also drove them out of your course, because he was angry at the killing of Apsyrtus. And as they were sailing previous the Apsyrtides Islands, the ship spoke, saying that the wrath of Zeus would certainly not cease unless they journeyed come Ausonia and were purified by Circe because that the killing of Apsyrtus.202 So as soon as they had actually sailed previous the Ligurian and Celtic nations and also had voyaged with the Sardinian Sea, they skirted Tyrrhenia and also came come Aeaea, where they supplicated Circe and were purified.203

<1.9.25> and also as lock sailed past the Sirens,204 Orpheus limit the Argonauts by chanting a counter-melody. Butes alone swam off to the Sirens, however Aphrodite brought him away and settled him in Lilybaeum.

After the Sirens, the ship encountered Charybdis and Scylla and also the hike Rocks,205 above which a an excellent flame and smoke were seen rising. Yet Thetis with the Nereids command the ship with them at the summons of Hera.

Having pass by the Island that Thrinacia, where are the kine that the Sun,206 they pertained to Corcyra, the island of the Phaeacians, of i beg your pardon Alcinous was king.207 however when the Colchians might not discover the ship, few of them cleared up at the Ceraunian mountains, and also some journeyed come Illyria and colonized the Apsyrtides Islands. However some concerned the Phaeacians, and finding the Argo there, they demanded the Alcinous that he should give up Medea. He answered, that if she currently knew Jason, he would provide her to him, however that if she to be still a maid he would certainly send her away to her father.208 However, Arete, mam of Alcinous, anticipated matters by marrying Medea to Jason209; therefore the Colchians settled down among the Phaeacians210 and also the Argonauts placed to sea with Medea.

<1.9.26> cruising by night lock encountered a violent storm, and Apollo, taking his was standing on the Melantian ridges, flashed lightning down, shoot a shaft into the sea. Then they viewed an island close at hand, and anchoring there they called it Anaphe, since it had loomed up (anaphanenai) unexpectedly. For this reason they founded an altar of Radiant Apollo, and having offered sacrifice castle betook them to feasting; and twelve handmaids, whom Arete had provided to Medea, jested merrily v the chiefs; whence the is still customary for the females to jest at the sacrifice.211

Putting to sea from there, they were hindered from emotional at Crete by Talos.212 part say that he to be a man of the Brazen Race, others that he was offered to Minos by Hephaestus; he to be a brazen man, but some say that he to be a bull. He had actually a single vein expanding from his neck come his ankles, and also a bronze nail was rammed residence at the end of the vein. This Talos maintained guard, to run round the island thrice every day; wherefore, when he witnessed the Argo standing inshore, the pelted it together usual with stones. His death was brought about by the wiles the Medea, whether, as part say, she drive him foolish by drugs, or, as others say, she promised to do him immortal and also then attracted out the nail, so the all the ichor gushed out and he died. Yet some say that Poeas shot the dead in the ankle.

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After tarrying a single night over there they placed in come Aegina to draw water, and also a challenge arose amongst them concerning the drawing of the water.213 Thence they sailed betwixt Euboea and Locris and also came come Iolcus, having completed the whole voyage in four months.

<1.9.27> now Pelias, despairing the the return that the Argonauts, would have killed Aeson; however he requested to be permitted to take his very own life, and in offering a sacrifice drank openly of the bull\"s blood and died.214 and also Jason\"s mom cursed Pelias and hanged herself,215 leaving behind one infant child Promachus; but Pelias slew even the boy whom she had actually left behind.216 ~ above his return Jason surrendered the fleece, but though he longed come avenge his wrongs he bided his time. At that time he cruised with the chiefs come the Isthmus and specialized the ship to Poseidon, but afterwards he exhorted Medea come devise exactly how he might punish Pelias. Therefore she repaired to the palace of Pelias and also persuaded his daughters to do mince meat of your father and also boil him, promising to make him young again by she drugs; and to success their trust she reduced up a ram and also made it right into a lamb by boiling it. Therefore they thought her, do mince meat of your father and also boiled him.217 but Acastus buried his father v the help of the residents of Iolcus, and also he expelled Jason and also Medea indigenous Iolcus.

<1.9.28> They checked out Corinth, and lived there happily because that ten years, it spins Creon, king the Corinth, betrothed his daughter Glauce to Jason, that married her and also divorced Medea. Yet she invoked the gods by who Jason had actually sworn, and after regularly upbraiding him v his ingratitude she sent out the bride a robe steeped in poison, which when Glauce had actually put on, she was consumed with fierce fire together with her father, who saw her rescue.218 yet Mermerus and also Pheres, the children whom Medea had actually by Jason, she killed, and also having got from the sunlight a auto drawn through winged dragon she fled top top it come Athens.219 one more tradition is the on her flight she left behind she children, that were quiet infants, setup them together suppliants ~ above the altar of Hera of the Height; yet the Corinthians removed them and wounded them to death.220

Medea involved Athens, and also being over there married come Aegeus bore him a kid Medus. Afterwards, however, plotting against Theseus, she was moved a fugitive indigenous Athens v her son.221 but he dominated many barbarians and also called the whole nation under the Media,222 and also marching versus the indians he met his death. And Medea come unknown come Colchis, and finding that Aeetes had actually been deposed through his brothers Perses, she killed Perses and revived the kingdom to her father.223