How numerous grams of water (H2O) are necessary to react through 5.0 grams of ferric trichloride (FeCl3)?

FeCl3 + 3 H2O → Fe(OH)3 + 3 HCl

a. 1.7 g H2O

b. 0.99 g H2O

c. 0.18 g H2O

d. 0.55 g H2O

e. None of the above.

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How many grams that glucose would you must make 1 liter of an aqueous 0.5M glucose solution? (Atomic masses: C = 12.01, H = 1.008, O = 16.00.)

a. 90.08 grams of glucose

b. 120.1 grams that glucose

c. 180.2 grams of glucose

d. 70.36 grams that glucose

e. 60.05 grams the glucose

Undersea deposits the contain metals such as copper, gold, and silver are collectively known as what?

a. Huge phosphates

b. Substantial sulfides

c. Huge chlorides

d. Massive oxides

The exploration of i m sorry of the adhering to led come a drastic readjust in deep sea mining?

a. Royal gushers

b. Level cyclers

c. Warm winders

d. Black color smokers

You room an traveler in find of deep sea metal deposits. I beg your pardon of the following would most likely be the best place come look?

a. Near coral reefs

b. Follow me coastlines

c. In underwater caves

d. Near volcanic fissures

Which that the adhering to is true?

a. The ores found in seabeds frequently have substantially higher purities than those uncovered on land.

b. The ores discovered in seabeds usually have the same purities as those uncovered on land.

c. The purities the ores found in seabeds can not be contrasted to the purities of those uncovered on land.

d. The ores discovered in seabeds regularly have substantially lower purities than those discovered on land.

Your mining company wishes come export its steels to the nation that spend the most copper and gold. Where are you looking come send your products?

a. India

b. Russia

c. Mexico

d. China

The mass variety of an atom is 15, and its atom number is 7. The atom most likely has...

a. 8 neutrons in the nucleus.

b. 7 electrons in the nucleus.

c. Around as much mass in electrons together in protons.

d. At the very least 15 electrons.

e. 7 devices of an adverse charge in the nucleus.

Which declare is true of atoms?

a. Protons tempt other protons.

b. Protons repel electrons.

c. Electrons determine the atom"s size.

d. Most of one atom"s volume is filled v matter.

e. Every one of the above.

Dr. Jones states an atom has actually 3 electron in the an initial shell and four electron in the second shell. Someone need to tell Dr. Jones that ...

a. No shell have the right to hold an ext than 2 electrons.

b. The first shell should fill prior to the 2nd shell have the right to have electrons.

c. The an initial shell shouldn"t have actually 3 electrons.

d. The 2nd shell should have 8 electrons.

e. The 2nd shell can"t have actually 4 electrons.

Which statement is true the the energy levels of electrons in shells?

a. The valence shell has greater energy 보다 other inhabited shells.

b .Electrons need to lose energy to relocate from the first to the second shell.

c. All the electrons in one atom have similar amounts of energy.

d. All of the above.

e. Nobody of the above.


Which explain is true that the atom presented in the diagram?

a. The atom has much more than one valence electron.

b. One electron will relocate from the external to the within shell.

c. The atom is in the excited state.

d. All of the above.

e. No one of the above.

An orbital is dumbbell-shaped. Which statement is most likely true?

a. That is electrons move along a figure-8 path.

b. It"s in the first electron shell.

b. Every lobe have the right to hold one electron.

d. Every lobe have the right to hold two electrons.

e. Nobody of the above.

Two atoms constantly represent the same facet if they have actually ...

a. The very same mass number.

b. The same variety of shells.

c. The same number of particles in the nucleus.

d. The same number of protons.

e. The same number of electrons.

An atom has 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons. You can tell that this atom belongs come the facet _____ because _____________________.

a. O; its fixed number is 12.

b. C; it has actually 6 electrons.

c. N; it has actually 6 protons.

d. N; it has 6 electrons.

e. C; it has 6 protons.

An atom has actually 8 protons, 8 neutrons, and 8 electrons. Another isotope of the same facet might have actually ...

a. 9 protons.

b. Mass number 16, atomic number 7.

c. 7 electrons.

d. 10 neutrons.

e. All of the above.

Radioactive decay is most likely to happen when ...

a. One atom has actually too countless electrons.

b. An atom has too numerous neutrons.

c. Protons break right into neutrons and also electrons.

d. An electron access time the nucleus.

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e. Atom collide through one another.


Which design most accurately to represent the present view that the framework of the atom?

a. Probability model

b. Planetary model

Which statement is most useful in explaining why chemistry assign atoms to chemical elements by count protons?