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Chapter 27: Prokaryotes Pre-Test


1 .Which choice below deserve to be discovered in gram-negative bacteria, however not in gram-positive bacteria? (Concept 27.1) peptidoglycan fimbriae a membrane external the cell wall surface nucleoid an ar all that the above 2 .Genes for the resistance that antibiotics room usually situated _____. (Concept 27.1) on the main chromosome in mitochondria in the cell wall surface on plasmids in eukaryotic bio cells 3 .The bacter Bacillus thuringiensis can withstand heat, dryness, and also toxic chemistry that would certainly kill most other bacteria. This suggests that it is probably able to kind _____. (Concept 27.1) pseudopodia endotoxins endospores chili peptidoglycan 4 .Bacteria that live approximately deep-sea, hot-water vents achieve energy by oxidizing inorganic hydrogen sulfide belched out by the vents. They use this energy to construct organic molecules from carbon acquired from the carbon dioxide in seawater. These bacteria are _____. (Concept 27.2) photoheterotrophs chemoautotrophs photoautotrophs chemoheterotrophs no one of the over 5 .Which statement is true around obligate anaerobes? (Concept 27.2) They usage O2 for cellular respiration and also cannot flourish without it. They attain energy through oxidizing ferrous ions. lock will usage O2 if the is present, however can attain energy by fermentation if needed. They are poisoned through O2. They live exclusively by cellular respiration or through anaerobic respiration. 6 .The prokaryotes organisms most most likely to be discovered living in salt ponds space the _____. (Concept 27.3) methanogens extremophiles halophiles thermophiles Korarchaeota 7 .Which clade of archaea contains the extreme halophiles and methanogens? (Concept 27.3) Euryarchaeota Crenarchaeota Korarchaeota Nanoarchaeota Halophiles and also methanogens room common types of archaea and, thus, are found in all clades. 8 .An ecological relationship between organisms that different species that space in direct call can ideal be described as _____. (Concept 27.4) symbiotic parasitic mutualistic commensal taxis 9 .Which statement below around bacteria and humans is no true? (Concept 27.5) In a person body, bacterial cells outnumber human cells by as much as 10 times. some bacteria can reason human cells to relax antimicrobial agents that death other types of bacteria. Many of the relationships between bacterial cells and the human beings they live within have the right to be defined as commensal. Exotoxins can produce condition in humans also if the bacteria that created them space not present. Prokaryotes are at the root of all person diseases. 10 .Which statement around endotoxins is true? (Concept 27.5) Endotoxins are proteins secreted by prokaryotes. Endotoxins are contents of the cell wall of gram-positive bacteria. Endotoxins are released only as soon as bacteria die and also their cell walls break down. an instance of a prokaryote the produces endotoxins is Vibrio cholerae.

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