Although Fox"s Rocky Horror picture Show work again, please again isn"t play at your neighborhood theater in ~ midnight. However, it will be accessible for your viewing satisfied on your very own TV ~ above Oct. 20. In the cult standard reboot, you"ll find all the normal Rocky Horror photo Show oddities from the Jim Sharman-directed 1975 film, consisting of all the the songs you know and also love — and even one tune that wasn"t in the movie at all. Follow to Fox"s soundtrack because that the remake, the song "Once in a While" will be a part of this specific reboot, although it wasn"t had in the "75 movie. If the tune was in the original stage manufacturing of Rocky Horror, it never ever made it on screen. Which was type of a shame since the lyrics for "Once in a While" give us a glimpse into Brad"s feelings and also anxieties about marrying Janet, and therefore heighten several of the themes existing in The Rocky Horror picture Show.

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The lost "Once in a While" footage starts with Janet (Susan Sarandon) at the monitor board, the town hall Brad (Barry Bostwick) have actually a smoke. As the track continues, we watch multiple flashbacks that Brad and Janet. After he lastly sings "she is gone," the song fades and also ends v Brad, sit on the leaf of the bed, still smoking. Even after Brad"s own indiscretions in ~ the Frankenstein palace, the still feeling a sense of unease about the two"s unavoidable nuptials. Through the finish of the film, it i do not care clear that Brad and also Janet aren"t in love, yet at this point, you can still see him working v that concept.

Let"s take it a look in ~ the lyrics.

Once in a while, she don"t desire to call youSpeaking on the telephoneAnd when in your life, she won"t desire to recognize youYou watch aroundThe one you"ve found, she is gone

Brad and also Janet get involved at the start of the film because they feel favor it"s the right relocate for their lives, yet in this city we have the right to see the the concept of traditional marriage renders Brad uneasy. What"s exciting is the Brad sings "she won"t desire to understand you," when Brad doesn"t also know Janet"s last name.

And that"s all the time that that takesFor a heart to rotate to stoneThe sweeter the wineThe more tough to do the breakYou listen something about someoneYou"d assumed you"d known

The Rocky Horror picture Show repetitively jabs at the concept of romantic love. Among those ways, is with Janet"s cheating on Brad. That"s every it takes because that a heart to rotate to stone.

So infant don"t cry favor there"s no tomorrowAfter the night there"s a brand brand-new dayAnd there"ll be no pain, and no much more sorrowSo wash her faceAnd phone mine place, it"ll it is in OK

At this point, Brad"s desperate to conform with society"s expectations of him. He seems to think that once they get back to common (wash their faces, contact their homes), everything will be fine.

And that"s all the moment that the takesFor a heart to win againSo offer me a signThat a lover makesYou watch aroundThe one you"ve discovered is ago again

Somehow, Brad ends v the conclusion the his love will be in a an excellent place again since he quiet believes in the timeless path (or in ~ least, he"s do the efforts to).

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The juxtaposition of traditions in between Brad and also Jane, and also the occasions that take ar at the mansion with Frank, hint at the anxieties around traditional gender stereotypes and romantic love discovered in The Rocky Horror snapshot Show. And also though it"s a slower song than most of the various other ones found in the film and stage production, "Once in a While" seems to hit all the ideal thematic beats.