There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of hypnosis techniques. Many people believe that hypnosis is a form of mind control and that it is, therefore, dangerous. Others believe that hypnosis has some very practical applications, especially in the medical and psychotherapy worlds. From helping people to quit smoking to lowering anxiety, hypnosis techniques have been used successfully in many ways. One of the less-frequently talked about areas of hypnosis, however, is erotic hypnosis. This type of hypnosis involves the use of hypnosis techniques in a sexual context in order to increase arousal and to intensify sexual relationships. There are erotic hypnosis techniques which have been found to be successful.

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1. Words and Voice

Some of the most important elements of any type of hypnosis are the voice used to make suggestions and the words used. To increase arousal and intensify the pleasure of the partner you are hypnotizing, practice your “bedroom voice”, the voice you will use in hypnosis. The slower and softer you speak, the better, and once you get it right it may not matter what you are actually saying – the voice can be that effective.

2. Use Mini-Inductions

Rather than going for one long, drawn out hypnotic session, try for several mini-inductions. This method is much easier and, each time you do it, your partner’s trance will become deeper. There are many methods of induction, but you may want to try the Elman hypnotic induction to begin. Describe to your partner something they are feeling or seeing and ask them to visualize something erotic. Let your partner enjoy this for a few minutes, then fractionate and repeat the process – each time their trance will become deeper.

3. Let Your Partner Fill in the Blanks

Do not try to take control by using commands or suggestions until your partner is in a trance state. In order to increase your partner’s arousal and get them in to the right state, allow your partner to fill in the blanks with their own mind, using memories and experiences to increase their arousal. Ask questions which may elicit memories of a particular instance of intense arousal and allow your partner to respond.

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Learning the techniques of erotic hypnosis can take time but there are many resources available on the internet. From how-to information to erotic poetry there are many things that can help you in your hypnotic endeavors. Remember to keep the safety of your partner in mind as you use hypnosis – never try to manipulate your partner or allow harm to come to them while they are in a trance state.