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You are watching: The phenomenon of blindsight best illustrates that visual information can be processed without:

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seeing without gift aware. The mind still lamp up together if it is see something (just a various section lamp up) that you think is ours of her vision (if you got brain damage to your vision) however your mind can still monitor it however you cannot
The parts of the mind that enable consciousness and our capability to connect that awareness are situated in the:
no think that the hot air balloon experiment wherein they make people think a storage that never happened. And also 50% dropped for it
information processing is guided by higher-level psychological processes together as once we construct perceptions drawing on our experience and expectations. This process is called:
Sensory evaluation starts at the entrance level (i.e., with the sensory receptors) and works up to the integration that sensory details in the brain. This procedure is called:
______________ is the examine of relationships in between the physical characteristics of stimuli, such together their intensity, and our mental experience that them.
according to the Gestalt psychologists, we have tendency to to fill in the gaps to develop a complete, entirety object. This is called the rule of:
A famed Hollywood director has made decision to current his recent film in 3-D. This will develop a good movie-going suffer for viewers as 3-D movies exaggerate:
even when seen with sunglasses, grass appears equally as environment-friendly as that does without glasses. This best illustrates:
Steffan has volunteered to take part in an experiment examining vision. He has agreed to wear a pair the glasses the invert his vision. Because of _____________, after about a week, that is maybe to execute his usual tasks, favor riding a bike or reading a book.
as soon as John learned that Sara’s abusive past, he began to awareness her careful behavior approximately men as much more self-protective fairly than rude. This finest illustrates the impact of:
all of the following are true about deafness EXCEPT:A.deafness is not a disability.B.native signers space not linguistically challenged.C.sign language is a finish language.D.the deaf culture advocates assistance cochlear implant
researchers conditioned a flatworm to contract once exposed to irradiate by consistently pairing the irradiate with electric shock. The electrical shock is a(n):
long after she conditioned are afraid of dogs had been extinguished, Marcy proficient an unanticipated surge the nervousness once she an initial met her cousin’s brand-new cocker spaniel. Her unanticipated nervousness ideal illustrates:

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