I don"t think over there is any kind of television show character the college student deserve to relate to better than Michael Scott. He"s not in college, yet his daily struggles can be closely related to those the the last semester college boy who is simply trying to complete as strong as possible. V no an inspiration to it is in productive and also the attention expectations of a rock, Michael Scott has composed several of the world"s best and most relatable quotes. Below are part Michael Scott estimates to carry a small humor come the dreadful, dragging end of the feather semester.

1. Make the efforts to complete out the year strong:

"The just time I set the bar short is because that limbo."


2. Once you realize over there is no pulling that grade approximately an A:

"I to be dead inside."


3. Struggling ~ above your final research paper:

"Sometimes I"ll begin a sentence and I don"t also know whereby it"s going."

4. When your friends try to tempt girlfriend to walk to a party instead of examining for finals:

"Do friend think the doing alcohol is cool?"


5. Self-motivation to be productive:

""You miss 100% of the shots friend don"t take"-Wayne Gretzky"-Micheal Scott"


6. As soon as you jam hardcore while not studying:

"I to be Beyoncé, always."


7. After running the end of meals points and having $3 in your bank account, you take a look at in her freezer and also think:

"It"s never ever too early on for ice cream."


8. When you have actually no money, no meals points, and also too countless student loans:

"I Declare... Bankruptcy."


9. Obtaining your test grades ago and over there wasn"t a high enough scale:

"Everyone deserves a second, second chance."

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10. Going into every one of your finals:

"I recognize nothing."


11. Procrastinating until the last second on homework:

"I am going to make this means harder than it needs to be."


12. As soon as the professor states the exam is cumulative:

"I am no to be truffled with."


13. When you"re allowed to have actually a one-sided note card cheat sheet:

"You have actually no idea how high I can fly."



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The best source for writing a record about a topic girlfriend don"t understand:

"Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the people can compose anything lock want around every topic so you understand you are acquiring the best feasible information."